Roborock Q7+ w/2yr Warranty-An Affordable Robot with Unique App Features

Roborock Q7+ w/2yr Warranty-An Affordable Robot with Unique App Features

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Roborock Q7+An Affordable Robot with Unique App Features 


The Roborock Q7 Plus is a superb little robot that comes at a very reasonable cost. It offers features that you could easily spend a lot more money for, like automatic emptying of the onboard dustbin into a docking station and an intuitive app that gives you more control over this robot than the competition. 

Here's what you need to know about the Roborock Q7 Plus to help you decide if it meets your needs.


Superb Navigation with Rapid Mapping

Do you use your robot vacuum in different places? Maybe you're the kind of person who's always reorganizing or who has furniture that comes and goes, like children's playpens. 

The Roborock Q7 Plus can map out your home as much as six times faster than previous models when you tell it to map before it cleans. This is a great way to enable it to figure out your layout so that it can plan the most effective route. 

Furthermore, you'll be able to set furniture and even flooring types to customize the way the robot cleans your home. PreciSense LiDAR Navigation is top-of-the-line navigation that's better at accurately defining your home than other navigation techniques. 

The Roborock Q7 Plus can map and remember up to four floors. You don't even need to tell it which floor it's on. Just set it down and it'll figure out where it is and get to cleaning.


Unique Control With the App

The Roborock Q7 line offers a feature that you’re unlikely to find anywhere outside of Roborock known as “Routines”. Routines are a wonderfully intuitive feature that allows you to save time and effort by having the robot remember commands that you often give together. 

Maybe you always tell the robot to go to the kitchen and clean at max suction and the highest water output after you cook. If you create a routine for this, all you have to do is push a button and the robot will go to the kitchen and clean at the desired suction and water output. You can create a wide variety of routines for all kinds of commands that you often find yourself giving.

The app also gives you the kind of control that you'd expect from any quality robot vacuum app, such as the ability to schedule where, when, and with what kind of suction you want it to vacuum, the capacity to set no-go zones and invisible walls, and the power to control the robot with voice control using Apple Siri, Google Home, or Amazon Alexa.


Simultaneous Mopping and Vacuuming

The Roborock Q7 Plus can mop and vacuum simultaneously, which enables it to get your home cleaner faster. It can automatically sense carpet and boost suction to vacuum more effectively. 

A clever rubber brush is designed to agitate carpet fibers and get out debris as effectively as possible without ending up with hair tangled around the bush. The brush gets hair up and into the mouth of the vacuum, rather than getting it tangled around the brush. 

This feature enables the vacuum to clean more effectively since the brush isn't handicapped by wrapped hair. It also saves you from the frustrating chore of getting hair off of the brush. A highly effective washable filter removes 99.7% of pollen as small as 3 microns, which makes it a great option for people who may be suffering from allergies.


Roborock Q7 Plus: An Affordable Robot with Lots of Perks

If you want a robot that can automatically empty debris from the onboard dustbin into a docking station while eliminating most allergens, simultaneously mop and vacuum, and offer innovative app features you won't find anywhere else, the Roborock Q7 Plus may be the perfect robot for you.




Water tank 180ml
FilterE11 rated washable filter
Navigation SystemPreciSense LiDAR Navigation with 3D mapping
Virtual no-go areas?Yes
Empty binAuto
App featuresSet routines, schedules, no-go areas, and utilize voice support
Bin size750ml onboard dustbin, 2.5l dust bag in docking station 
Performance on CarpetsAuto boost when it senses carpet
Battery Life 180min 

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Editor's Review

Roborock Q7 Plus: A Feature-Packed Robot with Auto Docking


This handy little robot is full of great features. It can vacuum and mop simultaneously, automatically empty itself into a docking station, and rapidly map up to four levels of your home. The Roborock Q7 Plus has an innovative feature called “Routines” which allows you to control it more quickly and effectively than you may have believed possible. 

Here's what you need to know about the Roborock Q7 Plus to help you decide if it's the right robot for you. 



  • Affordable robot with many of the features of the Q7 Max Plus
  • Maps out your space very quickly and can support up to four floors
  • The routine feature is extremely handy, enabling you to use the robot for frequently repeated tasks at the push of a button


  • Considerably less suction power than is available on the Q7 Max and Q7 Max Plus
  • Mop needs to be cleaned and attached with each session, which somewhat diminishes the convenience of the docking station


Navigation System

The Roborock Q7 Plus can map out your home incredibly quickly. This is a great feature if you have multiple floors, bring the robot to different places to clean, or often move furniture around. Each level of your home can be mapped without cleaning up to six times faster than older models.

PreciSense LiDAR Navigation enables this robot to thoroughly map out your home so that it can choose a highly effective route. 3D mapping allows the robot to see not only where things are but how high they are, which makes it better at navigating under furniture. 

The 3D map that is generated is also easier for you to understand because it makes it easy to see how the robot has divided your home. You can even add furniture and describe the floor material to gain complete control over how the robot cleans your house. 

The Roborock Q7 Plus can map out up to four levels of your home and automatically recognize which level it's on. You won't need to identify the level in the app. Just set the robot down and it will get to cleaning.

