Tesvor M1 Review : An Affordable Vacuum with Superb Suction

The Tesvor M1 is an affordable robot vacuum with extremely good suction, decent app performance, and a number of other beneficial features. Although it doesn't have as good of navigation and is a noisier option than some other vacuums, it has a lot to offer for the price.


Mop? Optional, buy water tank separately
Water tank  350ml
Filter Washable
Suction 4000Pa
Navigation System Gyroscope
Virtual no-go areas? Using magnetic tape
Empty bin Manual
App features Set a schedule, see map, set suction power, set mode
Bin size 600ml
Performance on Carpets Good, has high suction
Battery Life  80min


  • Very high suction, especially for such a reasonable price
  • Works very well on carpets thanks to its high suction power and ability to climb from hard floors to carpeting
  • Low profile without a radar sticking out from the top enables it to go under furniture very readily
  • Water tank is sold separately, so you won't pay more for mopping capacity unless you want it


  •  Quite loud on the highest suction setting
  • Doesn't save maps, so it needs to remap your home each time, which makes it less efficient
  • Won't begin vacuuming again automatically after it is charged

Navigation System

The Tesvor M1 navigates using gyroscope, which is much better than random navigation but not as good as Lidar or SLAM. The vacuum follows a very practical S pattern that does a good job of covering the entire room without missing anything. This is much better than a random navigation track that covers the same area multiple times and entirely misses other areas.

As it vacuums, the Tesvor M1 creates a live map that lets you see exactly where it has gone and how it views your space. Gyroscope navigation enables it to effectively avoid furniture and walls. It is equipped with bumpers so that if it does run into furniture or walls, no damage will be done to either the vacuum or your walls or furniture. The Tesvor M1 automatically avoids falls from stairs.

You likely won't notice the Tesvor M1 bumping into things as it makes its way around your home. On the other hand, it isn't particularly good at avoiding smaller debris. This is not the kind of robot that will notice and avoid a pair of slippers or a pile of dog poop, so make sure that your home is straightened before you run it.

The Tesvor M1 doesn't remember its map or where it was last. If you interrupt it while it is cleaning, it will start the cleaning cycle all over again. While it is very convenient that it creates a map, it can't use this map to plan a more efficient route next time.

If the Tesvor M1 runs out of battery life while in the midst of a cleaning cycle, it will go back to the charging station to recharge, which is great. However, it won't pick up where it left off cleaning after it is charged. Instead, it will start with a new cycle. 

This can be problematic if there isn’t enough battery to clean your entire space on one charge. The robot will keep returning to charge and starting a new cycle again, which means the same areas will get cleaned over and over and the space that is left when the robot stops to recharge may never get cleaned.

You cannot automatically set no-go zones for the Tesvor M1. Instead, magnetic tape is included so that you can prevent it from going into spaces as needed. While it can be a little bit annoying to lay the magnetic tape the first time, once it's done it will work every time. It is noticeable but very discreet in your home 

App Control

The Tesvor M1 has an app for your smartphone and is also compatible with voice control through Alexa or Google Assistant. A remote is included as well in case you would rather not use a smart device.

The app for the Tesvor M1 is quite good, especially for a less expensive robot like this. Real-time mapping enables you to see exactly where the robot is and what areas it has already cleaned. However, you won't be able to see a cleaning history with the app since the map is not saved from session to session.

The app also allows you to adjust suction power. Unlike many vacuums, which you would likely keep in their highest suction power most of the time, you may find that you adjust the suction power for the Tesvor M1 fairly frequently. The rather intense suction of 4000 Pa is more than is needed for many jobs and causes the robot to consume battery power more rapidly and make considerably more noise than lower settings. 

The app allows you to set a cleaning schedule to make this robot somewhat autonomous. However, remember that if you interrupt the cleaning cycle, it will start it over.

Choose from four different suction powers: quiet, normal, strong, and max. Choose between four different cleaning modes:

  • Smart clean uses gyroscope navigation with an S pattern to clean the entire space as efficiently as possible
  • Spot clean very thoroughly cleans a small area for isolated messes
  • Edge clean follows the edges of your home, where debris has a tendency to accumulate
  • Manual control allows you to tell the robot exactly where you want it to go 


The Tesvor M1 offers one of the highest suction strengths on the market, 4000 PA, which makes it very effective at sucking up a wide range of debris on many different surfaces. This vacuum works extremely well on even thicker carpeting. Not only does it efficiently vacuum carpeting, but it does a good job of getting on and off carpeting as well, thanks to its excellent ability to climb.

One disadvantage of the impressive vacuum capacity of the Tesvor M1 is that it may suck up things you'd rather it not. It doesn't do a very good job of avoiding larger debris that cannot be vacuumed up, like cables, socks, toys, etc. When operating in full suction, it may get some of this larger degree like cables sucked into the mouth, which can cause some problems by knocking things over or damaging them.


Tesvor vacuums are a bit unusual In that the mopping functionality does not come with the robot, but can rather be purchased separately. You can purchase the water tank from the company or on Amazon for under $50. The mopping kit also comes with mopping towels. 

Depending on how you look at it, this can be an inconvenience or a rather nice feature. On the one hand, if you do not particularly want mopping functionality in your robot vacuum, not having to pay for it upfront is quite convenient. If you want to be able to mop using your robot, having to buy the water tank and mopping pads separately is a bit annoying. 

If you decide to buy the water tank, you'll find it quite easy to use. Simply attach the water tank to the vacuum and put on a pad and you'll be ready to go. The robot will automatically detect that the water tank has been attached and will go into mopping mode. When you don't want the robot to mop, remove the water tank. 

Noise Level

The Tesvor M1 boasts an impressive suction power of 4000 PA, but unfortunately, this kind of significant suction power has a downside. When operating at the highest suction setting, this vacuum is quite loud. 

Expect it to top out at around 80 decibels, which is certainly loud enough for you to be bothered by it when you're sleeping or even just when you’re comfortable at home. Naturally, if you operate this robot at a lower suction level, you can expect quieter performance. 

However, if you are getting it for its high suction power and ability to work well on carpet, you may be disappointed to realize just how loud it is. It does have a quiet mode which significantly reduces the noise level, but also significantly reduces the suction power.


Empty the Dustbin

A capacity of 600 ml means that most people will find that they don't need to empty the dustbin terribly often. When it is time to empty it, you'll find it quite straightforward to remove the bin and toss out the debris.

Clean the Brushes

This robot has one primary brush on the underside of the belly to facilitate debris intake and two side brushes to help shoot debris from edges and corners into the main mouth of the vacuum. These brushes are quite straightforward to clean. 

Simply remove any tangled hair or string from the brushes, clipping them with scissors if necessary. The vacuum comes with a couple of extra side brushes since they’re more prone to damage.

Clean the Filter

The Tesvor M1 has a washable filter. Simply remove it and wash it with soap and warm water. You will learn how often the filter needs to be washed as you use the vacuum. Some people need to clean the filter very often, while others can go weeks or even months between cleans, depending on what kind of debris the robot is picking up in your home.

Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum

Since dust can easily be kicked up onto the belly of the robot, it's a good idea to wipe down the belly and top of the robot periodically as dust accumulates. Pay special attention to the contact points for the charger to enable a good charge.


The Tesvor M1 is an affordable robot with some of the best suction that you're likely to find. If you have heavier carpeting or significant debris but don't want to pay a lot for your robot vacuum, this may be the perfect option for you.