Everybot Edge Robot Mop Review

If you're looking for a no-frills robot mop that will do a great job of thoroughly cleaning your floors at a very reasonable price, the Everybot Edge may be exactly what you're looking for. This robot is simple to use and easy to keep clean, and it has some clever design features that sets it ahead of much more expensive robots in many ways.

From the innovative way it places its entire weight on its mops, to the two types of mops that work together to clean your floors more thoroughly than you might expect, this little mop has a lot to offer.




Water tank



Elastic diving yarn and twist NP microfiber mops



Navigation System

Obstacle sensor and shadow detector

Virtual no-go areas?


Empty bin


App features

None, has a remote

Bin size


Performance on Carpets


Battery Life



  • The entire weight of the robot rests on the mops, increasing their pressure and resulting cleaning ability
  • No wheels to leave tire tracks
  • Two types of mops do a very good job of cleaning whatever kind of mess they may encounter
  • Auto water supply system is very efficient at providing just the right amount of water without leaving puddles
  • Exit shadow area technology automatically brings the robot out from underneath furniture when it is running out of battery power
  • Cleans using both water and detergent
  • More affordable than most robots with mopping function


  • No vacuuming, this is just a mop robot
  • Basic obstacle avoidance system will not map out your home
  • No app, runs manually or using a remote
  • Won’t automatically go back to a docking station when the battery is running low, must be charged manually
  • No carpet sensor

Navigation System

The Everybot Edge has a simple optical sensor that does a good job of avoiding debris and furniture in the home. A cliff detection sensor avoids stairs and other edges. Exit Shadow Technology enables this mopping vacuum to come out from underneath furniture when it is getting ready to turn off so that you won't ever have trouble finding it.

There isn't a carpet sensor, but as long as your carpets are higher than 8 mm you won't have to worry about it, since it won't be able to climb the carpet.

Remote Control

This robot doesn't have an app, but it is equipped with a remote and some intelligent features built in to help you control it better. When you pick up the vacuum, it stops spinning so you can easily move it around your home without having to turn it off and on. There is even a hand cleaning mode in case you want to move the robot yourself.

There are eight different cleaning options to meet your specific needs:

  1. Your entire space is cleaned with auto cleaning mode
  2. Edge cleaning takes care of the edges of the room where dirt and debris tend to be pushed
  3. Focus cleaning starts in one location and circles out to clean that area very well
  4. Intensive cleaning moves in short, 360° circles to clean up an isolated mess
  5. With Y curve cleaning, the natural motion of mopping a floor by hand is imitated
  6. Human steps are simulated using step cleaning mode
  7. The 50-minute cleaning cycle will only run for 50 minutes, which may be better for little areas and to save battery
  8. Manually control where the mop goes using your remote.

Because you can't set barriers or no-go zones using the remote, if you want only a specific area to be cleaned it's best to choose the focus or intensive cleaning modes or to put the mop in a room with the door closed


The Everybot Edge is solely a mopping robot. It does not come with a vacuuming function. However, at this price, you may find that it is very reasonable to choose the robot vacuum you like best for vacuuming and then use the Everybot Edge for mopping. You may find that you don't need to mop as often as you need to vacuum and that the sophisticated navigation and intelligent design that is useful in vacuuming isn't as important in mopping.

Since many people struggle to find a robot vacuum that can also mop effectively, choosing this mopping robot in combination with a vacuuming robot is a great solution. Keep in mind that in order for this mopping robot to work as well as possible, it is best that floors have been vacuumed ahead of time.


The Everybot Edge places its entire weight on the mop pads, which gives it more cleaning pressure than most other mopping vacuums. Mops are constantly moistened due to an auto water supply system. Since the mop pads extend out from the edges of the robot, the flooring against walls and furniture will be thoroughly cleaned without having the robot bump up against obstacles.

There are two types of mop pads to provide diverse cleaning to your floors. Elastic diving yarn is great for fine dust, stain scrubbing, and cleaning into cracks. Twist NP microfiber is superb for giving the floors a reflective polish and getting rid of watermarks.

Dynamic dual spinning does a better job of capturing debris, including fine dust, and two motors offer a lot of power to each mop.

You can use detergent in this robot mop, which is a significant advantage over most other robot vacuums with mopping functions that only use water. Simply pour water and detergent into each of the two mop discs. It does a great job of cleaning even stuck on stains using detergent.

The unique shape of this mop is wonderful for getting into corners. You may notice that the very edge of the corner is missed by the circular mop pad, but for the most part edges and corners come very clean using this robot mop.

Noise Level

The Everybot Edge is quite quiet, keeping the sound under 46.6 decimals. This is quiet enough that you are likely to find that you can run it when you are home without it bothering you. By putting it in a room and closing the door, you will close to eliminate audible sound.


Compared to many types of robot vacuums and mops, the Everybot Edge doesn't require much maintenance. There is no dustbin to empty or brushes which need to have debris untangled from them. It doesn't even have wheels that hair and other debris can become tangled in.

However, the mops do need to be regularly cleaned and the water tanks refilled. It's a good idea to wipe down the body of the robot periodically as well.

Clean the Mops

Mops can easily be removed completely from their velcro attachment for thorough cleaning. They can also be changed out as needed. If you'd like, you can use only the twist NP microfiber or only the elastic diving yarn, depending on your needs.

You can also stock up on mops and attach fresh ones while giving yourself time to clean the old ones. The robot even comes with four individual mops to get you started.

When moms are dirty, they can be gently washed with soap and water using an included silicone brush. They can even be tossed in the laundry, dramatically increasing the convenience of keeping this robot mop clean. Mops should be replaced periodically. Keep in mind that they may wear out faster if they are frequently in the laundry.

Fill the Water Tanks

Each mop has its own water tank which must be refilled in order for the mopping robot to work. The Everybot Edge does a good job of regulating the amount of water it uses, and you won't need to refill the tanks extremely often, but it is important to keep up on this task since empty water tanks will render the mop useless.

As you're getting used to using this mop, check the water tanks periodically and refill them as needed. You will soon get an idea of how often they need to be refilled. You can experiment with different types of detergent to determine what works best for your home.

Wipe Down the Body of the Robot

For the most part, the body of the vacuum stays pretty clean. There are no wheels from which to untangle debris and no brush to kick dirt up onto the belly of the vacuum. However, it is still a good idea to wipe down the body of this robot periodically. Pay special attention to the sensors so that it will remain good at detecting obstacles.


If you want a simple, effective mopping robot for a good price, the Everybot Edge is well worth your consideration. This little mop has a clever design that enables it to be more effective at mopping than much pricier options. While it doesn't come with a vacuum included, for the price you may be able to purchase the vacuum you love and also purchase this mop and use them separately as needed.