Vacuums To Help You Keep Your Home Spick and Span

Vacuums To Help You Keep Your Home Spick and Span


Do you ever feel like maybe there is a secret dust monster that roams around, and no matter how much you try deep cleaning your home, it just won’t leave?

If this sounds familiar, it may be time to reevaluate your cleaning methods. It’s not worth putting in so much effort every day, and spending hours every week slogging away only to get such mediocre results.

Especially when there is a better alternative that brings you maximum cleanliness and requires minimal effort.

What’s the alternative, you ask?


Robotic Vacuums

Robotic vacuums are an amazing addition to your housekeeping arsenal and work tirelessly to keep your home clean - though small in size, they really pack a punch.

Robotic vacuums are usually quite compact and come with all kinds of features. Some may specialize in different aspects of cleaning - you can roughly divide them into the following types:

  • Hard Floor Robots: These are meant to clean up all the dust and dirt caught between the joints on tiled floors, and in the tiny crevices of wooden floors too.
  • Carpet Robots: These can function just like hard floor robots, but offer additional attachments and suction power to draw out dust, hair, and other particles from in between carpet fibers.
  • Mop Robots: These robots have scrub and mop functions to get rid of spills and stains, giving you a spotless floor in no time.
  • 2-in-1 Robots: These multifunctional robots include suction and mop features to give you the best of both worlds.

These categories also include vacuums that are better suited for specific needs. For example, if your pets shed a lot of hair, you may want to opt for a more powerful vacuum; most carpet robots usually do the job. Their brushes usually have bristles designed to catch pet hair better, providing optimum cleaning.

Let’s look at some of the most popular vacuums in each category!


Hard Floor Robot Vacuums

Vacuums meant for hard floors smoothly glide around picking up the littlest specks of dust in their way. There’s a variety of options for you to choose from. Have a look at our bestsellers below:



The ONSON D380 is an incredible vacuum featuring 1600Pa suction. Its powerful technology helps it effectively clean crumbs, pet food, dust, and even kitchen waste that may be dirtying your floors.

With a 12” incline climb and automatic carpet pressurization that can be easily operated through remote control, this can also work as a carpet vacuum. It also features several smart cleaning modes such as automatic, spot, max vacuuming, and edge cleaning.

Equipped with 2600mAh li-ion batteries, this robot provides 120 minutes of constant cleaning, making it suitable for larger houses and even public spaces. Its compact, 2.8” height also allows it to clean debris and dirt from under all kinds of furniture - while being easy to store when not in use.


Tesvor X500 Pro

Featuring a 2-in-1 floating roller brush and a 2000Pa suction, the Tesvor X500 Pro can adjust to uneven surfaces automatically. This enables it to work on low-medium pile carpets. It remains closely in contact with the ground which allows it to pick up more debris and efficiently suction large particles and dirt which is essential for a thorough cleaning.

You can also use the app control to set a custom carpet area, no-go zone, and schedule cleaning times according to your convenience. The robot will use your custom map to guide itself and self-recharge when the battery falls below 10% during cleaning, making it almost completely self-sufficient, except for when it needs to be emptied out.

This vacuum is perfect for large houses over 2150 sq ft and does a superb job of keeping floors spotless.


Carpet Robot Vacuums

Carpet vacuums require a more powerful suction than those meant for normal floors - carpet fibers can trap massive amounts of dust over time, and require specialized designs to clean effectively.

So, if you have carpeted floors, consider one of the following:



With a 2000Pa MAX suction, the ONSON J10C effectively absorbs debris, dust, and dirt. The low-grade design of just 2.81” and automatic carpet pressurization enables it to freely move under furniture and efficiently clean carpeted floors.

The vacuum has a 12-15” climb that also allows it to easily cross the carpet borders. This is helpful if you have rugs and small carpets decorating your floors.

Its 0.5L capacity trash bin prevents minute dust particles from escaping. The 2600mAh lithium-ion battery allows it to successfully clean the home without stopping, and the automatic charging function ensures that it is always ready to go.

An amazing extra feature is its quiet cleaning technology. The ONSON J10C operates at 45dB~65dB - about as loud as a mild conversation. If you’re looking for an unobtrusive and super-effective solution to housecleaning, you’ve certainly got one here!


