Robot Vacuums-Minimum Effort and Maximum Cleanliness

Robot Vacuums-Minimum Effort and Maximum Cleanliness


There’s a lot to be said about cleanliness and hygiene. Everyone has different cleaning techniques and all kinds of different methods used to keep the dirt out - from sweeping to dusting and mopping.

Some prefer to do a thorough deep clean once a week, others prefer a quick dusting on a daily basis. Those with a packed schedule may only be able to put aside one weekend a month to clean every nook and cranny in the house.

Not only will this leave your home getting progressively dirtier through the week - after a long stretch of handling job responsibilities, none of us are particularly enthusiastic about doing the dirty work when it’s finally time.

What if we told you there’s a much easier way to keep your house dust-free?

It’s time to meet your new household helper - the robot vacuum.


Why A Robot Vacuum?

Though traditional methods of cleaning are effective in getting rid of dirt, there are always some minute dust particles that are invisible to the eye, and once airborne, can pose a serious health risk over time.

This is where vacuums come in. They make cleaning quicker, easier, and are much more efficient at getting rid of even the smallest micro-particles of dust.

Robot vacuums go a step further than traditional vacuums, as they don’t require any supervision or active involvement. They quickly and effectively get rid of dust, debris, food spills, and other messes. HEPA filters also help remove allergens that could cause respiratory issues.

Robot vacuums work with spinning or rolling brushes to accumulate hair and dust, which is then suctioned into the vacuum’s dust bin. They navigate with the help of laser or infrared sensors that allow them to successfully avoid furniture and other obstacles.


Perks of Having a Robot Vacuum

There’s so many great reasons to get one of these nifty appliances - for now, let’s cover the basics:


They Require Minimal Effort

This one’s the most obvious. Why else would you get a robotic vacuum if not for the incomparable convenience they provide!

Nothing can match up to robotic vacuums in terms of convenience. With the push of a button, you can rest assured that your home will be thoroughly cleaned - not a speck of dust remaining on the floors.

The only real effort these appliances require is that the floor should be kept free of toys and other litter such as clothing, containers, and other household items that may hinder its movement. We’d also recommend keeping your pets away - although it’s likely that they’d be wary of a robot vacuum and keep their distance in most cases!

This works out extremely well as it encourages you to keep your space organized and get rid of unnecessary messes - without having to do most of the footwork afterward. You don’t have to worry about charging the robot either - the latest models dock themselves into charging bays when their battery runs low.


They Provide Dependable and Consistent Cleaning

The vacuum works with the push of a button and provides effective, consistent results every single day. You may have your down days, where try as you might it is simply impossible to get the house clean on top of everything else.

Robot vacuums don't have that problem! They don’t have prior commitments or anything else to take care of - the vacuum’s only responsibility is cleaning the house.
This means that you get a spick and span home every single time you schedule it to work. It gets dust and dirt out from the smallest nooks and crannies on a daily basis if required, with no complaints whatsoever.

Robotic vacuums are truly dependable when it comes to clean spaces with no dust or allergens - they suck it all up in no time, with no hassle on your part.


They Offer Easy Scheduling

If you’re a busy person who cannot take time out to clean the house every day, or even once a week, these are perfect for you. Robotic vacuums can be scheduled as per your convenience - allowing you to set and forget cleaning times depending on your lifestyle.

Whether you’re a busy stay-at-home parent or you work from home and need to be on top of all your house chores, robotic vacuums provide some sense of relief and help free up time for rest or other responsibilities.

You can also help your kids out with homework or take time out for hobbies or family time after a long day of work, without worrying about sacrificing household cleanliness.

The vacuum can be scheduled to clean while you’re away at work, or you can simply kick back on the couch and relax while it goes about doing its business. It doesn’t require any active involvement and can be scheduled according to whatever time suits you - be it daily, once a week, or even multiple times a day!


