Tesvor x500 Pro Robot Vacuum & Mop, HEPA Filter, App Control, Pet Hairs

Tesvor x500 Pro Robot Vacuum & Mop, HEPA Filter, App Control, Pet Hairs

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Tesvor X500


The Tesvor X500 is a highly intelligent robot with superb navigation. It relies on gyroscope

navigation and an S route to clean your home efficiently. It identifies and remembers rooms to

make cleaning much more efficient and avoid repeating areas.


It can also detect cliffs and avoid falling off of staircases.1800 Pa provides very good suction

power to eliminate most messes.


This vacuum is effective for debris like dust and beans and can even be strong enough to pick

up screws. 2 V-shaped brushes are very effective for sweeping everything it encounters into the

vacuum. It is also designed to operate quietly at under 65 decimals so you won't mind it being



A 3 filter system eliminates even the finest dust particles, making this vacuum a good choice for

allergy sufferers. It works well on all hard floors and on thinner carpets. It can cross barriers as

high as 2 cm, enabling it to go over carpets and most doorsills. A height of only 7.5 cm enables

this vacuum to get under most furniture. No-go areas can be defined with magnetic tape.


Using the spot feature, you can ask the Tesvor X500 to clean specific areas very efficiently, so

you'll never again have to worry about having spilled something and made a mess. With edge

cleaning, you can send the robot along the edges of a room, which can be very effective in high-

traffic areas. The brushes are designed to reach even difficult corners so that every spot will be



When the Tesvor X500 is running low on battery power, it automatically goes back to its docking

station to recharge. However, two hours of runtime give this robot time to clean a lot of space

before it needs to recharge.


You can use an app or your voice to control this robot, making it extremely easy to use. Set

what mode you’d like to run and also set a schedule.

Water tankN/A
Filter3-Filter system with HEPA Filter
Navigation SystemGyroscope Navigation
Virtual no-go areas?Manually create with magnetic tape
Empty binManual
App featuresSet modes like intensive cleaning, edge cleaning, and schedule
Bin size600 ml
Performance on CarpetsStandard cleaning suitable for thin carpets
Battery Life120min

Tesvor x500 Pro Robot Vacuum & Mop, HEPA Filter, App Control, Pet Hairs