Everybot 3 Spin Robot Mop - Full and Exclusive Product Review

If mopping your floors thoroughly at a reasonable price is your top goal in choosing a cleaning robot, this may be the one for you. The Everybot 3 Spin uses three mops that spin independently with their own powerful motors using the full pressure of the robot’s weight to provide a more thorough mopping than most other comparably priced robots.




Water tank



Elastic diving yarn and twist NP microfiber mops



Navigation System

11 anti-collision sensors

Virtual no-go areas?


Empty bin


App features

None, has a remote

Bin size


Performance on Carpets


Battery Life




  • Three mops working together with separate motors provide excellent scrubbing power
  • A good anti-collision system keeps this robot from bumping into walls and furniture most of the time
  • Auto shadow detection keeps the robot from getting lost under furniture
  • Two types of mop give you options in exactly how you'd like to keep the floors clean
  • An extensive battery life and a big water tank keep it running for some time
  • A vertical charging station doesn't take up much room in your home


  • It will not map out your home, which means that cleaning may be a bit more erratic than more intelligent robot mops
  • It does not automatically return to a docking station to charge, but must be lifted and hung on its charging base
  • No auto cleaning for the mops, so you'll need to hand wash them or toss them in the washing machine

    Navigation System

    There are 11 anti-collision sensors on this little robot that help it do a good job of avoiding obstacles in the environment. It is unlikely to bang against walls or furniture, but will still be able to cover ground well enough to keep your floors very clean. Fall detection keeps it from falling over stairs.

    This robot can detect shadows so it will automatically move out from under places where it may be hard to find when it is about to run out of battery. This way, you'll never be left wondering where the vacuum is once it has died.

    The Everybot 3 Spin can’t navigate back to a charging dock, but you'll find it very convenient to charge it without taking up too much space in your home thanks to the vertical charging cradle which allows you to pick up the robot without touching the mops and hang it on its charger.

    Remote Control

    The Everybot 3 Spin doesn’t enable you to control it using an app, but you can have a lot of control by using the remote.

    There are eight different modes that allow you to have control over this robot in its mopping functions. Experiment with different ones to determine exactly which are most effective for what job in your particular home:

    1. Clean your entire space with the auto cleaning mode
    2. Send the robot along the edges of a space where dirt tends to accumulate using edge cleaning
    3. Clean more intensely in a particular area as the robot goes out in a circular motion from the starting location using focus clean
    4. Intensive cleaning sends the robot in repetitive 360° circles using very short motions to scrub a space where a particular mess has been made
    5. Use Y curve to clean an area of the floor similarly to how a person would scrub the floor by hand
    6. Mimic human steps, cleaning from left to right, using step cleaning
    7. The 50 minute cleaning selection runs for only 50 minutes to clean smaller spaces.
    8. Control the robot manually using the remote


    The Everybot 3 Spin doesn’t have any vacuuming capability. It is strictly used for mopping. However, it is important to keep in mind that it will work best when floors have been vacuumed ahead of time.

    This vacuum is affordable enough and sufficiently effective that you may choose to use it alongside a robot vacuum in order to get the most thorough cleaning for your floors. Robots that both mop and vacuums are often not as effective as you may like them to be, especially if mopping is a high priority for you.



    Three mops that work together clean your floors very well. Each mop has its own motor to propel it, resulting in more powerful spinning. Each mop is synchronized to the other two, enabling it to scrub stains better and completely eliminate water stains.

    There are two types of mops to choose from: the microfiber and the yarn mop. The yarn mop is very good for getting into cracks, eliminating dust, and scrubbing stains. The microfiber mop works well to give floors a polished effect and eliminate any water stains. It is very easy to change out these mops, so you can put in fresh mops or choose which mopping pads you'd like to use.

    The entire weight of the robot rests on the three mops since there aren't any wheels. This means that the mopping robot is capable of greater pressure on the mops and therefore greater cleaning ability than most other robot vacuums that also mop.

    The mops extend past the side of this robot, helping it to clean right to the edges of furniture and walls without bumping into anything with the body of the robot and potentially causing dents or scratches.

    The water supply system is intelligent, enabling it to keep all three mops just moist enough to do the job well but not so wet as to waste the water supply or leave puddles on your floor. An increased water tank over the Everybot Edge ( 310ml instead of 120m) means that this robot can keep scrubbing your floors for much longer.

    The Everybot 3 Spin has a low 9.9 CM design that enables it to go under beds, couches, and other furniture to clean your floors thoroughly even in places you can't see.


    Noise Level

    The Everybot 3 Spin features low-speed RPM motors and worm gear engineering which work together to keep noise levels below 43 decimals, quiet enough that you probably won't mind it running in your home.


    If you want a very low-maintenance robot mop, the Everybot 3 Spin may be the perfect selection for you. There's no dust bin to empty or brushes to untangle. All you have to do is take off the velcro mop heads and toss them in the wash, fill the water tanks, and occasionally wipe down the vacuum body.

    You'll likely find that maintenance only takes a couple of minutes each month. However, it's very important to keep up on maintenance since this robot will not work effectively when not maintained properly.

    Clean the Mopheads

    The three mop pads on the Everybot 3 Spin should be cleaned regularly, since there is no auto clean function for them. You may need to clean these mobs every time you run the vacuum, every other, or every third time, depending on how much dirt they pick up. If you know that the mop has run through a particularly messy area, it may be a good idea to clean the mops promptly.

    The mops are extremely easy to remove using a velcro attachment. You can keep extra mops on hand if you would like so that you can toss them in the laundry, put on fresh ones, and let the mop keep cleaning while you clean dirty mops with your regular laundry every week.

    Mops can be cleaned in the laundry or you can use an included silicone brush and warm, soapy water to get them clean, depending on your preferences and how dirty the mops are. Keep in mind that mops are unlikely to last as long if they are regularly cleaned in the washing machine.

    Fill the Water Tanks

    Each of the three mops has its own water tank, and all three must be filled for this robot to work as effectively as possible. You can fill the water tank with both water and the detergent of your choice to create the most effective and safe cleaning for your particular floors.

    It may take some experimentation to determine just how often you will need to fill the water tanks depending on how you use the vacuum. It's important to make sure that the tanks always have sufficient water in them since the vacuum will be rendered useless without sufficient water.

    Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum

    It's a good idea to periodically wipe down the body of this vacuum with a clean microfiber cloth. Make sure to thoroughly clean the sensors so that it will be able to avoid obstacles and darkness well. Since there are no wheels to clean or brushes to untangle, wiping down the body should be a very quick task which only needs to be done occasionally.


    When automatic mopping is a top priority, the Everybot 3 Spin may be your ideal pick. This powerful little mopping robot can do a superb job of getting your floors clean and requires relatively little maintenance, while coming at a very affordable price.

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