They Clean All Kinds of Messes

Whether it’s children being children and spilling their art and craft supplies or dragging in sand and dirt from outside, or pet hair strewn around the house, it’s all the same. Robotic vacuums can easily suck in all kinds of dry messes, and some multipurpose models can even clean wet messes - all too useful if you have small children at home.

There are also certain vacuums meant specifically for various surfaces and different types of messes. For example, mopping vacuums are 2-in-one multifunctional devices that suction spills and mop the area clean to get rid of dirt and even the most stubborn stains and messes. There are also several different types of vacuums available for specific floorings such as hardwood and carpet.

Clearly, having a vacuum can truly change your everyday schedule and help you keep your house unbelievably clean with very little effort. Though vacuums naturally offer deep cleaning, there are ways you can maximize their efficiency for optimum cleanliness.


Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Vacuum

There are certain things to keep in mind to help your vacuums help you. They don’t take too much effort, just a few minutes to increase the vacuum’s lifespan and effectiveness, it really is worthwhile!


Dust Everything

Though we like to believe that dirt settles only on the ground, it actually finds spots all over the house, some of which are extremely inconvenient to reach. A robot vacuum cannot reach everywhere, especially not on higher surfaces like tables and chairs.

This is why it’s important to dust around the house:

  • Dust throw-pillows, cushions, and the tiny crevices of sofas and chairs.
  • Move showpieces, decorations, and vases and clean under and behind them.
  • Give time for the dusting to settle on your floor before setting your robotic vacuum loose.

In tandem, this simple addition to your cleaning routine will significantly lower airborne dust levels - great news if you suffer from respiratory issues or eye irritation at home.



Mark Out A ‘Mess’ Corner

These vacuums need unobstructed pathways in order to effectively clean the house. Sometimes, clearing up can be annoying so it’s a good idea to mark out a specific corner in the house where the vacuum will not pass. You can then dump all your miscellaneous items there, and retrieve them later without interrupting your robotic vacuum’s schedule.

This can be done on the in-built map, or with the use of magnetic strips, depending on your model of choice. It’s an easy way to make your robot vacuum do its job effectively, without allowing it to become a burden.

Also, make sure that there are no cords, curtains ends, or other such wires that could get stuck in the vacuum or stop it from moving around freely.


Servicing Is Everything

Take some time out every couple of weeks to service the vacuum. This includes emptying the bin, cleaning the filter, and getting rid of hair stuck in the brushes which could hinder the suction power and hamper effectiveness across consecutive uses.

Other maintenance aspects:

  • Replacing batteries
  • Replacing brushes if they are worn out
  • Cleaning the filter
  • Emptying the dustbin
  • Keeping the charge port easily accessible

Like any good appliance, taking care of these simple needs every so often will reward you with a long-lasting, high-performance product.


Schedule A Cleaning When The House Is Empty

It is always a good idea to schedule the cleaning for when you’re out of the house. This is preferable as it avoids accidents or mishaps that could hurt you or damage the vacuum. There is a chance that you may not realize the robot vacuum is at work and happen to step on it or trip over it.

Clearly, it’s more convenient for everyone involved if the vacuum operates when your house is empty; or at the very least when fewer people are at home so there’s fewer obstacles in the vacuum’s path. This works well because you can come home to a clean house - who wouldn’t love that feeling?

You can also schedule the cleaning during sleep hours so you wake up to a clean house - a way to start your morning feeling clean and fresh before the chaos of the day begins. This also saves you the hassle of clearing up before the vacuum’s scheduled time since it will be done with its work before you’ve even begun your day!



Robot vacuums are a game-changer for housekeeping, and are a great addition to any home - everyone has something to benefit from them.

Having a vacuum clean the house without requiring any sort of supervision is incredible to enhance your lifestyle and allow you the freedom to pursue other things. You can spend your time better doing other things you enjoy, without worrying about the headache that chores bring, all thanks to these vacuums.

So go about your day and live life to the fullest - the robot vacuums will clear any messes you make along the way!