Dreametech W10 Self Cleaning Robot Vacuum & Mop w/2yr Warranty-Vacuuming, Mopping, Washing & Drying

Dreametech W10 Self Cleaning Robot Vacuum & Mop w/2yr Warranty-Vacuuming, Mopping, Washing & Drying

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 Dreame W10 Robot Vacuum 3-IN-1 


The Dreame W10 can sweep, vacuum and mop, and then washes and dries itself with its custom docking station. It can also run up to 20 cleaning cycles before you will need to empty the docking station. The many features of this Robot Vacuum speak for themselves, making it as carefree a vacuum as you are likely to find!


First, there is a newly designed mop that can clean a variety of surfaces without leaving water stains. Tough stains? Fuhgedaboutit! The Dreame W10 rotates while mopping to scrub out stains more effectively than ever before. The large caliber roller brush also moves close to the floor, improving the performance of this vacuum. 


The Robot Vacuum is designed to mop immediately after it sweeps, both to effectively remove large particles and to be more thorough at eliminating hair. And because there are no gaps left between, it does not leave streaks on the floor.


Don't want to keep changing the water? Water is held in the anchor station, making much more water available than with other models. With a tank capacity of up to four liters of clean water and four liters of dirty water, the vacuum can clean as much as two hundred square meters before the water needs to be changed.


The Dreame W10 Robot Vacuum and Mop features advanced SLAM LDS Lasers along with an advanced mapping function, which does an excellent job of planning a route. This makes each cleaning very effective, without needing to repeat multiple cycles. The advanced mapping functions can clean room by room, mop only certain areas, or vacuum only specific areas.

You can also adjust the suction mode, schedule a clean and determine cleaning time, and set up no-go spaces using the app. Just use the app to tell your vacuum what you want it to do! The Dreame W10 can also be controlled with Alexa.


Got bumps? The Dreame W10 can climb obstacles as high as 18mm, enabling it to go over door sills or high carpets.


The Dreame W10 cleans itself with a heated blow-dry feature, which dries it off and eliminates the development of mold or smell. 


All these great features are wrapped up in one of the quieter vacuums you are likely to find, thanks to the included Nano sound-absorbing cotton. The can reduce the volume to as low as 65dBA.


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Water tank4L Clean and 4L Used
FilterSponge Filter and Metal Filtering Net
Navigation SystemSLAM LDS Laser
Virtual no-go areas?Yes
Empty binFor Dirty Water
App featuresClean by room, restrict mopping areas, clean specific areas, set no-go areas, adjust suction mode, and schedule clean
Bin sizeBin is emptied by water holder in docking station
Performance on CarpetsAutomatically adds pressure on carpets
Battery Life6400 mAH

Editor's Review

Dreame W10 Robot Vacuum Review


· September 2, 2021


If mopping is one of your priorities in your robot vacuum and you don't want to have to manually clean the mop or empty the dustbin very often, the Dreame W10 may be the idea robot vacuum for you. The docking station holds a substantial amount of clean and dirty water, enabling this robot to take care of a lot of cleaning for you before you will need to do anything to maintain it.

It also has superior mopping capability compared to most other robot vacuums that mop. It is the only robot on the market currently that does a great job vacuuming and mopping, with a self washing station


  • Maps your home very quickly and uses this map to make good choices to clean efficiently
  • Powerful mopping on all settings thanks to the two mops which apply pressure and work together
  • Automatically cleans primary mops, significantly reducing the amount of effort you will need to put into maintaining this vacuum
  • Completely dries primary mops, eliminating the growth of mold and mildew
  • Very long operating time of 210 minutes



Navigation System


A SLAM LDS Laser has superb mapping ability, enabling it to chart out your whole home with ease. This system works as well without light as it does with light, so you can run it in the middle of the night if you like without any reduction in mapping.

It creates maps extremely quickly. In fact, it takes as little as seven minutes to build a map in an average home. It runs a lap for mapping purposes before it actually starts cleaning so that when it does settle down to scrub, it will be considerably more efficient.

The Dreame W10 is equipped with a multi-layer map so that if you have more than one floor in your home it will be able to remember without having to re-map each time.

This vacuum does a fairly good job of avoiding hitting small obstacles within the home. It errs more on the side of thorough cleaning than complete object avoidance, so it may lightly bump into obstacles in the home, but it is unlikely to do any damage to furniture or knock over obstacles.

The Dreame W10 can automatically detect carpet and will avoid it while it is mopping.


