Onson J10c: Superb Suction on a Budget

The Onson J10c is a great little budget vacuum with excellent suction for the price. It is particularly good for carpeting when compared to other vacuums at around the same cost.

It can automatically detect carpet and boost suction and it can climb thresholds from hard floors to carpeting better than most. Here's what else you need to know about the Onson J10c.




Water tank



HEPA Filter



Navigation System

Infrared Sensor

Virtual no-go areas?


Empty bin


App features

None, has a remote

Bin size


Performance on Carpets

Auto boost to clean carpets more deeply.

Battery Life



  • Superb suction for the cost
  • Automatically detects carpet and boosts suction, which is a feature not often found in such a low-cost robot
  • Does a good job of climbing thresholds to allow it to get onto even deeper carpet
  • Magnetic strips can be used to prevent the robot from going where you don't want it to go


  • Auto function is fairly random, so it may tend to miss some areas, requiring it to be run very frequently to thoroughly clean the home
  • Tenaciously keeps trying to climb thresholds that are too tall for it

Navigation System

Like most budget robot vacuums, the Onson J10c doesn't have the kind of sophisticated navigation that you can expect from more expensive models. Of particular note is the fact that this vacuum is very bad at automatically finding its way back to the home base to recharge, which is a significant downside as far as many users are concerned.

It can sometimes make it, but when it is for this from its home base and runs low on battery, it often doesn't make it back. On the other hand, this vacuum does at least have an app and remote feature that allow you to find it, so you won't spend a lot of time looking under all of your furniture for it.

The Onson J10c uses an infrared sensor to find its way around your home, but this navigation is relatively random. Provided the vacuum is run frequently enough, however, it will very likely cover your entire floor at least once or twice and get all of the dust and debris in its way.

The Onson J10c is designed to get around your home despite the obstacles. It can climb slanted surfaces as high as 15 degrees. On the other hand, while this robot can’t necessarily cross thresholds or slanted surfaces that are higher than 15 degrees, it will very likely try.

It is a determined little robot, even though its efforts are often wasted. You may find that you need to remove it from some of the thresholds in your house repeatedly since it will keep trying to get over them even if it’s not possible.

This robot is pretty good at recognizing obstacles and furniture and avoiding running into them, although some bumps are bound to happen. A drop sensor keeps it from falling off of stairs or any other steep surfaces.

No-go zones cannot be established using the app or remote, but they can be set using magnetic boundary strips. These strips are very subtle in your home but do a superb job of preventing the vacuum from going where you don't want it to go.

App Control

You can control the Onson J10c using either the app or the remote. Either device gives you a fair amount of control for a budget robot. Schedule cleanings and control how often you want it to clean each day. Both the app and the remote control let you set cleaning patterns:

  • Spot gives you precise, focused cleaning in a specific area
  • Edge follows along the walls where debris is most likely to accumulate
  • Auto cleans your entire area fairly thoroughly

You can tell this robot where you want it to go, stop it, and set a timer. The manual control may be particularly useful if you have a mess that you really want to make sure gets cleaned up, since the auto clean is not always overwhelmingly efficient.


2000 PA of suction power is excellent for a budget robot like the Onson J10c. This inexpensive robot can pick up debris that may have been missed even by more expensive robots. It is particularly good at getting into carpet fibers and pulling out dust and debris, considering the price. When you run this robot at maximum suction, you can expect it to do a very good job of picking up all of the dust and debris in your home.

The Onson J10c can detect carpets and increase its suction automatically, a very nifty feature in such an inexpensive robot. In fact, this is one of the best robots you'll find for carpeting in this price range. The combination of auto-detect for carpet and the capacity for very high suction means that this vacuum can get more dirt and debris out of carpets than you can typically expect from a budget robot.

The Onson J10c is designed to handle fairly significant thresholds, which means that it can get up onto even medium pile carpeting without a problem. This is another reason that it is an excellent robot for carpet, since it can go from hard floors to a fairly thick rug without any trouble.


This robot does not have mopping functionality. However, at this very low price point, you may find that you can purchase both it and a robot designed for mopping for less than you would spend for a dual-purpose robot. Many people find that purchasing two machines for these two functions is more effective than dual-purpose robots.

Noise Level

The Onson J10c is fairly quiet, especially considering its high suction power. Expect it to run at between 45 and 65 decibels on average. It is loudest at its highest section.

Because it automatically increases suction power on carpet, the noise level sometimes seems to increase unexpectedly. You probably won't notice it or be bothered much during regular daytime operation, but you may not want to run this robot at night, particularly around where you're sleeping.


Empty the Dustbin

A dustbin of .5 liters offers a good amount of storage for the dust and debris that this robot picks up. You will likely find that you don't need to empty the waste bin every time that the robot runs unless your home is particularly dirty.

If the robot runs every day or several times a day on a home of average dirt level, it will likely eliminate messes and you won't need to empty the dustbin more than once a week or so. When it is time to empty the dustbin, it is quite straightforward. Just pop out the dustbin and empty it into the garbage.

Clean the Brushes

The Onson J10c has a roller brush for the primary suction power and to side brushes that sweep debris in towards the roller brush. Each of these brushes has a tendency to accumulate hair that may need to be detangled and even clipped out of the brush.

It's a good idea to do this fairly regularly since the brushes can malfunction or even break down when hair gets wrapped around them. Hair tends to especially wrap around the brushes when the vacuum has been working on carpet, since the carpet fibers have a tendency to push the hair up into the brushes.

Clean the Filter

The Onson J10c has a HEPA filter that needs to be changed periodically. This filter can't be cleaned, so make sure you have another filter on hand when it needs to be emptied. One extra filter comes with the vacuum.

How often the filter needs to be changed depends on how often you run the robot and how dirty your home is. Sometimes the HEPA filter can go a couple of months between being changed, while other times it can only go a few weeks.

Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum

This vacuum offers very powerful suction, which may have more of a tendency to spray debris onto the belly of the vacuum than some other models. This, combined with fairly intense spinning action from the side brushes, means that the belly of the robot can get quite dirty.

For this reason, it is important to thoroughly wipe down the belly and top of the robot periodically. It's also a good idea to remove any hair that may be caught up in the wheels of the vacuum. Pay special attention to wiping down the sensors where the robot should attach to the docking station to charge.


If you're looking for an inexpensive vacuum that will work very well on carpets, the Onson J10c may be the robot for you. While it doesn't offer the kind of navigation or app control that more expensive robots may have, it does provide good suction and great performance on carpet at a very reasonable price.