ILIFE A80 Max Powerful Robotic Vacuum with Convenient App Control-2yr Warranty.

ILIFE A80 Max Powerful Robotic Vacuum with Convenient App Control-2yr Warranty.

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Ilife A80 MAX Robot Vacuum Cleaner


This powerful little vacuum offers significant suction power of 2000Pa that enables it to pick up small debris like dust and miscellaneous debris as well as larger particles like paper scraps and beans with ease. An advanced brushless motor offers quieter performance, a long-lasting vacuum, and superb suction.


The Ilife A80 MAX can automatically detect carpet and will increase suction power as a result. This enables it to lift and loosen even dust and debris that may be embedded into the fibers of the carpet. It works very well on low and medium-pile carpets.


The roller brush self-adjusts to maintain great contact even on uneven surfaces, making this vacuum much more effective at picking up debris. The brush is made of a combination of rubber and bristles that make it very effective for fine dust, hair, and larger particles. It works very well on wood, marble, tile, and other hard surfaces as well as carpet.


The dustbin is designed to make it easy to dispose of dirt and offers a very high-efficiency filter so that it doesn't miss a thing. 


The vacuum automatically returns to its charging base as soon as its battery gets low. It has a full set of sensors to avoid obstacles and can also sense drops so that it won't fall off of stairs or other cliffs. It can overcome fairly large obstacles such as thresholds or carpets. 


The Ilife A80 MAX is easy to control using an app. You can schedule when you want it to run so that you don't even need to think about it to keep your home clean. You can also view the cleaning history so you know what the vacuum has been up to. Choose your suction setting and water level control and also select from four cleaning modes:


  1. Path mode works well for large spaces to map out the area in structured lines.
  2. Spot clean causes the vacuum to circle in a small area, providing superior suction.
  3. Edge mode goes along the corners and edges of the room.
  4. Max mode offers intense suction.


Water tankN/A
FilterHigh Efficiency Filter
Suction2000 Pa
Navigation SystemFull Set of Sensors
Virtual no-go areas?No
Empty binManual
App featuresChoose Cleaning Mode: Path, Spot, Classic, Edge, Max
Bin size450 ML
Performance on CarpetsAuto Boost to Clean Carpets More Deeply
Battery Life110 Min


Editor's Review

ILife A80 Max - Affordable, and powerful


· September 16, 2021


The Ilife a80 MAX is an affordable and highly effective vacuum that has the features that you might want the most without too many extra bells and whistles to drive up the price. It is superb for cleaning both hard floors and low to medium pile carpet.

It has a unique filtration design that can make the filter last longer. This unusual filtration system is also better at eliminating fine dust than many other vacuums, making this option a great choice for allergy sufferers.

Here's what you need to know about the Ilife a80 MAX to help you decide if this is the right vacuum for your needs.




  • Has a direct, efficient cleaning route that does a good job of covering every area of the floor without missing or repeating anything
  • An affordable but powerful robot that does a good job of cleaning most of the debris in your home
  • Can automatically find its way back to its docking station to recharge
  • Can be controlled using an app, voice control, or an included remote
  • Cleans carpets very well and automatically senses when it is on a carpet so that it can boost suction
  • Works very well at picking up hair




  • The app has some connectivity issues. You will need to connect it to the main router in your home since it tends not to connect to other routers
  • No lidar, so the mapping function is a bit primitive compared to some other options
  • You can't set cleaning zones, no-go areas, or boundaries
  • Doesn’t communicate via voice when it encounters a problem like getting stuck on something, relying instead on a series of beeps


Navigation System


The Ilife a80 MAX returns to its charging base automatically as soon as the battery gets low by navigating along a wall until it finds its base. Its extensive set of sensors enable it to avoid all of the obstacles in your home and keep from falling off of stairs.

It can also scale fairly high barriers, higher than most other robot vacuums in its class. Thresholds that keep other robots out will not deter this vacuum and it won’t have any trouble at all climbing onto even high carpets.

This vacuum does a fairly good job of avoiding the furniture, but you'll also be glad to know that it has a bumper on the front to prevent any potential damage if it does bump into things.


App Control


Choose from a remote or an app to control this robot. You can also pair with intelligent devices like Alexa or Google assistant and use voice controls. The app gives you a lot of control over this robot vacuum.