App Control


Advanced mapping features give you a lot of control over the Dreame W10. Choose to clean by room, or by area and decide whether you want to just vacuum or just mop. Pick your suction mode, set no-go spaces, and manually control the vacuum.

Decide which mode of suction you would prefer and how much moisture to use for mopping. You can also schedule cleans and determine how long the vacuum should clean various areas.

Using Alexa, you can have voice control over the vacuum.




4000 Pa of vacuuming power is plenty to pick up most debris. This vacuum can go over obstacles as high as 18 mm so it can easily move across high carpet and door sills. Four different suction modes let you choose whether you would prefer deep cleaning or to save on power and sound with a lighter cleaning mode. By default, each zone is vacuumed twice. The D-shaped design does a good job of getting into corners and the side brush sweeps any debris along walls into the suction zone.




The Dreame W10 has an innovative mopping feature that does a superb job of cleaning all kinds of surfaces. Two mops work together to provide very thorough cleaning across the width of the vacuum.

They rotate to actually scrub stains, rather than just pushing over them. The brushes automatically move very close to the floor to apply pressure. The mop rotates 360 times per minute while simultaneously applying pressure, enabling greater mopping capability than most of the competition.  It mops right after it vacuums to provide a thorough clean after only one going over.

There are no gaps left between the mops so it won't leave streaks. High-pressure outlet holes for the water do a very good job of keeping the mops damp, but not so wet that it leaves puddles on your floor. A bottle of cleaning fluid is included in order to increase the efficiency of cleaning even further.

You will get much more mopping options out of this vacuum than most other models. Four liters of clean water and four liters of dirty water enable a lot of floor space to be cleaned before you need to worry about changing the water.


Noise Level


Nano sound-absorbing cotton makes this one of the quieter vacuums on the market. Volume for normal operation can be as low as 65 decibels. Naturally, it is louder on higher-suction levels.




Empty the Water Tank


Perhaps the most endearing feature of this vacuum is the fact that you won't need to empty the dustbin on the vacuum itself. It automatically empties itself into a four-liter water tank which can easily be emptied as needed. This vacuum can clean itself as many as 20 times before you need to empty the docking station.

When it does come time to empty the docking station, you'll be impressed by how easy it really is. Just open the lid of the docking station and you'll see two water tanks, one for clean water and one for dirty water. All you have to do is take out the dirty water and empty it and refill the clean water. The clean water tank has a sponge filter to keep hard water or other issues from creating clogs, and this is best cleaned every so often.

It's a good idea to check the docking station once in a while, but you'll know when it's time to empty it because a floating device in the dirty water tank stops the vacuum from running when the tank is completely full.


Clean the Brushes and Cleaning Plate


The Dreame W10 automatically cleans its own brushes with a heated blow-dry feature so mold, mildew, and smells won't develop. This means that you won't need to clean the brushes as often as you might with a regular vacuum mop robot.

However, it is still important that you occasionally clean the brushes. The brush can easily be removed and sprayed down with soapy water. It may also be necessary to remove stuck-on hair.

The cleaning plate on which the vacuum anchors itself can be removed for easy cleaning. It's a good idea to clean this routinely, perhaps not every time you empty the water tank, but perhaps every other time. Debris can clog up the cleaning tray and reduce its effectiveness.

One brush that needs to be cleaned regularly is the side brush. It isn't automatically cleaned like the primary brushes are. If it ends up driving through a significant liquid mess, it can get fairly dirty and may end up tracking dirt through the rest of the home unless it is cleaned.


Clean the Filter and Mops


It's a good idea to occasionally rinse the metal filter to remove any large debris that may be attached to it. The sponge filter can be washed, but should be replaced periodically.

While this vacuum can automatically clean the mops and dry them, it is still a good idea to provide deeper cleaning for the mops once in a while. This is especially true if you know that the vacuum has mopped up a particularly sticky mess. The mops can be easily removed and hand washed with soapy water.


Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum


Periodically wipe down the entire body of the vacuum with a soft, microfiber cloth, paying special attention to the sensors. This is particularly important for a mopping vacuum like this since it can be easy for the sensors to be obscured with sticky debris which may prevent it from mapping your home properly.


The Dreame w10 is a Superb Mopping Vacuum


If carefree automated mopping is your top priority, this vacuum is certainly one to consider. It does an excellent job of mopping even difficult messes and is very good at cleaning itself afterward. It also offers decent vacuuming capability and very good home mapping, for an all-in-one home cleaning solution that you are likely to love.


Dreametech W10 Self Cleaning Robot Vacuum & Mop w/2yr Warranty-Vacuuming, Mopping, Washing & Drying