Tesvor S6+ Robot Vacuum w/2yr Warranty-2700Pa Suction, Precise Laser Navigation

Tesvor S6+ Robot Vacuum w/2yr Warranty-2700Pa Suction, Precise Laser Navigation

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Tesvor S6+


The Tesvor S6+ uses Lidar laser navigation to create a smart map of your home so that it can clean more efficiently. Smart mapping also enables you to choose exactly which room or area you want to clean. This robot offers thorough mopping and vacuuming performance.


It provides real-time mapping so that if furniture moves around or there is debris in the way, it will be able to recognize it. It can also sense cliffs and avoid falling off of staircases. This robot can cross barriers as high as 18 mm, enabling it to go over carpet and doorsills quite easily.


The Tesvor S6+ will clean until it is running low on battery, return to its port to charge, and then pick up cleaning where it left off. An LDS pressure sensor tells the robot when it is approaching somewhere that it will be unable to get out of and tells it not to go there. 


It vacuums at 2700Pa and offers enough suction to clean even deep carpets very well. The Tesvor S6+ can automatically sense when it is near a carpet and will increase pressure to pick up dust and debris more efficiently from carpeting.


A powerful turbo engine offers superior dust collection using bilateral brushes and a powerful air duct design powered by a Nidec brushless motor. Despite its power, this vacuum runs quietly at under 70 decimals. 


Choose between three different mopping modes that adjust pressure and water speed to meet the exact needs of your flooring and mess. A water tank of 350 ml offers enough moisture to get the job done well. The mop is pressurized to create a more effective clean.


You have a great deal of control over this robot using an app. You can tell it which area you want in to clean and set cleaning modes. You can also use the app to set no-go areas that the robot will avoid. Magnetic strip tape is also included to set no-go areas manually.




Water tank350ml
FilterDreifach mit high-performance HEPA filter
Navigation SystemLidar Smart Mapping
Virtual no-go areas?Set on app or manually create with magnetic tape
Empty binManual
App featuresClean by room or area, set no-go areas, schedule, and choose mopping mode
Bin size600 ml
Performance on CarpetsAuto boost to clean carpets more deeply 
Battery Life120min

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Editor's Review

Tesvor S6+ A Unique Combination Mopping and Vacuuming Robot


The Tesvor S6+ offers superb navigation and a surprisingly large dustbin and water tank thanks to its unique design. It provides a lot of great features in the app, including setting no-go areas and cleaning by room or area. It can also auto boost to clean carpets, all at a very reasonable price and in a very small package that does a great job of getting under furniture and around your home. 

Here's what you need to know about why the Tesvor S6+ may be the right combination robot for your needs. 




  • Excellent navigation with Lidar and SLAM for a very reasonable price
  • Offers excellent mopping with a generous water tank
  • Able to save floor maps, making it a good option for multiple floor homes
  • Able to recharge itself when the battery gets low and resume cleaning where it left off
  • Automatically senses carpet and boosts suction




  • You can't create rooms or divide spaces up or combine them together
  • Water tank for mopping replaces dustbin, so you will need to physically exchange these compartments to switch between vacuuming and mopping
  • Water tank must be purchased separately in the US


Navigation System


The Tesvor S6+ offers excellent navigation at a highly reasonable price. Lidar and SLAM navigation are some of the best in the industry, but you won't pay as much for this robot as many other robots that offer this kind of navigation. 

The Tesvor S6+ maps out your home and then cleans the entire area with an S shape that is highly efficient. It does a very good job of figuring out the space to clean it as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, it is excellent at identifying and avoiding obstacles like furniture and walls. 

If it runs out of battery midway through a clean, the Tesvor S6+ can go back to the docking station, recharge itself, and pick up where it left off. It has a cliff sensor so that it won't accidentally go down any stairs.


App Control


The Tesvor S6+ can be controlled using either a remote or an app. Either can set cleaning modes. You can choose the standard automated cleaning that uses navigation to map your space out effectively or you can select one of the more specific modes:

  • Specified location cleaning. With this setting, the robot will go to a specified area and thoroughly clean a small space. This setting is ideal for isolated messes.
  • Zone cleaning. You can draw a rectangle on the app to tell the robot to go to and clean a specified space.
  • Restricted areas. Draw a rectangle just like with zone cleaning, but instead of sending the robot to clean this area, it will keep the robot out of the space.

