Neabot Nomo N2 Robot Vaccum and Mop-Low Maintenance 3-IN-1 for the Busy Consumer

The Neabot Nomo N2 is an awesome little vacuum that offers excellent navigation and nearly autonomous performance thanks to the scheduling capacities of the app and the self-emptying dustbin. While it doesn't offer as much suction as some other options, it does a great job of cleaning most floors with both vacuuming and mopping functionality and allows for a lot of great features at a very reasonable price.




Water tank



HEPa filter



Navigation System

Lidar navigation and simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)

Virtual no-go areas?


Empty bin


App features

Schedule, clean by room or area, set no-go zones

Bin size

13.5 ounces in the robot, 2.8 liters in base

Performance on Carpets

Auto boost to clean carpets more deeply

Battery Life

3.5 hours


  • 8 liters of dustbin storage in the port makes this robot nearly autonomous
  • Great battery life of 3½ hours
  • Smart features work well through the app, including scheduling, cleaning by area, and no-go zones
  • Excellent mapping and rarely gets stuck
  • Mop and vacuum simultaneously


  • 2700 Pa is not one of the highest suctions on the market
  • At 70 decimals in the highest suction setting, this robot is louder than some others on the market without offering the best suction.

Navigation System

The Neabot Nomo N2 features LIDAR navigation and SLAM, which means that it has some of the best navigation on the market. Using its lasers, it can map out your home incredibly effectively.

This robot is especially good at forming a map quickly. It will know exactly how your home is laid out and be able to create the most effective possible route in record time. This is a great feature if you frequently change things around in your home.

While the Neabot Nomo N2 will form a map which its stores, it updates this map every time it runs, enabling it to map out the space effectively each and every time. It will also allow you to set permanent no-go zones and clean by areas that the robot always recognizes.

This is one of the best robots when it comes to avoiding getting stuck in tight corners or around your furniture. If you have a complicated home layout or one that is frequently changing, this may well be the best possible robot for you to choose. A cliff sensor keeps this vacuum from falling off any stairs.

App Control

The app gives you a lot of control over the Neabot Nomo N2. You can also use an included remote if you would rather not deal with an app or don't have a smart device. When using your smart device, you can also connect this robot to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control. The remote works from around 25 feet away, whereas the app can allow you to control the robot from anywhere.

You can choose between 3 suction levels:

  • Default offers 1200 Pa
  • Strong offers 2700 Pa
  • Small offer 700 Pa

Higher suction levels create more noise and drain the battery more quickly, so it's a good idea to choose the lowest suction level that will be effective for your home. For everyday dust and debris, a lower setting is likely to do the job.

You can start your robot, set a schedule, select rooms or areas for cleaning, and set virtual no-go zones using the app. It's very easy to set up the app simply by connecting it to the robot and to your Wi-Fi.

As soon as you run the robot for the first time, it will generate a map of your home which you can clearly see on the app. A green icon shows where the base is and a blue icon shows where the robot is at any given time.

You can also see how much battery the robot has and how much time it took to clean and how much square footage was covered during the last cleaning cycle. There is an alert to tell you when to empty the bin.

When mopping, this robot can automatically detect moisture levels and send out more water as needed. However, if you want more control over how much moisture it uses, you can set moisture levels using the app as well.

You can tell the robot to clean specific area zones that you can name for convenience. Your robot will go straight to the area you want cleaned when told to or you can tell it to clean the entire space or several specific areas. You can also tell the robot to clean individual areas with a single pass or a double pass, which is a very convenient feature since some areas may need to be cleaned more thoroughly than others.

Using the scheduling and area cleaning features, you can make this robot nearly entirely autonomous. All you have to do is remember to empty the bag every month or so.


This vacuum is quite compact, measuring at only 13 .78 in diameter and 3.86 in tall. This may be why it is so good at getting in and out of tight spots without getting stuck. The compact design also means that you'll be able to vacuum more areas with this vacuum than with many other models.

This robot is better than some other options when it comes to moving across your floor. It moves smoothly over door sills and flooring transitions and easily navigates under furniture. Although it may occasionally get caught up on cords, it does a better job of avoiding them than many other competitive vacuums.


The Neabot Nomo N2 has a 250 ml water tank which can provide enough moisture to mop your floors very efficiently. It intelligently senses how much moisture is needed in order to get the floor wet enough for scrubbing but not so damp that it leaves puddles.

It is unusual among mopping robots in that it can mop and vacuum simultaneously. This means that your floors can be cleaned very efficiently in only one pass.

Noise Level

Depending on how you set the suction, the noise level for the Neabot Nomo N2 varies between about 55 and 70 decibels. On the lower end, it is unlikely to bother you much, but on the high end, this is a fairly loud vacuum. Some people find the sound level frustrating especially considering that 2,700 Pa is not particularly good suction.

Like most self-emptying vacuums, the Neabot Nomo N2 tends to be quite loud when it empties its dustbin into the port.


Empty the Dustbin

Since the Neabot Nomo N2 empties debris into a dustbin in the port, you won't have to empty it very often. You may be able to go several weeks between having to change the dustbin, depending on how dirty your house is and how often the robot runs.

You'll know when it's time to empty the dustbin because it is indicated on the app and also because the robot will flash yellow to tell you to change the dustbin.

Dust is emptied into a bag, which you can empty conveniently without being exposed to the allergens. You'll be glad to find that replacement bags aren't too expensive, averaging only about $20 for a six-pack, each of which will typically last you a couple of weeks or up to a month. Most people find that the ability to change the bags without coming into contact with debris or dust is well worth the expense of replacement bags.

For the most part, the Neabot Nomo N2 is very good at emptying the contents of its onboard dustbin into the port dustbin. However, inevitably a few things will be missed. Therefore, you'll want to clean out the dustbin periodically to make sure no debris ends up stuck in there for significant amounts of time. If you notice that the flashing yellow indicator light is on but the dust bag is empty, you may need to clean the dust tunnel by accessing it with a screwdriver.

Clean the Brushes

The Neabot Nomo N2 has two side brushes that are quite large as well as one main brush at the intake valve. All of these brushes have the tendency to accumulate hair and strings which must periodically be detangled.

Brushes can be cleaned by cutting hair off of them and shaking debris into a bag. Because the side brushes can become damaged if they get wrapped up in the cords and simply over the course of cleaning, a set of replacement side brushes are included with your order.

You can also buy a replacement kit that contains eight side brushes as well as two main brush rolls, as well as extra HEPA filters and dust bags. You can usually use the main brush for about six months and the side brushes for about three months before they need to be replaced.

Clean the Filter

This robot has a HEPA filter to thoroughly eliminate allergens. The filter can be shaken off, but it should not be washed, and will need to be changed out periodically depending on your tolerance for allergens and how much dust is in your home. In general, the filter typically lasts about two months. A replacement HEPA filter is included to get you started.

Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum

Like any robot vacuum, the Neabot Nomo N2 gets dusty over time and needs to be wiped down, particularly on the belly of the vacuum. However, since this vacuum empties itself, it may be even more prone to dustiness than some other options.


If you want a self-emptying vacuum with superb navigation that rarely gets hung up on things around your house, all at a very reasonable price, the Neabot Nomo N2 may be the perfect vacuum for your needs.