Everybot Three Spin Mopping Robot
300ml Large Water Tank
Eleborate Cleaning
Extremely Quiet Everybot 3 spin
Another Level of Floor Mopping
Everybot 3 spin robot mop
Anti-Collision Smart Sensor System
Everybot Three Spin Mopping Robot
Everybot Three Spin Mopping Robot
Everybot Three Spin Mopping Robot

Everybot Three Spin Mopping Robot

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  • Product Dimensions: 12.8"L x 12.05"W x 3.9"H
  • Weight: ‎4.4 lbs
  • Controller Type: Remote control
  • Battery Life: 120 mins
  • Water Tank: 300ml
  • Noise Level: 43dB

The Everybot 3 Spin has three mops that work together to clean your floors incredibly
thoroughly. Each mop is controlled by its own powerful motor. The motion of the mops is synchronized to hit stains harder and eliminate water stains.
Since this mop doesn't have any wheels, all of the weight of the robot pushes down on the mops, which dramatically increases their effectiveness over mops that are attached to vacuums on wheels. The mops extend past the edge of the robot, enabling thorough cleaning against the edges of walls and furniture without the robot bumping into things.

11 anti-collision sensors keep this robot from bumping into walls and other obstacles in the environment while still enabling a very close clean. It also features fall detection so that it won't go over stairs or other drops. This robot can get into more places than most competition, thanks to the extremely low 9.9 cm slim design. It can go under most couches, beds, and other furniture without any trouble at all.
The Everybot 3 Spin is equipped with an intelligent water supply system that keeps mops wet enough to do the job throughout the entire cleaning cycle but not so wet that they leave your floor damp. You can forget about mops that are sopping at the beginning of the job and dry by the end. A 310 ml water tank provides enough moisture to get the job done. This robot is very quiet. Worm gear engineering and low-speed RPM motors keep noise levels under 43 decibels so that you won't even notice it running.

The Everybot 3 saves space in your home thanks to a vertical charging cradle. You won't have to touch the mops to put it in its charging space since it has a safe handle grip. You can control exactly how you want this robot to run with an easy-to-use remote control.

Choose from eight different cleaning options to match exactly what your home needs:

1. An entire space is efficiently cleaned in the auto cleaning mode.

2. Focus on the edges of the room with edge cleaning.

3. Go out in circles from the starting location for thorough scrubbing with focus cleaning.

4. Repeat 360° circles and short motions to scrub the entire space with intensive cleaning.

5. Mimic the cleaning pattern of scrubbing the floor by hand with Y curve.

6. Clean from right to left like human steps with step cleaning.

7. Run for only 50 minutes at a time for smaller spaces in the 50-minute cleaning selection.

8. Manually control exactly where the mop goes using the remote.

Designed for Mopping.

The everybot ThreeSpin is designed for complete mopping.

Edge Cleaning

Focus on the edges of the room with edge cleaning.

Eleborate Cleaning

Long lasting operation.

Large battery with 2-Hour run time

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