The Top 4 Robot Vacuums For 2023

Top 4 Robot VACUUMS OF 2023

 Going into 2023 and still reeling from the covid-19 pandemic, many of us are spending lots of time at home. The increased traffic in our houses tends to make them messier, while the increased time at home makes dirt that much more irritating. A perfect catch-22 [or maybe "catch 23"] if there ever was one!

A robot vacuum can be the perfect solution to keep your floors clean, without having to actively vacuum or mop. Here are the best robot vacuums for 2023, to get your home cleaner and keep it that way this year.

How to Choose the Best Robot Vacuums for 2023

What should you be looking out for in a robot vacuum this year? Here are a few suggestions to help you narrow your search:

  • Lidar and SLAM. If you want the best possible navigation in your robot vacuum and a robot that avoids running into things or getting caught up on obstacles, look for an option that includes Lidar and SLAM. 
  • Superb filtration. This year, keeping your home sanitary is more important than ever before. Look for vacuums that feature HEPA filters and sterilizing docking stations to keep your home free of bacteria and allergens.
  • Control through an app. Most of us are never far from our smartphones, so controlling your robot vacuum from your phone is essential and oh, so convenient! For those of you that are still a drop old fashioned, many robots will work just fine without the app as well. Make sure to be informed before deciding what’s best for you!


Roborock S7 MaxVUltra

1. Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

The Roborock S7 MAXV Ultra is a top notch product, which many quality features including:

  • Allows you to mop with detergent
  • Automatically cleans the mop pad and adds fresh water to the water compartment
  • Automatically empties the dustbin
  • 5100PA of suction and mopping vibration at 3000 times per minute

Best for: Anyone who wants as autonomous and effective a mopping and vacuuming robot that money can buy

Looking for fully autonomous cleaning that keeps both carpets and hardwood floors immaculate without you having to do a thing for months? The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra may be exactly what you're looking for. This powerful vacuum offers all of the benefits of the Roborock S7+, plus a number of extras. You don't have to opt for the fully autonomous docking station, but doing so definitely gives you all of the benefits of this impressive robot.

The docking station not only automatically empties the dustbin for you so you only need to empty it every other month or so, but it also cleans the mop and refills the water chamber. While many robots allow for autonomous or nearly autonomous vacuuming, there are very few that enable this kind of autonomy when it comes to mopping.

You can also add detergent to the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, which is an unusual feature not often found in robot mops. If you want your floors as clean as possible, not just scrubbed with water, this is a feature that will be advantageous for you. Mopping is extremely efficient at 3000 vibrations per minute.

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra can lift up its mopping pad when it senses carpet and put it back down once the carpet has been vacuumed. This enables it to vacuum your entire house in one pass, rather than having to vacuum first and go back to mop like many other robot vacuums. It also means that your carpets never get damp because a mop pad drags over them.

Some of the best navigation in the industry enables the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra to get around your home with superb efficiency, generate a highly accurate map, and give you total control over where the vacuum goes. You'll find that this robot cleans your home quicker and better than other options.

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra uses a camera to aid in its navigation, but it also provides a handy extra feature with the camera by allowing you to check in and see what the robot is seeing. You can even talk through the robot and communicate with kids or pets. The S7 MaxV Ultra meets ETSI EN 303 645 cyber security standards so you won't have to have any anxiety about having a camera in your home.

While the S7 MaxV Ultra costs more than many other vacuums on the market, it works better too. If you're ready to make an investment into having cleaner floors in less time without having to do much to maintain the robot, this may be the machine for you.

Not interested in the higher price tag that goes along with the nearly complete autonomy of the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra? You can still get all of the benefits of this powerful robot with the S7 MaxV, without paying for a docking station. This is still one of the most powerful robots on the market, and well worth your investment, even though you’ll need to empty the dustbin, clean the mop manually, and refill the water compartment yourself.

If you want an automated docking station to empty debris for you, but you aren’t worried about having the mop cleaned and the water tank refilled, you may want to consider the S7 MaxV Plus. This robot is a great compromise between the Ultra and the MaxV, providing a great docking station that offers debris removal for a good deal of autonomy, without the higher price tag for mop cleaning and water refilling.

    2: Roborock S7+

    The Roborock S7+ is a top notch product, which many quality features including:
    • Simultaneous mopping and vacuuming
    • Effective all rubber floating brush works on many different types of flooring
    • Automatic carpet detection: automatically lifts brush to avoid getting carpet wet and dirty
    • Excellent navigation and obstacle avoidance

    Best for: People who want the best possible mopping and quick, effective cleaning on homes with hard floors and some low pile carpets

    The Roborock S7+ may be the single best robot vacuum available this year. It offers a unique combination of features that elevate it above other robot vacuums. This robot mops better than just about any other vacuum on the market thanks to its supersonic mopping.

