360 S10 Robot Vacuum and Mop w/2yr Warranty-Quiet, Low Clearance, Obstacle Avoidance, Hygienic

360 S10 Robot Vacuum and Mop w/2yr Warranty-Quiet, Low Clearance, Obstacle Avoidance, Hygienic

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360 Smartlife S10


If you want a highly effective robot that is slim enough to fit into most of the spaces in your home without making any compromises on technology, this may be the one for you. Trinocular LIDAR with SLAM algorithm provides excellent navigation to map your home very thoroughly.


This incredibly accurate navigation system is able to accurately perceive obstacles down to the milliliter, which dramatically improves its obstacle avoidance compared to the competition. It can avoid even very small obstacles like slippers and power strips to avoid collisions and getting hung up. It can climb over obstacles as high as 2 cm so that it can go over thresholds or carpets. It can also identify cliffs to avoid falling down stairs. 


A very large dustbin of 500ml means that you'll be able to go some time without having to empty the dustbin on this robot. When you do need to empty the dustbin, you'll appreciate the hygienic one-touch emptying and the ability to wash the bin and filter. The disposable dust bag means that you can get rid of the mess without coming into contact with allergens or debris.


A 520 ml water tank also enables a lot of mopping without you having to worry about adding more water. Choose from three different water levels to choose the ideal discharge of water for the floors you need to clean.


This robot can identify carpets to avoid mopping over them when using the mopping function. It can also deep clean carpets automatically when in vacuuming only mode. 


At only 8.5 cm high, this vacuum can get to more places in your home than most of the competition. It is excellent at avoiding obstacles thanks to LIDAR navigation. The LIDAR sensors are worked directly into the body of the vacuum, rather than being mounted on top, which is how this vacuum manages to have both LIDAR navigation and such a slim profile.


Using the intelligent map, you can set virtual walls and no-go areas to control exactly where the robot cleans. You can even set circular no-go areas and polygon shapes to be extremely specific about the areas you don't want it to clean. Choose from four different suction modes with increasing levels of suction: quiet, standard, powerful, and max.


This robot can switch between multiple maps, making it a great option if you have more than one floor that you would like to clean. The powerful battery can last up to three hours, so it will be able to clean your entire house on one charge most of the time.


A dual noise reduction duct utilizes a patented design to keep this vacuum quieter than most of the competition, even when it is operating at its highest suction levels. 

Water tank520ml
FilterWashable Filter
Navigation SystemTrinocular LIDAR with SLAM
Virtual no-go areas?Yes
Empty binManual
App featuresQuiet, automatic, powerful, and max, clean by room, set schedules, decide on off-limit areas for vacuuming or just for mopping
Bin size500 ml
Performance on CarpetsAuto boost to clean carpets more deeply
Battery Life180min

360 S10 Robot Vacuum and Mop w/2yr Warranty-Quiet, Low Clearance, Obstacle Avoidance, Hygienic