Tecbot M1 Robot Vacuum & Mop w/2yr Warranty-The First Self-Rinse, Roller-Mop & Vacuum 4-IN-1

Tecbot M1 Robot Vacuum & Mop w/2yr Warranty-The First Self-Rinse, Roller-Mop & Vacuum 4-IN-1

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Four functions for four times the cleaning!


The Tecbot M1 sweeps and vacuums up dirt, while mopping the floor clean behind it and self-rinsing as it goes. All four functions work together to provide a fantastic clean.


Self-rinsing roller mop


The separate clean water tank and wastewater tank, as well as the unique self-rinsing mechanism, both allow the Tecbot M1 to keep your floor and itself clean at all times.

Keep your hands clean, No more replacing or washing dirty mops!


Highly effective cleaning


Three aspects of the Tecbot M1 work together to provide a highly efficient clean: the self-rinsing roller mop, a powerful vacuum, and the combination edge-cleaning brushes with a V-shape central brush.

The softer edge-cleaning brushes effectively gather dust and debris from the floor and the sturdy V-shaped central brush sweeps it all towards the vacuum. The mighty 4000 Pa suction power of the vacuum quickly draws up all dirt from the floor’s surface and cracks, while the self-rinsing roller mop completes the job.


A solution for every floor surface


The Tecbot M1 is equipped to deal with the cleaning needs of every home with four cleaning modes: Automatic mode (sweep, vacuum and mop), Sweep Mode, Mop Mode and Heavy Mop Mode. Suction power can also be adjusted for different vacuuming tasks.

Additional surface settings are specially tailored to suit the characteristics of different floor surfaces and to prevent damage and water stains.


Compact design


The structure and layout of the Tecbot M1 has been specifically designed to maximize efficiency and while minimizing size to save more space in your home.The entire system volume is 1/5 the size of other robot vacuums.


Tecbot Home App


The Tecbot Home app comes with advanced map management and personalization, and allows you to switch easily between multiple cleaning modes and surface settings. Using the app you can control your cleaning from anywhere at any time, and clean around your routine.


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Editor's Review

Tecbot M1 Robot Vacuum



  • Innovative mopping feature that keeps your floors cleaner, even when the robot is dealing with difficult messes
  • Powerful suction that can pick up just about any debris
  • Can remember an impressive number of floors
  • Superb navigation with LDS and SLAM



  • More expensive than some other vacuums with similar suction
  • Rinse feature sometimes leaves water on the floor


Best for: homes with both hard floor and carpeting that want quick and thorough performance on both.

A brand new year calls for a new kind of robot vacuum. The Tecbot M1 is revolutionizing the way we think about robot vacuums. Unlike most 2 in 1 vacuuming and mopping robots, this clever little machine can rinse itself automatically, keeping the mop continuously clean so that it cleans your floors better. If you're sick of cleaning a dirty mop during each mopping cycle, you will absolutely love this feature. The self-rinse utilizes surprisingly strong water pressure to clean itself whenever it senses that it has become dirty.


Self-rinsing isn't the only innovative feature that this robot has to offer. When it goes from floor to carpet, the mop roller is automatically lifted so that the carpet won't be dampened. This feature enables the Tecbot M1 to thoroughly clean all of your floors, both hard floors that require mopping and carpet which can't be mopped, in one pass, dramatically speeding up the time that it takes for this robot to do its job. The mop roller is also lifted when the robot is returning to its base so it won't unnecessarily go over the floor again.


The mop pad of the Tecbot M1 is innovative as well. Rather than using a flat pad like most robot vacuum mops, this robot has a rolling mop pad that is more efficient at scrubbing and at self-cleaning.


The Tecbot M1 has all of the features you're likely looking for in a robot vacuum. It's got great suction power at 4000 Pa in the top suction mode. You can choose between four different functions: automatic, sweep only, mop only, or heavy mop. You can also choose between three suction modes: strong mode at 4,000 Pa, standard mode at 2480 Pa, and quiet mode at 1600Pa.


But wait, there’s more! The Tecbot M1 features the best navigation in the industry: A Lidar navigation system and a SLAM algorithm. This robot can analyze your space and pick the most efficient possible route in seconds. It then follows an S pattern to ensure that every inch of the floor is covered, but that areas are not repeated unnecessarily.


This robot forms a detailed and highly accurate map of your home and then uses it to clean going forward. It can remember as many as five different floor layouts, perfect for homes with multiple stories or when you'd like to bring your robot to multiple locations for cleaning.


The Tecbot M1 has a number of sensors to help it move through the space appropriately. Anti-drop sensors ensure that it doesn't go down any stairs. Anti-collision sensors help it to avoid running into anything, even if the lasers don’t detect the obstacle.


The Tecbot M1 also has an intuitive app, which enables you to schedule cleans and set no-go zones.

Tecbot M1 Robot Vacuum & Mop w/2yr Warranty-The First Self-Rinse, Roller-Mop & Vacuum 4-IN-1