Tesvor S6+ Robot Vacuum, 2700Pa Suction, Precise Laser Navigation

Tesvor S6+ Robot Vacuum, 2700Pa Suction, Precise Laser Navigation

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Tesvor S6+


The Tesvor S6+ uses Lidar laser navigation to create a smart map of your home so that it can clean more efficiently. Smart mapping also enables you to choose exactly which room or area you want to clean. This robot offers thorough mopping and vacuuming performance.


It provides real-time mapping so that if furniture moves around or there is debris in the way, it will be able to recognize it. It can also sense cliffs and avoid falling off of staircases. This robot can cross barriers as high as 18 mm, enabling it to go over carpet and doorsills quite easily.


The Tesvor S6+ will clean until it is running low on battery, return to its port to charge, and then pick up cleaning where it left off. An LDS pressure sensor tells the robot when it is approaching somewhere that it will be unable to get out of and tells it not to go there. 


It vacuums at 2700Pa and offers enough suction to clean even deep carpets very well. The Tesvor S6+ can automatically sense when it is near a carpet and will increase pressure to pick up dust and debris more efficiently from carpeting.


A powerful turbo engine offers superior dust collection using bilateral brushes and a powerful air duct design powered by a Nidec brushless motor. Despite its power, this vacuum runs quietly at under 70 decimals. 


Choose between three different mopping modes that adjust pressure and water speed to meet the exact needs of your flooring and mess. A water tank of 350 ml offers enough moisture to get the job done well. The mop is pressurized to create a more effective clean.


You have a great deal of control over this robot using an app. You can tell it which area you want in to clean and set cleaning modes. You can also use the app to set no-go areas that the robot will avoid. Magnetic strip tape is also included to set no-go areas manually.

Water tank350ml
FilterDreifach mit high-performance HEPA filter
Navigation SystemLidar Smart Mapping
Virtual no-go areas?Set on app or manually create with magnetic tape
Empty binManual
App featuresClean by room or area, set no-go areas, schedule, and choose mopping mode
Bin size600 ml
Performance on CarpetsAuto boost to clean carpets more deeply 
Battery Life120min

Tesvor S6+ Robot Vacuum, 2700Pa Suction, Precise Laser Navigation