    It vibrates at 3000 times per minute, offering exceptional scrubbing that can get out deeply embedded stains. When the Roborock S7+ encounters carpet, it not only boosts vacuum suction automatically but also lifts the mop brush so that it won't get water on the carpet.

    This feature allows the Roborock S7+ to vacuum and mop in one pass without you having to change out the hardware, an almost unique feature among robot vacuums. The navigation is excellent on this robot as well. It uses Lidar, as most high-end robot vacuums do.

    However, you may find that it is better with obstacle avoidance than many other robots reliant on Lidar. It does a great job of avoiding even challenging obstacles like cords.

    The Roborock S7+ can be completely controlled using the app. Choose suction power and mopping intensity for each room and manually adjust the areas that have been defined by the robot. You can also set no-go zones and no-mop zones.

    The Roborock S7+ comes with a docking station that automatically empties debris into a bag, making it extremely convenient for you to throw away what it picks up. If you aren’t interested in auto emptying, you can also purchase the S7 by itself without the docking station.

    In this case, it will come with a charging station but not an empty station. You can get the empty station at any time and simply remove a port in the S7 to allow it to empty automatically.


    3: Dreametech W10


        • Mops effectively and automatically cleans and dries mopping pads at the docking station
        • A Pa of 4000 for superb suction
        • Automatically avoids carpet in mopping mode or increases suction in vacuum mode


        • No auto-empty station
        • At this time, only water should be used for cleaning
        • Cleaning the mop washboard every two weeks as recommended is an irritating chore

        Best for: anyone who wants to avoid having to clean mop pads while enjoying one of the most impressive mopping robot vacuums on the market

        This is, hands down, one of the best robot mops on the market. It mops effectively with two rotating mop pads. The Dreametech W10 doesn't just clean your house well, it cleans itself well too.

        Once it has finished cleaning, it goes back to the home base and automatically washes the mops so that it will start each time with fresh mops without you having to manually clean them. It even dries them so that they won't develop mold or mildew. Two 4.8l tanks provide the water required to keep your home clean. One is for clean water and one is for dirty water.

        This robot also vacuums extremely well, even on deeper carpeting, thanks to the suction power of 4000 Pa. Despite the powerful suction, this vacuum is surprisingly quiet due to sound-absorbing cotton.

        This robot can recognize carpet and automatically increase suction to make vacuuming more effective. It will also avoid carpets when it is in mopping mode. Because it vacuums and mops simultaneously, it gets your home cleaner faster.

        The Dreametech W10 maps out your home effectively using SLAM LDS. It also allows you to set no-go and no-mop zones. The app enables you to set cleaning schedules, control how much water output there is, and choose how frequently to clean a space.


          4: EVERYBOT ‘Three-Spin’


            • Three mops working on individual motors offer more scrubbing power than most other mopping robots
            • Auto shadow detection to keep it from getting lost under the furniture
            • Two mop attachment options to clean the floors the way you need them to be cleaned


            • Doesn’t map your home
            • Doesn't automatically return to a docking station

            Best for: Anyone who wants a highly affordable and effective mopping robot

            While this robot is technically a mop, not a vacuum, it is such a great robot that we just couldn't leave it out. This is one of the most affordable cleaning robots on the market, and it offers excellent mopping capability for less than half the cost of many other mopping robots.

            Three mops each powered by their own motor are synchronized to clean more effectively than most other mopping robots on the market. All of the robot’s weight pushes down on the mops, which makes them more effective. The mops push past the edges of the robot so that they can clean right up to the edges of walls and furniture without the robot bumping into anything.

            The EVERYBOT ‘Three-Spin’ has a slim design that lets it go under furniture with ease. You won't have to worry about it getting stuck under the furniture, however, since it has an auto shadow detection feature.

            This robot doesn't offer some of the features you would find in more expensive options, like the capacity to map out your home intelligently or return to the docking station. When it is finished mopping, you will need to clean the mopping pads and hang the robot back on its charging station.

            It has a convenient vertical charging station that doesn’t take up much room in your home. A remote control is included to let you choose from eight different cleaning options.

            If you want a quiet robot, this may be the one for you. Since it doesn't vacuum, it is one of the quietest robots on the market. It features worm gear engineering and a low-speed motor that keeps it quiet enough that you may not even notice it is running.

            Choose the Right Robot Vacuum for Your Needs in 2023

            Even if you haven't used a robot vacuum in the past, this year may be the time you finally decide to purchase one. More time spent at home and higher standards when it comes to having a clean house are making robot vacuums essential for many people.

            Whether you want a vacuum that can mop as well as vacuum, you have pets or allergies, or if you need a vacuum that is excellent at avoiding your furniture and debris in your home, you'll find a robot on this list to meet your needs.