iRobot Roomba i3+ Robot Vacuum, 60 Day Auto Dirt Disposal, Wi-Fi, Alexa, 2YR Warranty

iRobot Roomba i3+ Robot Vacuum, 60 Day Auto Dirt Disposal, Wi-Fi, Alexa, 2YR Warranty

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The iRobot Roomba i3+ is truly a top of the line robot vacuum, rightfully earning itself our “Editor’s Choice” award for 2022 over here at


Like any of our preferred vacuums, before we explain all of the bells and whistles let's talk about what’s “Under the Hood” of this powerful robot vacuum.


A whole lot, it turns out. The iRobot Roomba i3+ comes equipped with a super powerful suction. In fact, the suction in the i3+ is 10x stronger than in the popular 600 series!


The i3+ has powerful tracking sensors, to detect and vacuum both hardwood and carpet. And with it’s trademarked automatic dirt disposal system, it can empty itself for up to 60 days before you need to even think about it. It also comes equipped with intelligent sensor technology, which tells the robot where to go and where to stay away. Instead of getting blocks by furniture for example, it will avoid the obstacle and continue on the rest of the cleaning path.


With Google assistant and Alexa, you can now start cleaning just with the sound of your voice.

Add in it's powerful app, and your perfect schedule is never more than a few swipes away. The app offers personalized scheduling and will suggest times for an extra cleaning-such as in the spring when the pollen is out.


And like everything here at the irobot Roomba i3+ comes with our extended 2 year limited warranty provided by CPS, so you can shop with the confidence you deserve.

Editor's Review

The i3+ is similar to the i4+, with just a few differences listed in the description here. Below is our product review, which is applicable to both models.


If you're looking for an affordable robot vacuum and would also like automatic dirt disposal, the irobot i3+ may be exactly what you're looking for. If you prefer a brand that's been around for the long term that you can trust, this vacuum is likely even more attractive to you. 

The Roomba is, in many ways, the original robot vacuum. This was one of the first brands on the market that offered real functionality back when robot vacuums seemed like something out of science fiction. As time has gone on, lots of other robot vacuums have become meaningful contenders for Roomba, but iRobot is still making exceptional machines. 

However, not surprisingly, the original robot vacuum comes with a high price tag most of the time. The irobot i3+ is a much more affordable option that has many of the advantages of the Roomba family. 


This robot can empty itself automatically into a 19in tall basin. This basin packs enough storage space that you won't have to worry about emptying the dustbin very often, which means that you can have nearly autonomous cleaning with the irobot i3+.


The app works very well for this vacuum. This comes as no surprise, since Roomba has had plenty of time to develop top-of-the-line apps. You can set a schedule, choose how many cleaning passes you’d like it to make, and tell it to stop cleaning so that you can empty the base. 

However, you can't tell the irobot i3+ to clean by area or change the intensity setting, making this a much simpler robot vacuum than many of the options on the market, particularly other robots by Roomba. However, it can automatically change the suction power and the head height depending on the type of floor it's on, which can make up for the fact that you can't manually adjust the power. You can see a map of where the robot has cleaned, although you can't use it to tell the irobot i3+ to clean by area.


irobot i3+ features Dirt Detect, which is a truly amazing piece of technology. When the irobot i3+ detects an area of extra debris, it'll automatically go back and forth over the spot, cleaning up concentrated messes without you having to worry about telling it to spot clean.

The roller to pick up debris is entirely rubber and does a great job of picking up even difficult debris like hair without getting it tangled up and needing to be cut off, which saves you some significant effort in maintenance. You can simply slide the hair off when you clean the brushes during regular maintenance. 

irobot i3+ does a great job of picking up all kinds of debris, including surprisingly large pieces. If you want a vacuum that can thoroughly eliminate every mess in your home, even something as bulky as a spilled container of macaroni, this may be the one for you. It does exceptionally well on bare floors.


This robot is excellent when it comes to maneuvering. It covers spaces section-by-section instead of following an S pattern over the entire space as many other robot vacuums do, which enables it to work around furniture and other obstacles more thoroughly. 


Our verdict: The irobot i3+ is a top quality machine, and earns our coveted "Editor's Choice" recommendation. We hope will like it as much as we do-please let us know!

iRobot Roomba i3+ Robot Vacuum, 60 Day Auto Dirt Disposal, Wi-Fi, Alexa, 2YR Warranty