Roidmi Eve Plus Self-Sterilizing and Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum w/2yr Warranty. APP, Alexa, Wet Pad

Roidmi Eve Plus Self-Sterilizing and Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum w/2yr Warranty. APP, Alexa, Wet Pad

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Ultra-Efficient Cleaning:

First things first. The Roidmi Eve Plus functions perfectly in the most important category-how well and efficiently it cleans your home. 

  • It comes fully equipped with a powerful 2700pa of suction power. This will catch the dirt from the ground of course, and can even suck out dirt from the depths of floor gaps.
  • High-performance digital brushless motor and state of the art air duct technology for more efficient cleaning.
  • Cleans along walls and edges in a straight line-no corners left behind! The TOF wall tracking sensor can identify walls, and the side brush rotations are automatically adjusted along walls and edges, leaving no corners uncleaned.


Super clean performance:

Dirt collected in traditional dust collection stations easily breeds bacteria and emits odors. The Roidmi Eve Plus has a shorter air duct and is hands and dust free, making for a cleaner vacuum and a cleaner home.

  • Comes with a unique rear suction dust collector, which is quieter and more efficient than traditional bottom suction dust collectors. The shorter air duct makes for quicker dust collection and less dust blockages.
  • After returning to the base, the collected dirt is suctioned into the 3L large capacity anti-leak bag. Upon entering the dust collector, dirt is sterilized and deodorized to prevent mold and odors. The sterilizing and deodorizing ions help the dirt in the bag remain free of mold for more than 60 days.
  • The Smart touch screen will automatically remind you when the bag is full.
  • The disposable dust bag is easily swapped out after 60 days of use, with no touching of dust or dirt.


App Control:

  • Smart touch screen navigation with precise scanning and mapping. Customize your cleaning plan with All-Scenario planning. With the included automatic AI recognition, you can demarcate and save different areas automatically, demarcate forbidden areas, and schedule cleanings. For duplex buildings, separate maps can be saved for each floor. The settings are automatically matched and switched when switching floors.
  • Works with Alexa for a fully hands free experience.
  • The OTA firmware algorithm is constantly being updated, for a better and better app experience.


Smart Navigation:

The Roidmi Eve plus comes with a massive amount of navigation features. We try and keep our descriptions short and to the point over here at, but everything is so important we did not know what to cut!

  • Smart resume: The Roidmi Eve Plus will automatically return to the dust collection station to charge when its battery is low. Once it has enough battery power, it will automatically resume cleaning from where it left off.
  • Smart environmental sensing capabilities. Multiple sensor types ensure comprehensive coverage, and upgraded environmental sensing capabilities. For example, bed and cabinet heights are judged by the LDS pressure sensor. If a too-small space is detected, the Roidmi Eve Plus will know to avoid the obstacle and continue on it’s merry way.
  • Anti-jam | Anti-fall technology. The Robot Vacuum will detect that looming stairway, and steer it’s way away. [Puns intended]
  • Doorway in the way? The Roidmi Eve Plus is capable of crossing thresholds up to 2cm, which is a little bit less than an inch.


Mopping Features:

The Roidmi Eve plus also comes with mopping pads, for when you want to give your floor a wash as well.

  • 220ml smart electronically-controlled large water tank. The micro-control chip in the water tank ensures uniform water output, so that the mop is always kept at optimal moisture.
  • 3 water output modes can clean up to 250m² at one go. Choose from small, medium or large water output, depending on the floor to be cleaned.


Long lasting battery:

The Roidmi eve plus comes with a powerful 5200mAh large capacity battery. That is enough juice for up to 250 minutes, or a floor size of up to 250m2 at one go! But even when the battery does run out, it returns to the base itself and later picks up where it left off..


Additional Features:

  • Floating roller brush that hugs closer to the ground
  • Detailed textured design
  • Exquisite materials


Water tank 220ml
FilterSterilizing deodorizing ions, HEPA filter
Navigation SystemLDS super sensing laser
Virtual no-go areas?Yes 
Empty binAuto
App featuresCream by area or room, split or name rooms, schedule, set mode, set order of rooms to clean, set no-go zone, see how long the vacuum has been operating and how much area has been covered
Bin size3 liters
Performance on CarpetsAutomatically increases suction power when it senses carpet
Battery Life 250min

Editor's Review

The Roidmi Eve Plus is a solid little robot with a lot of great features to offer. It has superb navigation and is especially good at knowing when it can go over or under obstacles. 

One thing that sets this vacuum apart from other automatically emptying vacuums is that it uses sterilizing deodorizing ions to clean debris in the docking bag so it won't develop mold or odor. It also offers excellent control with the easy-to-use app. Here's what else you need to know about the Roidmi Eve Plus vacuuming and mopping robot.




  • Sterilizes and deodorizes as well as cleaning up particles so odor and mold won't multiply in the holding bin between changes
  • Automatically dispenses dust into a bag in the docking station
  • Intuitive app allows you a lot of control over where and how this robot operates
  • Solid navigation system does a good job of avoiding going underneath things it can't fit under as well as avoiding obstacles


Navigation System


The Roidmi Eve Plus is equipped with state-of-the-art precision mapping. The LDS super sensing laser uses 18 sensors to scan your home to find the most efficient possible route for the robot to follow. 

This robot recognizes obstacles before it gets to them, rather than bumping off of your furniture and walls as it makes its way around your home. It can sense staircases and other falls and avoid them. It can also sense heights, so it knows when it can go under an obstacle and when it can't, eliminating issues with getting stuck under furniture. 

The same ability to recognize and navigate around heights lets it cross thresholds, door strips, and other obstacles that are up to two cm high. However, it won't try to tackle too high of a threshold and knock itself over or get stuck. 

