Dreame Z10 Robot Vacuum Review

This impressive little vacuum can keep your home clean for up to 65 days without you having to do anything. Just set the schedule and forget about it until you finally need to empty the docking station. This vacuum has superior performance on carpet, so if your floors are largely composed of carpet of any depth, this may be an excellent choice for you.




Water tank



Sponge filter and metal filtering net


4000 Pa

Navigation System

SLAM LDS laser

Virtual no-go areas?


Empty bin


App features

Clean by room or area and set no-go zones, choose water level for mopping, schedule clean, adjust suction mode, and establish cleaning times.

Bin size

4000ml dust bin in docking station

Performance on Carpets

Automatically adds pressure on carpets

Battery Life



  • Superb obstacle avoidance
  • Vacuums very well on carpet thanks to a newly-designed combo brush
  • Huge capacity in the docking station lets you go as long as 65 days without having to empty it
  • Self-sealing bags so when you do empty the docking station you won't be exposed to dust
  • Very decent mopping with a good capacity for wetting the ground just enough


  • Does not have a water tank in the port, so you will need to add water to the vacuum and clean the mop if you want to mop often
  • Debris may fall out if you tilt the bin

Navigation System

When it comes to navigation, the Dreame Z10 Pro is very impressive. The landscape scanning laser adjusts the cleaning route continuously to choose the most efficient route for your home, even when the furniture is rearranged or there is lots of debris around.

The 3D remapping laser does a great job of avoiding everyday obstacles like wires and shoes. Furthermore, it does not require any light to operate, so you can run this vacuum at night or even in pitch darkness.

This vacuum does a better job at obstacle avoidance than most other robot vacuums in its class. It can avoid even very small items like toys and bundled wire. It is even quite effective at avoiding the all-important poop, so if you are a pet owner, this may be a vacuum well worth considering.

Do keep in mind that even if the vacuum itself avoids poop, the side brush may touch it. The obstacle avoidance on the Dreame Z10 Pro isn’t perfect. It may still stumble over stretched-out thin wire or very small toys.

This vacuum can climb high obstacles as big as 20 mm, enabling it to go over door sills and plush carpet with ease. It can sense drops and avoid going over staircases.

The Dreame Z10 Pro can map your home very quickly. It can go into a mapping run in which it goes in an exploratory mode to map out your home before it begins actually cleaning. If you're not happy with the partitions that it creates, you can easily delete them and set your own.

App Control

Clean by space, by room, or by selected areas. You can also set no-go areas to avoid cleaning in any area you'd rather not go. Control exactly how much moisture is put out onto the mop to clean whatever mess needs to be taken care of without wasting water or leaving puddles.

The app features a live map, so you can see exactly where the vacuum is at any place in your home. This can be very convenient in case your robot gets stuck on something.

It can save as many as three map levels, which is more than most other vacuums in this class and means that it is effective for three-story homes.

You can set your own partitions, barriers, no-go areas, etc, giving you total control over exactly where this vacuum goes in your home.

You can also tell it to clean a very specific area if you've made a mess. Just drag the area you want it to clean on the map so you won't have to carry the vacuum to the area.


The Dreame Z10 Pro has an impressive 4000Pa of suction power. More of that suction power ends up being useful for your vacuuming needs thanks to the uniquely sealed air chamber. The internal air channel, suction port, and dust blower are all integrated in order to pick up an astounding amount of debris. Larger debris such as hair and soybeans will typically be picked up 100% of the time. Miscellaneous debris, flour, etc will be picked up about 95% of the time.

When the vacuum gets to a carpet, it automatically increases the pressure. It is more efficient on carpet than most other vacuums in its class due to a newly designed combo brush that does a great job of getting into carpet fibers. It is as much as 98 percent effective on carpet, a very impressive rate.


A 150 ml water tank is mounted at the rear of the Dreame Z10 Pro for mopping purposes. You can control how much water to put out onto the pad through the app. Water won't flow unless the vacuum is running, which saves on water and prevents puddles.

The port doesn't clean the mop heads or contain extra water to fill the tank, so if you want to mop frequently, you'll need to manually clean the mop and add water to the tank. This vacuum is quite good at mopping, able to keep floors clean and shiny from everyday dust and footprints, but it isn't as effective at mopping as some other options, like the W10, so if mopping is as important to you as vacuuming, you may want to consider a different vacuum.

Noise Level

Nano sound-absorbing cotton and a structure designed to reduce the transmission of noise work to keep this vacuum very quiet. Naturally, it is much quieter in the quiet and standard modes than in strong or turbo.

It stays at about 60 decimals in quiet and 63.6 decimals for standard. Once you get up to the strong and turbo speeds, you're looking at from 65 to 75 decibels, which is considerably louder. Thankfully, you'll find that you can leave it on the standard setting for most cleaning without any trouble at all.


Empty the Dustbin

If emptying the vacuum dustbin isn't your favorite chore, you’ll love how rarely you have to worry about it with the Dreame Z10 Pro. You only need to empty the dustbin every 65 days or so. When it does come time to empty it, you won't have to deal with any dust since the bag is sealed. This little vacuum has thought of everything. The lid won't even hit the wall even when its positioned right against it, thanks to a damping design.

You may find that you need to clean the vacuum chamber itself periodically since it doesn't do a great job of emptying out long hair. If you have several members of the household with long hair, you may need to check the robot every time you empty the dustbin.

Clean the Brushes

This vacuum has a two-stage cleaning design to get rid of blockages by adjusting pressure. It also automatically increases pressure periodically to eliminate any potential blockages. This means that you typically won't have to do much to clean the brushes, since anything stuck on to them will automatically be sucked up into the vacuum.

The exception may be with long hair. Although this vacuum does a pretty good job of sending hair into the dustbin, there will occasionally be long hair stuck in the brushes that needs to be cleaned.

The side brush also has a tendency to get hair tangled in it. Since it won't be subject to the pressurized cleaning that the main brush encounters, hair may be more likely to stay stuck on it.

Clean the Filter

It is easy to keep the filter clean simply by tapping it on a surface to dislodge any debris. It should be replaced every few months, depending on how often you use it.

Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum

Wipe down the body of the vacuum periodically, paying special attention to the sensors so that they will continue to read well. It's also a good idea to clean the wheels of any dirt that may impair their functioning.

The Dreame Z10 Pro Offers Nearly Autonomous Cleaning for Months

You'll love how much freedom the Dreame Z10 Pro gives you, enabling you to go months between having to empty the docking station and relying on the vacuum to simply run as scheduled. This is especially true if you will be using the vacuum primarily on carpet and you don't have a lot of long hair being shed in the home.