Schedule when you want it to run and trust it to return to the base automatically for charging to provide autonomous cleaning of your home. The app also enables you to look at the cleaning history so you'll know exactly when your vacuum has cleaned and where. You can also see a map of your home as mapped out by the robot and see where your robot is in your home.

You can select suction settings and choose from four cleaning modes using either the app for the remote:

  1. Clean large spaces in structured lines for maximum efficiency using the path mode
  2. Concentrate on smaller areas where there may be an isolated mess using spot cleaning
  3. Focus on the edges of the room where dirt and debris have a tendency to accumulate using edge mode
  4. Intensify the suction for the most intense clean using max mode

If you want the vacuum to decide for itself which mode to use, leave it in auto mode and it will decide which mode is best for your space. You can also directly control the robot using the app or remote.




This vacuum is quite powerful at 2000Pa, able to pick up both small and larger debris very easily. It can pick up, on average, about 93% of debris on carpet and close to 100% of debris on hard floors.

It has a unique motor that provides excellent suction power. It automatically detects carpet and increases suction so that it can lift out dust and debris that is deep in the fibers of the carpet. It is most effective on medium and low pile carpets.

The roller brush of the Ilife a80 MAX automatically self-adjusts so that it keeps in contact with the ground even when working across uneven surfaces. This makes it very effective at debris pickup no matter what kind of flooring you have. The brush is made of rubber and bristles that make it very good at picking up all sorts of debris on a variety of surfaces.

Two side brushes do an excellent job of channeling debris towards the center where this vacuum can pick it up. These brushes can fit into the edges and corners of your home so that not a spot is missed.




There is no mopping function on this vacuum, although the app gives you the option to adjust water levels as if there were.


Noise Level


The Ilife a80 MAX is quieter than many other vacuums with a similar suction power thanks to its advanced brushless motor. That said, it will still be noticeably audible in its highest suction settings.




The Ilife a80 MAX has a unique filtration system that makes it much easier to maintain in some ways and has some additional challenges compared to other similar vacuums in other ways. The filtration system is designed to make the filter last longer while eliminating more fine dust from your air, but it also leaves you with a bit more to clean.


Empty the Dustbin


The Ilife a80 MAX is equipped with a cellular dustbin that makes the filter last longer. This dustbin also keeps the filter from getting blocked, so emptying the dustbin is generally a very straightforward maintenance task.


Clean the Brushes


There are two spinning brushes on the sides of this robot, each of which needs to be cleaned of debris and detangled of hair regularly. These brushes are especially prone to getting hair wrapped up around their base, so it is important to regularly clean them to avoid this problem.

The bristle brush in the center can also be prone to picking up hair and will need to be periodically detangled. However, the relatively short bristles are not difficult to clean, so this won't be time-consuming.


Clean the Filter


The advanced filtration system on the Ilife a80 MAX is very effective at eliminating fine dust and allergens, but it does require a bit more attention to cleaning than some other more straightforward filter systems. When debris is sucked in, it goes through a perforated structure and then through six separate cylinders and finally to the filter.

That means that the filter doesn't get as dirty as frequently as with competing vacuums. However, it also means that you'll need to clean the entire system periodically. It is very easy to remove and wipe down the plastic perforated structure. The cylinders can be wiped down whenever you wipe down the body of the vacuum.

Clean the filter by tapping it over your garbage can to remove dust. You only need to clean the filter once every five uses or so, depending on how dirty your household is since so much debris is captured before it gets to the filter.


Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum


Wipe down the entire body of the vacuum, paying special attention to the sensors, which need to be wiped down so that they can continue to avoid obstacles and navigate around your home. Be careful to remove debris and especially hair from the wheels where it can tend to accumulate. Rotate each wheel so that you can also remove debris from the other side.




The Ilife a80 MAX is one of the more affordable robot vacuums that you are going to find that offers this many useful features. It does a superb job of picking up a wide range of debris on both hard floors and carpeting, and its ability to boost suction automatically on carpeting is a huge plus.

The unique filtration system can cause a little bit of extra maintenance, but also makes your filters last longer and eliminates more allergens, which is a worthwhile trade-off for many people. If you don't mind sacrificing some mapping features, you will very likely love what this robot can do for you within this very reasonable price range.




ILIFE A80 Max Powerful Robotic Vacuum with Convenient App Control-2yr Warranty.