This is an agile little robot, able to climb 2cm obstacles so that it can easily pass over thresholds and onto carpets. It has a wide range of sensors to keep it from falling off of stairs or getting stuck.


App Control

The Roborock Q7 Plus has a feature unique to the Q7 series called “Routines”. Routines are a powerful way to use this robot more effectively and make managing and controlling it easier. 

If you ever find yourself repeating the same commands to the robot, you can set a routine for that series of commands. For instance, you may find that after you cook, you want to send the robot into the kitchen to vacuum with high suction power and mop with high water output. 

You can set a routine for that so all you have to do is push a button to tell the robot where to go and how to clean. You'll find endless uses for routines, from everyday behaviors like cleaning up after meals or cooking to occasional but important events like when the dog comes in the house with dirty paws.

The Roborock Q7 Plus also features more standard app controls like scheduling. Custom schedules can be created to tell the robot what time of day to clean, what the suction power should be, and what rooms you want to clean. 

This is great for everyday cleaning, especially if you notice that some rooms need more cleaning than others. For instance, If you notice that a frequently used room like the bathroom still seems dirty even when the whole house is cleaned once or twice a day, you may set the vacuum to clean the bathroom three or four times a day to make sure it stays clean.

The app allows you to set invisible walls and no-go zones. No-go zones can define a very specific area, and invisible walls can block off an entire room or space. You can use as many no-go zones and invisible walls as you like in as many rooms of your house as you choose.

The Roborock Q7 Plus supports Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Siri to let you use voice control to command the robot. You can start cleaning, send it to areas, and more.



2700 PA may not be as much power as you can find in the Q7 Max and Q7 Max Plus, but it is enough to get through most average messes. There is an automatic carpet detection that boosts suction to the maximum power when the vacuum goes over carpet. 

This probably isn't enough suction to get debris out of thick pile carpet, but it is good enough for the average low-pile carpet or rug. Unless there’s exceptionally heavy debris, it's plenty of suction for hard floors.

The Roborock Q7 Plus automatically empties debris into a 2.5l dust bag that doesn't need to be changed, on average, for up to seven weeks. This is the same docking station that can be found on the more expensive Q7 Max Plus, so if you want great automatic emptying of the dustbin but you don't want to pay for higher suction power, this is likely the robot for you. The filter gets out 99.7% of pollen as small as 3 microns, making it a great option for people who suffer from allergies.

The innovative rubber brush is excellent at agitating fibers and getting debris out, which can somewhat make up for the reduced suction power when this vacuum is working on carpets and rugs. The rubber brush is carefully designed to avoid getting hair tangled up in it as it goes, so hair will end up in the dustbin instead of in the brush. Keep in mind, however, that there is still a rotating side brush to get debris out of corners and away from edges that does tend to get hair tangled around it.



The Roborock Q7 Plus can mop and vacuum simultaneously, offering a much more effective clean than doing either alone. The vacuuming that goes ahead of the mopping keeps the robot from mopping debris into the floors and making a mess. Keep in mind that the mop pad will need to be changed every time or nearly every time that you mop, which somewhat lessens the convenience of having an automatic docking station to remove vacuumed debris from the onboard dustbin.


Noise Level

The Roborock Q7 Plus is relatively quiet compared to many other Roborock models like the Q7 Max and Q7 Max Plus which feature more intense suction. While it will be loudest on its highest setting, a suction of 2700 PA doesn’t produce too much noise.




Empty the Dustbin

You won't have to worry about emptying the dustbin for as long as seven weeks, thanks to the auto empty docking station. The onboard dustbin automatically empties into the docking station very effectively, but it’s a good idea to periodically check the onboard dustbin to make sure that nothing sticky or oddly shaped has been lodged in it.


Clean the Brushes

While the primary rubber brush is excellent at avoiding getting hair tangled around it, the spinning side brush does not have this kind of innovative technology. You can expect to need to remove hair tangles from the side brush regularly. 

As long as you stay on top of it, you'll likely just need your fingers to pull hair off. However, if you let it go a few sessions without cleaning, you may find that you need to cut hair off of the side brush. It's important not to let hair accumulate, as it will interfere with the functioning of the side brush and damage it over time. 


Clean the Filter

The Roborock Q7 Plus has a washable filter which makes maintenance simple. Just hand wash the filter in the sink with cool water periodically. 

How often the filter needs to be cleaned depends on how dirty your home is and how often you run the filter. It's a good idea to check it every week or so until you get a feel for how quickly it becomes dirty. Many people find that it works well to clean the filter at the same time as they empty the docking station every seven weeks or so.


Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum

Dust has a tendency to settle on the body of the vacuum, so it's wise to wipe it down every so often. This is especially true with a white body.



The Roborock Q7 Plus is a feature-packed little robot for a great price. Aspects like auto docking and the ability to set routines really sets this robot apart from the competition. If you love the features of the Q7 line but you're not worried about having as much suction as is in the Q7 Max and Q7 Max Plus, this may well be the right vacuum for you.

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Roborock Q7+ w/2yr Warranty-An Affordable Robot with Unique App Features