GOOVI D380 Robot Vacuum Product Review-Multifunctional and Affordable

Are you looking for an inexpensive robot vacuum that will get the job done without lots of extra frills? The Onson D380 may be the robot you're looking for. It offers a bit more suction than most other robots in this price range and works better on medium pile carpet than the competition as well. 

While it won't give you the advanced navigation, powerful suction, and control through an app that higher-priced robots offer, it can get your floors pretty clean for a good price.




Water tank






Navigation System

Infrared sensor

Virtual no-go areas?


Empty bin


App features

None, has a remote

Bin size


Performance on Carpets

Standard cleaning on carpets

Battery Life




  • This is one of the most affordable robot vacuums you can find
  • Although 1600pa is quite low compared to other robot vacuums, it is actually higher than robot vacuums in this price range typically are
  • Does a good job on hard floors and medium-pile carpet, making it more multifunctional than many similarly priced robots


  • May not get into corners as well as some other vacuums
  • Side brushes have a tendency to throw debris out from the walls, which may cause the debris to be missed by the vacuum
  • The navigation system is pretty good for a budget robot, but you can expect some areas to be repeated or missed relatively often
  • The schedule may not be accurate, resulting in the robot running at different times than programmed

Navigation System

The Onson D380 features an intelligent navigation system that may not be as complex as some of the more expensive systems on the market, but can nonetheless do a pretty good job of finding its way around your home. It can recognize obstacles and avoid running into them most of the time, thanks to the infrared sensor. The obstacle sensors aren't quite as good as some other robots, but bumpers prevent the robot from doing any damage.

This robot does a decent job of planning the best route for cleaning so that it will be able to find its way around your home quickly and efficiently. Don't expect the kind of logical and planned navigation that you may get from robots with more advanced navigation, but for the price point, you may be surprised by just how well this robot gets around. If you run the Onson D380 every day, the chances are very good that it will end up cleaning every inch of your floors several times a week.

The Onson D380 can recognize stairs and avoid falls. A climbing ability of 12 to 15 degrees lets this robot navigate inclines in your home with ease. When it runs low on battery, it will automatically find its way back to the docking station and recharge itself so you never have to worry about a dead battery. 

Remote Control

Rather than using an app like the D382 model, the Onson D380 is equipped with a remote control. This will be a downside for many people who would prefer to be able to control the robot using their smartphone, but for some people who want a simple robot to get the floors clean, the remote control may be just fine. 

Many people also prefer to use the manual control on the robot itself rather than worrying about the remote. A simple touch button on the top sends the robot into general cleaning mode.

If you would like more control over your robot, the remote offers a lot of options for such a basic tool. You can select cleaning modes, schedule times for cleaning, and manually control the robot’s movement.

Choose from several different modes to control how the robot cleans:

  • Max mode offers higher suction, ideal for deeper carpeting or significant messes
  • Edge mode sends the robot along the walls where debris tends to accumulate
  • Spot clean allows you to focus on a specific area in case you have a concentrated mess to clean up

Many people worry about keeping track of the remote control. After all, who wants one more remote in their lives? The Onson D380 conveniently offers a port on the top in which to store the remote.


The Onson D380 has big, sturdy wheels with a good tread on them, offering better mobility than many other budget robots that have small, relatively ineffective wheels. This robot can handle flooring with variable levels much better than many other similar robots. If your home has lots of level changes or transitions from carpet to hard flooring, this may be a great robot for you to choose. 

Two side brushes on either edge of the robot are very efficient for getting debris away from the walls of your home. However, they rotate very quickly, which means that they may tend to scatter debris further than the vacuum’s track. Most of the time, the Onson D380 does a pretty good job of picking up all the debris that has been scattered, but every now and then it shoots debris out from where the robot has already gone and the mess is missed. 

The primary roller brush does a good job of picking up most debris, although it is just a single bristle brush rather than having a rubber component, so it may not pick up very fine debris quite as well as some other vacuums. There is not a sensor on the brush roller, so if this vacuum runs over any larger debris that it shouldn't be picking up, like socks or cords, it will still try to suck them in. An alarm should sound and let you know that the robot needs to be cleared. 

When it comes to carpeting, the Onson D380 is able to perform better than many other vacuums in its class. Not only low but medium pile carpeting is reasonable for it to handle. It doesn't have a sensor to let it know when it's over carpeting, so you'll need to set the suction high when you want it to work well on carpet. The side brushes have a tendency to get snagged on carpet, which may shorten their lifespan over time.


The Onson D380 doesn’t have mopping functionality. However, at this price point, you may be able to buy a designated mopping robot along with the Onson D380 for less than you would spend for a more expensive dual-purpose robot. Many people find that designated vacuuming and mopping robots do better at either job.

Noise Level

The Onson D380 doesn't make a lot of noise, thanks to the relatively low suction of 1600 PA. However, you may notice considerably increased sound when it is going over hard floors and tile, especially if it is changing levels frequently, at which point it may make a bit of a banging sound.



Empty the Dustbin

Emptying the dustbin on the Onson D380 is straightforward. Simply unsnap the onboard dustbin and empty it out. .5 liters is a pretty good collection size on a budget robot. You'll likely find that you only need to empty it once a week or so with daily running, depending on the level of debris and dust in your home.

Clean the Brushes

The Onson D380 has three straightforward brushes, each of which requires some maintenance. The two side brushes have a tendency to get hair tangled in them, especially If you have lots of long hair on your floor. They also tend to wear out fairly quickly when used on medium-pile carpet, so you may find that you need to replace them somewhat regularly. 

The primary brush also has a tendency to get hair tangled in it, so you may need to untangle and clip hair out of it every so often, depending on how much hair is in your home.

Clean the Filter

The Onson D380 is equipped with a HEPA filter that needs to be replaced every month or up to every three months, depending on how rapidly it fills. It's a good idea to check the filter regularly at the beginning until you get a sense of how quickly it gets dirty.

Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum

This robot has fairly powerful side brushes that have a tendency to shoot dust up onto the belly and even the back of the robot, so you may find that you need to wipe down the body fairly frequently. It may also be more likely to bump into things than some other robots on the market, which means that it may get scuff marks that need to be buffed away.


The Onson D380 is a nifty little budget robot that gives you the ability to keep your floors clean with minimal effort at a fraction of the cost of other robots on the market. While you can't expect the kind of advanced navigation and special features of some more expensive robots, you can expect a decent clean on hard floors and medium-pile carpet with a no-frills machine that gets the job done.