Trifo Emma Essential Robot Vacuum Cleaner w/2yr Warranty-Powerful Suction, Wi-FI, Self-Charging

Trifo Emma Essential Robot Vacuum Cleaner w/2yr Warranty-Powerful Suction, Wi-FI, Self-Charging

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Emma Essential Robot Vacuum is smart, efficient, powerful, and really loves to clean. With smart sensors and 3,000 Pa of suction power, she cleans up to 3 times faster than most random navigating robot vacuums.


Smart Navigation: 

Emma is 3X faster than most random navigating robots. Smart sensors enable Emma to clean efficiently and effectively, moving around your home with confidence.


Scheduled Clean:

Longer main brush and six-claw side brush create a much wider cleaning path and quicker work of any room. A larger dustbin makes less-frequent emptying.


Pumped Up Power:

With 2X the suction power (3000Pa on the classic edition, 4000Pa on the enhanced pet edition) of most other robot vacuums, Emma is just perfect for picking up all the dust, crumbs, pet hair, and more in a single pass.


Marathon Cleaner:

Emma keeps going and going, with a whopping 120 minutes continuous runtime. When done, she automatically returns to her docking station to prepare for the next job.


Home App-Enabled:

You can now schedule cleanings, review previous cleaning trips, adjust suction power and more. Emma is your go-to vacuum for one-tap cleaning, Alexa-controlled peace of mind!




Product Review

Trifo Emma Robot Vacuum Product Review



  • Affordable, especially when you consider the substantial suction power
  • Large dustbin, big cleaning path, and a good battery life allow it to clean a lot in each run
  • Specially designed for cleaning up pet hair thanks to the pet hair extractor



  • Doesn't feature the best navigation on the market so it isn’t as good at avoiding obstacles as some other options
  • Doesn’t returns to cleaning after it has charged
  • Tends to be fairly loud when used on the highest suction setting


Best for: pet owners on a budget

Are you looking for an affordable robot vacuum that can get the job done for less this year? Do you have pets and need a robot that handles pet hair and dirt with ease? The Trifo Emma Essential may be just what you've been looking for.

The pet edition features a unique pet hair extractor along with a suction of 4000 PA. Unlike many robot vacuums in this price range that navigate randomly, the Trifo Emma Essential follows a logical S pattern that dramatically increases cleaning efficiency.

A vacuum power of 4000 Pa is as strong as many more expensive robot vacuums despite how affordable the Emma Essential is. A 9-inch sweep, substantial 600 mL dustbin, and run time of 110 minutes enable this robot to get a lot of cleaning done with every pass.

It will automatically go back to the charging base when it is running low on battery. This capacity, along with the fact that the Trifo Emma Essential can be set on a schedule, go a long way to automating cleaning for you.

While this robot doesn't feature all the bells and whistles like a precision map, carpet sensing, or the capacity to return to cleaning once it has charged, it does provide a good, high suction clean whenever you need it.

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