The Tesvor X500: a Quiet Budget Vacuum that Works Well for Pets

If you are looking for an inexpensive robot that works well to clean up after pets and won't add to the noise pollution in your home or terrify a sensitive dog or cat, this may be the one for you. It is fairly quiet, thanks to a relatively low suction and a brushless motor. However, it can get the job done pretty well, especially when it comes to pet hair.

If you decide you want mopping functionality as well, you can purchase the water compartment and mopping pads separately, which is a surprising option for this inexpensive vacuum. Here's what you need to know about the Tesvor X500 to help you decide if this is the right robot for your needs.


  • Lots of features, including a manual no-go zone, at a very reasonable price
  • Excellent filtration that does a good job of removing even fine dust from the air
  • Long side sweeping brushes are effective at getting into the corners of rooms
  • Rubber and bristle brush is great at picking up pet hair as well as other debris


  • Relatively small bin size requires frequent empties
  • Creates a map, but doesn't save it
  • No-go zones require magnetic tape, which is sold separately for some reason
  • Tends to see dark colored spaces as drops
  • Water tank needs to be purchased separately 

Navigation System

The Tesvor X500 uses gyroscope navigation with a logical S cleaning pattern that does a better job of reaching every part of your floors than similarly priced robots that have a random navigation pattern. However, you can't expect the kind of systematic, intelligent cleaning that you would get from a robot that uses lidar navigation. 

This robot can cross barriers as high as 2 cm, which allows it to get over door thresholds and onto low carpets. It can detect drops to prevent it from going downstairs. When the Tesvor X500 needs to charge, it efficiently finds Its way back to the charging station. However, it won't start cleaning again after it has charged.

If you don't want this robot to go somewhere, you can block it off using magnetic tape. Unfortunately, this tape doesn't come with it, but it also isn't too expensive to purchase. It is a bit frustrating to have to manually lay out tape everywhere you don't want the robot to go, but the tape is unobtrusive and works effectively.

App Control

This robot gives you a good amount of control, especially considering the very reasonable price point. You can control it using either an app or a remote control that comes with the robot.

You can see the map that it creates, but you won't be able to save this map for a future cleaning. It forms a new map each time. The app also allows you to schedule cleans, choose the suction power, and manually control the direction of the robot or send it back to the docking station. You can also see the robot’s cleaning status at any time using the app. 

Choose what mode you'd prefer:

  • Smart uses the gyroscope navigation to form a logical pathway through your home, cleaning quite efficiently
  • Spot cleans with the highest suction power in a particular area to take care of isolated messes
  • Edge cleans along walls, where dirt and debris tend to collect.

This robot can integrate with Google Assistant or Alexa to give you voice control. If you choose to purchase the separate water tank, you will be able to go into mopping mode using the app.


The Tesvor X500 doesn’t have one of the highest suctions available at 1800 Pa, but it is enough suction to clean hard floors of most debris quite well. It also functions decently on low carpeting, but don't expect it to do a great job on denser carpeting. Despite the lower suction power, it does very well on hair, making it one of the better budget robots to choose if you have pets.

Two side sweeping brushes are longer than average, doing a superb job of getting into every corner of a room. The dual rolling brush makes use of rubber and bristle construction to get a variety of types of debris and dirt. The rubber part of the brush is especially good at picking up pet hair.

The Tesvor X500 features a streamlined air duct that allows very powerful suction from floor to vacuum despite not having as much suction power as some other vacuums. Debris goes directly from the floor to the back of the vacuum filter, so nothing gets in the way to impede suction and cause debris to drop.


The Tesvor X500 is compatible with a water tank, but the water tank needs to be purchased separately. Thankfully, you won't find the water tank to be a significant extra expense. It has a good capacity of 600 ml and is easy to attach by simply snapping onto the robot. It should be removed before charging the robot. You can use magnetic no-go strips to keep the robot from going over carpet when the mopping tank is attached. The app can be used to switch the robot into mopping mode.

Noise Level

With a suction power of only 1800Pa, it should not come as a surprise that this robot isn't particularly loud. Most of the time, the noise level remains under 65 decibels. The brushless motor is also very helpful for keeping the noise level down while offering excellent cleaning.

It probably won't bother you during normal operation. It does a pretty good job of avoiding running into things and making a lot of noise that way as well, although it does occasionally bump into furniture or walls with an audible bump. It also may make a distinct sound going over thresholds or down from carpet onto hard floors. Overall, however, this is one of the quieter robots that you can find. 


Empty the Dustbin

The 600ml dustbin needs to be emptied fairly frequently, depending on the level of dirt and debris in your home. Emptying it is very straightforward. Simply remove the dustbin, tap out the debris, and attach it again. 

Clean the Brushes

The Tesvor X500 comes with an excellent primary brush, particularly for a budget robot. It has both a rubber and bristle brush, making it a great choice for picking up fine dust and debris and pet hair. 

However, this rubber and bristle brush doesn't do a great job of transmitting pet hair from the brush into the vacuum. Therefore you'll find that you need to manually remove a fair amount of hair in order to keep the brushes clean. It's a good idea to do this regularly since hair buildup will cause the suction to become insufficient.

You will also need to remove hair from the side brushes. This robot has long side brushes that are great at removing debris from corners, but they may also be more vulnerable to getting tangled in hair and string, causing damage. Clip off any hair or debris regularly to keep the side brushes in good working condition.

Clean the Filter

The HEPA filter needs to be replaced every few weeks to every few months, depending on how often you use the robot and how dirty your home is. It's a good idea to check the filter very regularly, especially at the beginning, so that you can get a sense of how often you will need to clean it. If something changes in your home like more foot traffic or a new pet, make sure to check the filter more regularly.

Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum

The powerful side brushes of the Tesvor X500 can be prone to shooting dust and debris up onto the belly of the vacuum, so it's important to wipe down the belly regularly. Pay special attention to the metal charging points where the vacuum will attach to the docking station. It's important that these stay clean so that the vacuum will be able to dock itself properly.


The Tesvor X500 offers a lot of useful features for a very low price. The ability to buy the water compartment separately is a handy feature. This vacuum is great for pet owners as it does a good job of picking up pet hair but is also very quiet. 

While the Tesvor X500 doesn't offer the kind of navigation that you may expect from a more expensive robot, it does a pretty good job of getting around and cleaning efficiently using gyroscope navigation technology. If you're looking for a quiet, inexpensive robot that works well on pet hair and gives you the option to mop or not to mop, this may be the one for you.