Trifo Lucy AI Robot Vacuum w/2yr Warranty-Video Recording, Powerful, Obstacle Avoidance, Pet hair

Trifo Lucy AI Robot Vacuum w/2yr Warranty-Video Recording, Powerful, Obstacle Avoidance, Pet hair

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The Trifo Lucy is a revolutionary AI home robot, that learns and interacts with the environment completely on her own. Aside from being a powerful and efficient Robot Vacuum, Lucy Doubles as a discreet home security system!


Maximum Power:

Crumbs, pet hair, and dust don’t stand a chance to Lucy's optimized brushes and 3,000 Pa of suction, or 4,000 Pa in the supercharged Pet Edition. Lucy also comes with a 5,200 mAh battery, which is good for over 2 hours of runtime.


Convenient Controls:

You can easily direct Lucy around your home using an arrow key to adjust the suction power, or switch on Spiral Cleaning for a specific spot. 


Super Sensing:

I’m always aware of my surroundings, scanning and detecting the smallest obstacles to avoid. I quickly identify people, pets, furniture, and even items down to an inch! With every outing, I’m learning and adapting to our home. With my trusty sidekick, the Trifo Home App, you can view my detailed indoor maps and set patrol areas by room. I even automatically divide and name your rooms, so you don’t have to. Avoid certain rooms by selecting No-Go Zones on your floorplan map.


Day & Night Vision:

There’s nothing that can escape my sight. My 1080P HDR camera and depth sensor spot movement even at night, alerting you instantly when something’s amiss. It keeps your home clean, and safe from potential intruders. Access your video stream and press the mic button to start speaking. 


A Real Team Player:

My family can interact with me in several ways. I am Alexa-enabled and react when hearing simple voice commands. Just ask, “Alexa, turn on Trifo” and I will get to work. When my family is away from home, they can see, speak, and listen to other family members, pets, or even intruders when connected through the Trifo Home App.




Product Review

Trifo Lucy AI Robot Vacuum



  • Equipped with a high-quality video camera to turn it into a home surveillance machine as well as a cleaning robot
  • Impressive 4000 Pa of suction power in pet edition
  • Pet hair extractor to make cleaning up pet hair much more efficient



  • Not as good at navigating tight spaces as some other robot vacuums in its class
  • Hair has a tendency to get tangled in the brush, requiring frequent cleaning


Best for: anyone who wants a security camera built into their robot vacuum

How would you like a robot vacuum that not only cleans up your home, but also keeps an eye on things for you? The Trifo Lucy AI Robot Vacuum features both day and night vision with a 1080p HDR camera that can sense movement and record it.

Unlike most home security systems that can only sit in one place to monitor your home, this vacuum constantly patrols. Furthermore, people are unlikely to expect that your robot vacuum is also recording them, which can allow you better surveillance than other options. Feel safe while you are away, knowing that any intruders will be discretely filmed. Or, don’t tell your husband about this feature and catch him eating those cookies at night. Aha!

The Trifo Lucy AI Robot Vacuum is equipped with a handy app that allows you to tell the robot where to go and divides and names rooms for your convenience. You can use the app to see whatever the robot is seeing and speak and listen to family members, pets, etc. It features excellent obstacle avoidance so that you won't have to worry about it running into or sucking up even small obstacles like pet toys.

4000 Pa of suction in the pet edition does an excellent job of picking up all kinds of debris, including pet hair and other larger debris, including on carpet. An impressive battery life of two hours allows it to clean large spaces on a single charge. You can use Alexa to control this robot as well. A pet hair extractor with the pet version makes it easier than ever to clean up pet hair.

Trifo Lucy AI Robot Vacuum with Video Recording, Smart Navigation, Super Powerful, Obstacle Avoidance