HOBOT LEGEE-688 Hard Floor Robot Mop & Vacuum w/2yr Warranty-Special Modes for Kitchen & Pets

HOBOT LEGEE-688 Hard Floor Robot Mop & Vacuum w/2yr Warranty-Special Modes for Kitchen & Pets

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Hobot Legee 688


We are proud to present you with the Hobot Legee 688, a Top-of-the-Line Robot Vacuum chock full of quality features.


The Legee 688 offers a whopping 8 different cleaning modes, for exactly the level of clean that you need:


  1. Standard. Excellent generic cleaning to fit many cleaning tasks.
  2. Kitchen. Sprays water generously to dissolve stains and goes back to mop them once they are dissolved to leave your kitchen floor sparkling clean.
  3. Pet. Increased vacuum power collects pet hair while increased water spray volume and high mopping frequency gets rid of stains and paw prints that your pets may leave on the floor.
  4. Strong. Does your floor need deep cleaning? Maximum vacuum power and increased mopping frequency do a great job of cleaning even the dirtiest floors.
  5. Eco. In Eco mode, power consumption is low with minimum vacuum power and light mopping frequency so that everyday messes will be cleaned but the vacuum operates quietly.
  6. Polish. For when you want your floors to shine, this level increases the spray volume and mopping frequency. It also reduces speed to get rid of dirt and water stains to make your floor sparkle.
  7. Dry. If you do not want mopping function, dry mode is the option for you since it eliminates spray and slightly increases vacuum power to clean the floors without the use of water.
  8. Custom. In this mode, you have complete control over the vacuum so you can customize the settings to exactly what you need them to be.


The Hobot Legee 688 comes in a unique D shape design, which enables it to get into corners more easily than round robot vacuums can.


And it is not just a vacuum! The Hobot Legee 688 can both vacuum and mop. It provides better mopping action than most robot vacuums, since the mopping pad moves back and forth rapidly to provide a scrubbing motion rather than just passing over the floor. 


Rather than wheels, this robot relies on caterpillar tracks to give it better traction on wet floors. And that's not all! Instead of a roller, it uses cloth to mop floors and scrape dust, which means you won't have to deal with detangling the roller. 


You can control this robot using either the included remote control or an app. It forms a map using LEGEE smart navigation technology, which includes a laser, encoder, gyro, E-compass, and position estimation. This map is convenient to see where the robot has gone, but you won't be able to use it to set cleaning by area. 


Choose between three different cleaning routes: zig-zag, wall, or auto. Auto is a combination of wall and zigzag. This methodical style cleaning means the Legee 688 makes better use of cleaning time and is less likely to overlap or miss spots than other brands. Cliff sensors keep it from falling off of staircases. It will automatically find its way back to the charging station when it needs to charge.


Wanna know more! Click the review tab above to read our exclusive Product Review!


Water tank320 ml
FilterHEPA Filter
Navigation SystemLEGEE: Laser, encoder, gyro, e-compass, position estimation
Virtual no-go areas?No
Empty binManual
App featuresSet mode, schedule clean, see cleaning diary
Bin size500ml
Performance on CarpetsNot to be used on carpets
Battery Life90min

Product Review

HOBOT LEGEE-688 Hard Floor Robot Mop & Vacuum Product Review



  • Unique shape makes this vacuum more effective at cleaning in corners than other options
  • Caterpillar tracks enable it to move better over damp floors
  • Rapidly moving mop pad scrubs very well



  • Can't set-no go zones and doesn't sense carpeting
  • Suction could be stronger
  • Expensive compared to other robots in its class


Best for: people who need excellent mopping for well-scrubbed floors, especially in corners.

This unique vacuum has a D shape that sets it apart from most other robot vacuums which are in the shape of a disk. This special shape makes it easier for the HOBOT LEGEE-688 to navigate into corners. Since corners and edges have a tendency to accumulate more debris than the rest of the house, this special capacity is highly desirable.

The design of the HOBOT LEGEE-688 also assists with mopping. The mopping pad rapidly moves back and forth to scrub better than most other mopping vacuums.

A final unique feature about the HOBOT LEGEE-688 are the caterpillar tracks which it uses to move instead of the wheels most vacuums have. These tracks work exceptionally well on damp floors, further increasing this robot’s ability to mop exceptionally well.

You can choose from seven different cleaning modes and set a customized mode to meet your precise needs. You can also see the map of your home that the HOBOT LEGEE-688 creates and control the robot dynamically.

If detangling the robot vacuum brush is a dreaded chore for you, you'll appreciate that this robot features pads for cleaning rather than a roller brush, so there's nothing to worry about detangling. A brushless DC motor combined with a metal fan provides excellent suction power without creating nearly as much noise as other robots with a similar level of suction. The side brush is easy to detach and detangle, making it easier to clean than many other brands as well.


Press Release

HOBOT Technologies introduces the Robot Vacuum-Mop LEGEE-688, now with 7 "Talent Clean" Modes.

The ultimate Robot Mop for the intelligent consumer!


Floor cleaning robots have been in our life for more than a decade, sweeping and vacuuming around the house. Now, it's time to move on and embrace the new era – the robot vacuum-mop!

HOBOT’s first-generation floor cleaning robot LEGEE-668 launched in 2017 has been a great success since. Featuring patented LEGEE® smart navigation technology along with FastBrush technology, this product has not only won the hearts of consumers, but also a coveted 4.5/5 score ranking in EU.


Stand out from the crowd: Talent Clean - Tailor Made Smart.


05_Talent Clean 八大模式_1920×1080

This year, HOBOT Technology's  introduction of the HOBOT LEGEE App is here to amaze the world! Based on the LEGEE's already-powerful mechanical features, the HOBOT LEGEE-688 App not only supports dynamic control with a scheduler and real time map, it brings the entire industry to a new level by introducing the new “Talent Clean system”.  There are 7 Talent Clean modes: Standard, Strong, ECO, Kitchen, Dry, Pet and Polish modes. With so many options, you are sure to find one to suit your specific needs!

HOBOT's exclusive and patented Kitchen mode is specialized to clean the stubborn stains often left behind on the kitchen floor. The Robot Mop first divides the area into 1.5m×1.5m [approx. 5ft x 5ft] squares, and then sprays a generous amount of water to dissolve the stains. It then goes back to mop and absorb the dissolved stains, leaving the floor clean enough to make even your mother-in-law impressed!


Exclusive Patent: FastBrush 4-stage cleaning


LEGEE’s FastBrush 4-stage cleaning system allows the LEGEE to complete vacuuming, dry mopping, spraying water and wet mopping all in one take. The powerful vacuum can easily pick up small particles such as dust and hair, and it then mops the surface with the front cleaning cloth at 600 times/min. The LEGEE is powered by a reciprocating moving mechanism that imitates human behavior, to efficiently remove the stubborn dust off the floor. Next, the temperature sensor equipped smart water spray knows to spray just enough water to dissolve the stains without leaving the water residue behind. The rear cleaning cloth finally finishes the cleaning, by absorbing the dissolved stains and polishing the floor.


The LEGEE’s is designed to work for all kinds of hard flooring. So give it a try, let the cleaning begin!

HOBOT LEGEE-688 Hard Floor Robot Mop & Vacuum w/2yr Warranty-Special Modes for Kitchen & Pets