Dreametech W10 Robot Vacuum & Mop Dreame
dreametech w10 robot vacuum cleaner and mop
4000Pa of Suction and 3 Cleaning Modes
Auto-dry system to prevent mildew
Dreametech W10 Robot Vacuum & Mop Dreame
Automatically Scrubs Feature
Dreametech W10 Robot Vacuum & Mop Dreame
Dreame w10 robot vacuum and mop 4000 pa dramatic
Dreametech W10 Robot Vacuum & Mop Dreame
Dreametech W10 Robot Vacuum & Mop Dreame
Dreametech W10 Robot Vacuum & Mop Dreame
Dreametech W10 Robot Vacuum & Mop Dreame
Dreametech W10 Robot Vacuum & Mop

Dreametech W10 Robot Vacuum & Mop

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Dreame Bot W10

  • Product Dimension: 13.14 x 12.36 x 4.15 inches
  • Connection Type: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz
  • Rated Input: 220-240V
  • Rated Power: 55W
  • Battery Capacity: 6,400mAh
  • Dust Tank Capacity: 0.12gal

Self-Cleaning Base

  • Product Dimension: 14.76 x 15.74 x 16.92 inches
  • Rated Input: 100-240V~50-60Hz
  • Rated Output: 19.8V === 1V
  • Rated Power: 65W
  • Clean Water Tank: 1.06gal
  • Waste Water Tank: 1.06gal

The Dreame W10 can sweep, vacuum, and mop, and wash itself by its docking station, making this as carefree a vacuum as you are likely to find. It can clean itself up to 20 times before you need to empty the dock station.
This vacuum features a newly designed mop that can clean a variety of surfaces without leaving water stains. Its large caliber roller brush rotates close to the floor to scrub out stains and perform more effectively than ever before. 

Designed to mop immediately after sweeping, the Dreametech W10 removes large particles and even hair, effectively eliminating streaking. Water is held in the anchor station, enabling a much higher capacity than in other models, with total holding power of four liters of clean water and four liters of dirty water. This allows this vacuum to clean as much as two hundred square meters before the water needs to be changed.

Worried about your robotic mop developing mold? The Dreame W10 dries itself with a heated blow-dry feature that prevents mold and odors.

An advanced SLAM LDS Laser along with advanced mapping functions do an excellent job of planning a route to make cleaning very effective without repeating efforts. It can climb obstacles as high as 18mm, enabling it to go over door sills or high carpet. It can clean room by room, mop only certain areas, or vacuum only specific areas. You can also adjust the suction mode, schedule a clean and determine cleaning time, and set up no-go spaces using the app. Just use the app to tell your vacuum what you want it to do. This vacuum can also be controlled using Alexa. This is one of the quieter vacuums you are likely to find, thanks to Nano sound-absorbing cotton which can reduce the volume to as low as 65dBA.

True Mopping

The W10 features two rotating mop pads (as opposed to traditional Drag Mopping found on other models) and 4,000Pa max suction, W10 tackles dirt and stubborn stains at the same time. Applying 10N (Newtons) of pressure to pads that spin 180 times per minute, ensures that stains are thoroughly scrubbed.

Large capacity, huge coverage.

Two 1.06gal water tanks, one for clean water and the other for dirty, eliminate the need for frequent refilling or dumping. With a massive 6400mAh battery, W10 cleans up to 3229ft² (300m²) on a single charge.

Automatically scrubs and washes itself.

When the pads get dirty, W10 automatically returns to the dock. The pads are sprayed with water and then spin rapidly against small grooves to dislodge dirt. Meanwhile, a nozzle at the bottom of the dock deposits the dirty water into the waste-water tank to prevent cross-contamination.

What's in the box?

Dreametech W10 Robot Vacuum & Mop Dreame

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