The app can also allow you to manually control the robot if you have very specific places that you would like it to clean up.

You can use either the app or the remote to switch between power settings. The vacuum defaults to quiet mode, which most people find strong enough to pick up the majority of debris on hard floors. Suction will automatically increase over carpets. You can also choose standard or strong suction if you would like a little bit more power. 

You can select water flow settings when the water tank is attached. Choose between low, medium, and high. Even at lower settings, the water flow is quite good, so unless you have a serious mess to mop up, you're likely to find that a lower setting is sufficient. 

Adjust the volume or turn it off entirely if you'd rather not have it. The app also allows you to clear maps or save them, schedule cleaning, and update software. 




2700 PA is a very decent suction at this price range, although it isn't as high as some other robot vacuums. That means that the Tesvor S6+ may not perform as well on thicker carpeting as other vacuums with stronger suction. 

However, you will appreciate that this vacuum automatically increases its suction power when it senses carpeting. You can utilize the greatest suction power on carpeting while still saving battery power by not using more suction than is needed on hard floors, without having to switch it yourself. 




Like other Tesvor vacuums, the Tesvor S6+ allows you to buy the water tank separately. Interestingly, this is only true in the US. Where this vacuum is available in other countries, the water tank may be included. 

When the water tank is attached, the Tesvor S6+ switches into mopping mode. The dustbin is replaced by the water tank, so this robot can’t vacuum and mop at the same time or switch between mopping and vacuuming unless the dustbin is exchanged for a water tank. 

Since the water tank switches out with the dustbin, the Tesvor S6+ offers more mopping capacity than most other combination robots. 350ml is a good deal of water, enabling this robot to clean a large space. You'll probably find that you can mop your entire space without having to refill the water tank midway through.


Noise Level


At only 2700 Pa, this is not one of the louder vacuums on the market. If you run it in a lower power setting like “quiet”, you probably will hardly notice it running most of the time. However, keep in mind that it will automatically increase suction power when it finds carpeting, which means that the volume will also jump. 

You'll likely find that when in mopping mode, this robot is fairly quiet, since it doesn't use suction when it is mopping. The robot does talk to you in order to tell you that it is stuck or having any other problems, but you can turn down the volume or turn off the voice altogether. 




Empty the Dustbin


The sizable dustbin of the Tesvor S6+ doesn't need to be emptied very often. You may find that you can go several cleans between emptying it, depending on the level of dirt in your home. It's a good idea to check the dustbin periodically as you get used to using it to find out how often it needs to be emptied. If you mop each time you vacuum, you'll find it convenient to empty the dustbin when you exchange it for the water tank.


Clean the Brushes


The Tesvor S6+ has three brushes, one primary brush at the intake and two side brushes to help sweep debris away from walls and out of corners. All of these brushes need to have hair and string removed from them. 

The side brushes can be damaged easily in the course of cleaning, so the Tesvor S6+ comes with extra side brushes so you can change them out if needed. These brushes are less likely to be damaged if you keep up on removing hair and string.


Clean the Filter


The Tesvor S6+ has a Dreifach high-performance HEPA filter which does a superb job of removing dust from the floor and air. It cannot be cleaned but will need to be replaced periodically. 

How often it needs to be replaced depends on how much dust and debris the vacuum picks up and how often it runs. Check the filter regularly as you get used to using the vacuum to find out when it needs to be changed.


Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum


This robot has a compact frame that is very good at getting underneath furniture and into small corners. This means that it is easy for the vacuum to get dusty. You will really notice the dust on top of the vacuum because it has a slick, reflective cover. The belly can also get dirty when the side brushes kick debris up onto it.

It's a good idea to wipe down both the top and bottom of the vacuum regularly. Pay special attention to the contact points under the vacuum where it needs to make contact with the docking station to charge.




The Tesvor S6+ offers a lot of outstanding features at a very reasonable price. Because of the unique design of exchanging the dustbin for the water tank, it gives you a larger dustbin and water tank than most combination vacuums with a very small footprint that does a great job of getting around your space. Superb navigation with Lidar and SLAM allows this vacuum to get around your space very efficiently. While the suction isn't as strong as some other vacuums, and exchanging the water tank and vacuum dustbin can be a bit irritating, this vacuum has a lot to offer.



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Tesvor S6+ Robot Vacuum w/2yr Warranty-2700Pa Suction, Precise Laser Navigation