Tesvor S6+

The Tesvor S6+ has a 2700Pa suction unit that removes all the stubborn dust accumulated in the carpet. It effectively absorbs all kinds of dirt, debris and messes around the house, with suction power comparable to full-size vacuums.

It has a massive 5200mAh battery that auto-charges, giving you absolute peace of mind when it comes to keeping the Tesvor S6+ topped off on energy.

The vacuum’s slim body has a height of just 3.95inches, allowing it to fit under sofas, chairs, and all kinds of other furniture. Its ‘save the map’ feature and OTA update ensure that it’s always at the top of its game.

The best part is that this vacuum works with voice control as well as the app remote, so it’s extremely convenient!


Pet Vacuums

These are essentially just normal carpet vacuums that are better suited for pet hair, but it’s always nice to have a special section for our beloved buddies - and the messes they leave behind.

Here are some of our customer-favorite pet vacuums:


Dreame L10 Pro

The Dreame L10 Pro has impeccably precise laser navigation and real-time perception 3D technology that can identify over a hundred obstacles. This helps it navigate around obstacles and avoid entangling better than most other robotic vacuums.

This vacuum serves the dual purpose of both mopping and cleaning, and its 4000Pa suction can lift dust and pet hairs out of thick carpets with ease. It also has a continuous run time of 150 minutes on a full charge, in which it can clean up to 2690 sq ft, and mop approximately 2152 sq ft of floor space, so it provides ample cleaning coverage.

The vacuum can be customized using a MI app, voice control, or Alexa, and allows you to set no-go zones, divide or merge areas, label rooms, and save multiple maps, so you can customize it according to your preferences.

It’s the perfect way to get rid of stubborn pet hair that constantly gets stuck in the carpet.


Lydsto R1

The Lydsto R1 is packed with features to ensure that you don’t have to worry about anything at all. Its 3000ml self-emptying built-in dust bag can hold dust and pet hair for up to 30 days. When it’s full, the vacuum will send you a reminder and you can simply throw the bag away without getting your hands dirty.

The battery lasts super long and provides up to 150 minutes of cleaning time. If it’s running low on power, the vacuum automatically goes to the charging dock to recharge, and then resumes its cleaning.

The 2700Pa surge suction and powerful boost technology loosens, lifts, and eliminates debris and pet hair from the deep crevices in your carpets and flooring.

The vacuum can memorize multiple maps and thus works on multi-story homes extremely well. Its compact, stylish design glides under furniture and cleans all the inaccessible areas of the house with ease.

This really is a super-vacuum - with all these features, your pet’s shedding will no longer be a hassle!


Mopping Vacuums

These vacuums provide a thorough cleaning and are extremely useful if you don’t want to put in the effort required to mop the floor clean after the normal vacuums have cleaned it up.

Here are some of our best-selling mop vacuums:


Ilife W400S

The Ilife W400S employs a four-step technique to clean floors. It sprays clean water onto the stain to soften grime, scrubs the floor with microfiber rollers, suctions away dirty water, and finally, swipes clear the residue with a rubber scraper - leaving behind

The vacuum also has 4 different cleaning modes and can clean up to 600 sq ft of space, so it’s ideal for apartments and smaller homes.


Everybot Edge

The Everybot Edge is an extremely powerful robot mop vacuum without wheels! It cleans as it drives with the help of two round mopping pads. This Dynamic Dual Spinning Technology is an Everybot patent - and helps the Edge use its own weight to scrub off grime while keeping operational sound levels low.

The 100 minute operation time is enough to thoroughly clean the floor, and all edges and corners too. The mops spin rapidly and apply 3.6 lb of pressure to get rid of even the most stubborn spills and stains.

With a superior cleaning speed of 1sqm per minute, your floors will be sparkling clean in no time!


2-in-1 Robot Vacuums

These robot vacuums offer both suction and mopping capabilities. They perform the duties of a standard robot vacuum, and also get rid of stains and spills to give your floors a nice, shining buffering.

There are a variety of options to choose from, our two best-sellers are the Dreame D9 and Tesvor X500 Pro. Both provide superior cleaning and mopping and are ideal for all kinds of home and office use.



Robot vacuums come with all kinds of different attributes and each has its own strengths, so you will definitely find something catered to your needs.

All the vacuums mentioned above recharge quickly and clean the house whenever you want - perfect for anyone running on a tight daily schedule.