Neabot Q11 Product Review-A top of the line 3-IN-1 Robot Vacuum to get the job done right.

The Neabot Q11 offers a lot of highly valuable features that make it one of the better robot vacuums you can find. It offers superb navigation with Lidar and SLAM, simultaneous vacuuming and mopping, and some of the highest suction power on the market at 4,000Pa in Max mode. 

When you consider that it has among the longest battery life available and that it works very well on carpet as well as hard floors, you may not mind that this vacuum costs a bit more than some other comparable options.



Mop? Yes
Water tank  300ml
Filter HEPA Filter
Suction 4000PA
Navigation System Lidar navigation and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) 
Virtual no-go areas? Yes
Empty bin Auto
App features Schedule, clean by room or area, set no-go zones
Bin size 13.5 ounces in the robot, 2.8 liters in base 
Performance on Carpets Auto boost to clean carpets more deeply. 
Battery Life  3.5 hours



  • Simultaneous mopping and vacuuming
  • Cool design!
  • Self-emptying vacuum enables autonomous operation
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent suction at 4,000Pa
  • Save up to 10 different floor plans for multi-floor and multi-space cleaning



  • Bin size in robot is small


Navigation System

The Neabot Q11 utilizes Lidar and SLAM to effectively map out your space. The first time it runs it will create a map that can be used to tell it where to go in the future. It can see your furniture and the borders of the space from all the way across the room so that it can plan its route very effectively, rarely repeating cleaning an area or missing anything. 

It is equipped with bumpers in case it runs into something, but it is pretty unlikely for this to happen since it is so good at recognizing what's in front of it. The Neabot Q11 uses the map that it has created on the first run for future runs, but it will also continuously map out the space so if there are new obstacles in the way, it will still be able to find its way around them. 

This robot can remember multiple floors or layouts and you can choose which one the robot is cleaning each time, which is very convenient if you have several floors in your home or you’d like the robot to be able to clean various spaces. Simply bookmark each floor or space as needed. Impressively, it can save up to 10 different floor plans.

The Neabot Q11 will automatically find its way back to its docking station and empty itself on schedule.


App Control

You have a lot of control over the Neabot Q11 using the app. When fully programmed, using the options available through the app combined with the self-docking and emptying features will make this vacuum almost entirely autonomous.

It allows you to set schedules, set times that you don't want to be disturbed, and determine whether the auto empty station should collect all of the dust every time the robot docks. You can also set no-go zones and tell the robot to clean a specific area. You can use the app to choose from four spatial cleaning options: Global, local, spot, and area. There are also four modes available: Max (4000Pa), Default (1500Pa), Quiet (650Pa), and Carpet (2500Pa). You can also specify how much moisture you want it to put out onto the mop. 

The app gives you the ability to turn off lighting or lower or turn off voice commands. The standard volume for voice commands is quite loud, so you will likely want to adjust the volume. You can also manually control the robot using the app. 



This vacuum has large wheels with a notable tread that enables it to grip very well on a variety of types of floors. It can cross thresholds and transitions that are as high as 2cm, so you are likely to find that it can make its way anywhere in your home without difficulty.

4000 Pa is significantly more suction power than you are likely to find on most robot vacuums that are priced comparably to this one. This level of suction on the Max mode means that this vacuum will likely be successful at picking up just about whatever you want it to.

A roller brush and silicone rubber strip do a good job of pulling pet hairs up from the carpet, making this one of the few robot vacuums that works as well at mopping hard floors as it does at vacuuming carpeting. Furthermore, it can automatically sense when it is approaching carpeting and will auto boost in order to vacuum carpets even more effectively.

This is one of the few robot vacuums you are likely to find that can clean even plush medium pile carpeting without any trouble at all.



The Neabot Q11 can mop and vacuum simultaneously. It accomplishes mopping with a large pad that fits across the entire front of the vacuum. The 300ml water tank is big enough to clean a fairly large area before being refilled. 

You will probably find that you need to clean the mop pad before you need to refill the water during a mopping session. This vacuum can automatically recognize if the mopping attachment isn't attached and will disable the mopping function, which is convenient when the mop pad is being cleaned but you would still like to vacuum.


Noise Level

It should come as no surprise that when this vacuum is operating in Max mode at 4,000Pa it can be pretty noisy. At this level, it is as loud as many standard handheld vacuums. 

However, you are unlikely to find you need this level of suction very often. Keep in mind that very few robot vacuums are able to suction with this much power. For everyday cleaning, 2500Pa is generally sufficient. The robot only operates at 65 decibels when it's at this level of cleaning.

When the dustbin is being emptied into the docking station, it tends to be fairly loud, but you can control when this happens so as to avoid having it make a lot of noise at inconvenient times.




Empty the Dustbin

Since the Neabot Q11 automatically empties its dustbin into the docking station, you won't have to worry about emptying the dustbin very often. You can easily go a month or up to six weeks or more depending on the cleaning schedule and how dirty your home gets between emptying the docking dustbin. 

When it comes time to empty it, you'll find it very convenient to remove the debris and throw it away. Periodically, it's a good idea to wipe out the vacuum dustbin as well and ensure that there isn't anything blocking access to being emptied in the docking station.


Clean the Brushes

The large cleaning brush and side sweeper need to be cleaned somewhat regularly, especially if they are picking up lots of hair. The cleaning brush does a great job of getting even deeply embedded hair out of carpeting, but the hair has a tendency to end up wrapped up around the roller brush rather than inside the vacuum. 

Luckily, the entire brush can easily be removed from the vacuum so that you can conveniently clean it. The spinning side sweeper can also be removed to get hair that has been twisted around it.

The mop attachment is fastened with velcro, making it very easy to peel off and toss in the wash. It will need to be changed quite frequently, especially if your floors are dirty. There is no way for the mop pad to be cleaned while on the vacuum, so as soon as it has been dirtied it will need to be removed and cleaned.


Clean the Filter

The HEPA filter should be changed every month or every few months, depending on how sensitive you are to allergies and how dirty your home tends to be. It cannot be washed, but you can shake it out in between changing it if you'd like.


Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum

The Neabot Q11 has a sleek, reflective surface that looks great, but can also tend to show dust fairly easily. Therefore, you will likely decide that you want to wipe it down pretty regularly. 

Especially because this vacuum can have such powerful suction, you're likely to find that the belly of the vacuum gets fairly dirty. Just wipe the entire vacuum down with a soft cloth periodically. It's a great idea to also clean around the wheels, as hair can sometimes accumulate around them.



The Neabot Q11 offers a lot of value. While you may pay a little bit more for this vacuum than some other options, it's hard to find a better deal for such superb navigation, self-emptying into the docking station, and simultaneous vacuuming and mopping. When you consider that this vacuum offers a higher suction level than most of its competition and that it works very well on carpet as well as hard floors, you are likely to seriously consider purchasing it.