This robot can find its way back to the docking station when it is running low on battery. Once charged, it will pick up where it left off. 


App Control


The Roidmi Eve Plus automatically maps out your home so that you can tell it to clean by area and set no-go zones. You can even split rooms to clean separately in various spaces or create your own areas. Naming rooms makes it easy for anyone to tell the robot where to clean.

Separate maps can be saved for multiple floors. The settings switch automatically when you switch from floor to floor, making this one of the best robots you'll find for multiple-floor homes. 

You can set a schedule and tell the Roidmi Eve Plus in which order you would like your home to be cleaned. This feature is extremely valuable when you have some rooms that get much dirtier than others and would like them to be cleaned first.

Choose which cleaning mode you want to determine how much suction power is used. You can also choose filters to customize cleaning:

  • Whole map. Cleans your entire home.
  • Partition. Set no-go areas.
  • Area. Tell the vacuum exactly which places in your home you want to clean either by choosing the room or by dragging a square to a particular area.
  • Point. Send the vacuum to a specific pre-measured cleaning zone.

You can see how long the vacuum has been working, how much area has been covered, and how much battery is left just by taking a glance at the app. 

This robot can also be connected to Alexa so you can control it using your voice. Frequent updates to the app allow the Roidmi Eve Plus to keep getting smarter the longer you own it. You'll be able to take advantage of the latest updates and technology without having to pay for a new machine.




The Roidmi Eve Plus has 2700Pa of suction power to give this vacuum the ability to eliminate pretty much any household mess in its way. It can even get dirt from within gaps in the floor because it makes the most of every bit of suction power with a digital brushless motor and air duct technology. 

A TOF wall tracking sensor automatically determines where walls and corners are and adjusts the track of the vacuum to utilize the side brush rotations to push into every single corner so that this vacuum doesn't miss a thing. A floating roller brush cleans very close to the ground, enabling the vacuum to pick up every bit of debris that it encounters. 

Choose from four different modes to customize the cleaning and noise level that you need: Standard, quiet, power, and max. The Roidmi Eve Plus can automatically sense carpet and increase suction, enabling excellent performance on both hard floors and carpeting without requiring more power and battery life than necessary. 

Large wheels with good tread are spring operated, enabling them to adjust to surfaces independently, which offers excellent suction even on uneven surfaces. 




220 ml of water is available to enable this robot to mop a significant area in each cleaning. The Roidmi Eve Plus automatically switches into mopping mode when the mop head is attached. You won't have to worry about it leaving puddles behind since a microcontroller water tank enables consistent water output. 

You can choose between three different levels of water output depending on the level of mess that needs to be cleaned up. Larger water output is appropriate for very dirty floors like kitchens and bathrooms, whereas only a little bit of water is necessary for bedrooms or living room areas.


Noise Level


The Roidmi Eve Plus can reach levels of noise up to 75 decibels, but it won't do this very often. Most of the time, you'll be able to run the vacuum in standard mode, which operates much more quietly, generally around 59 decibels. Using higher suction levels results in more sound. 

You'll notice sound increase when the vacuum moves onto carpet and increases suction as a result. One thing you will definitely find is that when it is emptying into the docking station it can be fairly loud. Expect this process to clock in at around 72 decibels. It only lasts 12 seconds or so, but you'll notice the sound if you are trying to sleep.

You can set a schedule or manually choose when dust should be collected. Of course, you can also set the docking station further away from where you may be sleeping.




Empty the Dustbin


The Roidmi Eve Plus enables you to empty the dustbin as little as possible, thanks to the automatic docking and bin emptying system. This robot goes further than many other types of auto-empty vacuums to sanitize dust and debris. 

Dust is bagged when it goes into the collector and is also sterilized and deodorized, eliminating any odor or mold. The rear suction dust collector does not tend to get blocked, so you won't often find that you need to clean out blockages when emptying the dustbin.

Emptying the dust bag is very straightforward. Simply remove and discard the disposable bag once a month or so. If your home doesn't get very dirty or you don't run the robot particularly often, you may find that you can easily go longer than a month.


Clean the Brushes


The floating brush is very effective at picking up even debris that is embedded into cracks, but it also has a tendency to get hair wrapped around it, which requires periodic detangling, especially if you have a lot of long hair on your floors. The two side brushes also require detangling every now and again. It's also a good idea to check all three wheels, both the heavy tread wheels on the sides and the front navigating wheel, for hair that might be caught up in them. 


Clean the Filter


The HEPA filter should be replaced as soon as it is full of dust. For some households, this may be within weeks, while other households may last months. It depends on how much fine dust is in the home. 

It's a good idea to check on the HEPA filter regularly, especially at the beginning, until you get a feel for how quickly it fills up. An extra HEPA filter comes with the vacuum so that you can change it out when needed. 


Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum


The Roidmi Eve Plus does a great job of avoiding going under furniture that will rub the top of it, so it may be a bit less likely to collect debris there than other vacuums. On the other hand, the aggressive rotation of the side brushes can tend to shoot dust up onto the belly of the vacuum. The white glossy top shows dirt easily, so it's important to wipe down the body of the vacuum periodically. 




The Roidmi Eve Plus is a feature-rich robot that is especially useful for anyone who may be suffering from allergies or is particular about odors and mold in the home, thanks to its sterilizing and deodorizing functionality. If a robot that can both vacuum and mop and offers great autonomy is important to you, this may be the right one for you to choose. 



Roidmi Eve Plus Self-Sterilizing and Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum w/2yr Warranty. APP, Alexa, Wet Pad