360 S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop, Mapping Technology, 2650Pa Suction, Alexa

360 S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop, Mapping Technology, 2650Pa Suction, Alexa

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360 Smartlife S7


This intelligent robot features the most advanced navigation to do a better job of mapping your home than many other robots. LDS lidar with a SLAM algorithm helps to form a highly detailed precision map of your home. The robot uses this map to choose the most efficient route to clean your house and avoid obstacles.


This robot can build two maps for two different floor layouts, making this vacuum a great choice if your house has two floors. 


The S7 can vacuum, mop, or do both at the same time. It offers 2650 Pa of suction power. You can choose from three different water adjustments to release just as much water as you need.


The brush automatically adjusts so that this vacuum can work effectively even on uneven surfaces. It features anti-drop sensors to keep it from falling down stairs. When the vacuum needs to recharge, it will automatically go back to its charging center and pick up cleaning where it left off when it is finished charging.


There is a duel noise reduction duct to keep this vacuum quieter than many others at this level of suction, with noise under 54dB. 


Unlike many robots that both mop and vacuum, this one is very effective on carpet as well as hard floors. It can automatically sense carpet and double suction power to dig deep into carpet fibers to get out dirt and debris. When it is mopping, it will avoid carpets. 


You have a lot of control over how this vacuum cleans your home using the app. You can set no-go areas and virtual boundaries. You can also set no mop zones. Tell the vacuum which parts of your home you'd like it to clean or avoid. You can also set schedules and timers and tell it to vacuum the same area as many times as you like. You can also choose from three cleaning modes: quiet, standard, and maximum. 

Water tank150ml
FilterHEPA filter
Navigation SystemLDS lidar with a SLAM algorithm
Virtual no-go areas?Yes
Empty binManual
App featuresQuiet, Standard, and Maximum modes, schedule, set no go areas and barriers
Bin size570 ml
Performance on CarpetsAuto boost to clean carpets more deeply
Battery Life120min

360 S7 Robot Vacuum and Mop, Mapping Technology, 2650Pa Suction, Alexa