Dreame L10 Pro Robot Vacuum Review

The Dreame L10 Pro is a highly effective little robot vacuum that provides superb value and does a better job at a number of things than its competitors. With excellent navigation, great suction power, a large dustbin, and sufficient mopping for light stains, this may be the perfect vacuum for your needs.

Here's what you need to know about why this may be the right vacuum for you, as well as some areas of improvement that are worth your consideration.




Water tank

270 ml


Washable HEPA filter



Navigation System

Ranging lidar sensor, SLAM, and light detection, with two lasers

Virtual no-go areas?


Empty bin


App features

Clean by room or area and set no-go spaces or barriers into rooms. Set mode to determine how strong the suction should be, choose mopping water volume, and set a cleaning schedule

Bin size

570 ml

Performance on Carpets

Automatically adds pressure on carpets

Battery Life



  • Doesn't need a lot of tweaking to clean very well
  • Does a very good job of avoiding obstacles in your home
  • Applies good pressure when mopping to eliminate even pressed-on stains
  • Utilizes Amazon Alexa for voice control and provides a lot of control using the app
  • Big, easy-to-empty dustbin and roller brush that doesn't get tangled in hair
  • Store maps for different floors
  • Long run time of over 2 hours
  • Good pressure in the mopping system and a tank of 270 ml
  • Automatically increases pressure on carpets
  • Set no-go zones and invisible walls


  • Doesn't offer the best suction in the standard mode
  • Single bristle side brush may not last as long as rubber options and isn't as efficient at cleaning into corners as it could be
  • Does not currently work with Google Assistant
  • Can't use cleaners or detergents in the mop

Navigation System

The Dreame L10 Pro has two lasers that do an excellent job of preventing it from running into any obstacles in your home. If you want a vacuum that will spare your furniture from bumps and collisions during cleaning, this may be a good option for you to consider. It features a ranging lidar sensor and light detection, which enables it to map your home superbly.

Since the navigation system doesn't rely on light, you can run this vacuum in the middle of the night or even in pitch blackness and still have great effectiveness. If you don't want to have to leave a light on for your vacuum, this is an important feature.

This navigation system is one of the best you'll find for getting around a cluttered home. For homeowners that don't want to have to put away shoes, kids’ toys, and other debris before running the vacuum, this will be an important feature. It can clean around even very small obstacles like socks or slippers on the floor. It can even clean around a glass of liquid without knocking it over.

The Dreame L10 Pro may still find itself hung up on wires, but it's better even at this than many other robot vacuums in the same class.

Once the navigation system has mapped out your home, you'll be able to clean by room or area and set no-go zones. The vacuum will remember this map so that it can clean your home efficiently each time.

Unlike the D9, the L10 Pro can remember maps from different floors. This makes it a superior option if you have a multi-story home.

This vacuum maps 8 meters ahead, allowing it to develop a thorough cleaning path from the very beginning. While it will use the maps that it has formed during previous cleaning on each new cleaning cycle, it is also constantly mapping, so if furniture moves around or there is new debris in the way, it will accurately avoid it.

When the Dreame L10 Pro runs low on battery, it will return to the dock to charge and then go back to where it was to finish a cleaning cycle.

App Control

Clean by room or zone using the map that the Dreame L10 Pro creates during its first pass. You can also set virtual no-go barriers to stop it from cleaning a specific area or an entire room.

Choose whether to vacuum or mop particular zones twice or only once. Pick whatever mode you like to intensify cleaning or reduce noise and battery usage when less cleaning suction is required.

You can easily set a schedule and tell this vacuum how much water volume to use when mopping. You can also set no mop zones so that you don't have to worry about controlling the vacuum while it is mopping.

Voice control is excellent for this vacuum. You can even manually tell it where to clean using your voice. It works great with Alexa, but unfortunately is not yet functional with Google.


The Dreame L10 Pro offers 4000Pa of suction power, which is a lot more than many other vacuums in its class. It automatically increases suction power on carpets, providing very good cleaning even on medium-pile carpet.

It uses a single bristle side brush to sweep debris out of corners and into the path of suction. You'll be glad to find that this brush does not spin too fast to shoot debris out in all directions.

A bin of 570 ml is larger than many competing robots and means that you won't have to empty the dustbin nearly as frequently. This is a huge advantage when you want to be able to set the vacuum and forget about it.

This vacuum can go over barriers of 20 mm and lower, enabling it to clean doorsills, high carpets, etc with ease. It will also keep itself from going over stairs. The brush and wheel move vertically as it goes over different surfaces so that it always provides superb suction even as it moves from one surface to another.


This vacuum has an included attachment for mopping. The damping system automatically applies pressure to the attachment so that it provides sufficient strength to clean even some stuck-on stains. Using just water, it can be surprisingly effective at eliminating nearly all of the stains that it encounters.

A 270 ml water tank provides enough liquid to mop a substantial area of the floor easily. It does a good job of monitoring how much water it puts out so floors are damp enough to mop but not so damp as to leave puddles.

Noise Level

The Dreame L10 Pro is reasonably quiet (only 65dBA) when set on lower modes, but when you want to increase the power to the strong mode, you'll find that it is considerably louder. Because it increases suction automatically over carpets, you'll notice a substantial noise increase as it approaches carpets.


Empty the Dustbin

You'll be glad to know that this vacuum’s large dustbin is very easy to empty. The front-mounted door makes it very easy to access the dirt and dump it into a garbage can. Since the dustbin is an impressive 570 ml, you won't need to empty it very often. However, it is important to check and empty it regularly, since performance may be negatively affected by an overfilled dustbin.

Clean the Brushes

The roller brush on the Dreame L10 Pro doesn’t tend to get tangled with hair, unlike the D9. It features a set of teeth in the brush that untangles hair as it picks it up, so hair ends up in the dustbin and not on the brush.

If picking up human or pet hair is one of your priorities, the L10 Pro is a great option to consider. Every now and then, you will need to remove some hair from the roller brush, but you probably won't have to worry about it with every cleaning.

Clean the Filter

The included HEPA filter is washable. Just gently clean it with soap and warm water. Tapping it before washing to get off any stuck-on debris is also a good idea. The company does recommend that it is replaced every several months, but how often it really needs to be cleaned and replaced depends on how much you use the vacuum. As you're getting used to this vacuum, it is wise to check the filter periodically.

Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum

The body of this vacuum doesn't need much maintenance, but it's a good idea to wipe it down every so often with a microfiber towel. Make sure to wipe the sensors to keep them clear and able to map your space well. Also, wipe down the wheels to avoid sticking or squeaking.

The Dreame L10 Pro Offers a Lot of Value

The Dreame L10 Pro offers a number of features that set it apart from competitors and is a level above the Dreame D9. It has some of the best navigation in its class, particularly for small and delicate objects. It also does a good job of eliminating most debris and providing light mopping. If you are looking for a vacuum with superb performance in a cluttered home, this may be the one for you.