Lydsto R1 - Superb Navigation

The Lydsto R1 is one of the best deals on the market if you want high-end features at an affordable price. It offers superb navigation, auto empty, carpet avoidance when mopping, and some other great features at a more reasonable cost than other vacuums.

Here's what you need to know about what the Lydsto R1 has to offer and whether this may be the best robot for your needs.




Water tank



HEPA filter



Navigation System

LIDAR: LDS 2.0 high-precision radar laser sensor

Virtual no-go areas?


Empty bin


App features

Schedule, choose cleaning mode, and select water output

Bin size

3 liters in docking station

Performance on Carpets

Auto boost to clean carpets more deeply. Also turns off mop in advance of carpets

Battery Life



  • Can detect carpet and auto boost to clean more efficiently and also turns off mop in advance of carpets
  • Three liters of debris storage in the docking station
  • High-end features like LIDAR navigation and auto empty in a docking station at a very reasonable price


  • Glossy finish at the top gets dusty very easily
  • Tends to be loud when it is emptying its dustbin into the docking station

Navigation System

The Lydsto R1 relies on LIDAR to map out the space, which means that it is very effective when it comes to creating a map and navigating around your home. LIDAR enables this robot to organize a map as it vacuums so that it will set the most effective possible route around your home and also create a highly detailed map even in complicated layouts.

It is unlikely that this robot will bump into walls or obstacles in your home thanks to the efficient mapping. While it will remember the map that it creates the first time, it also continuously scans the space to help avoid obstacles prior to running into them. That said, this robot isn't the most efficient at avoiding very small obstacles so be careful to pick up small debris like cords and socks before you run it.

The Lydsto R1 can generate multiple maps for multiple floors, so it won't have to remap the space if you want to use it on more than one story. This makes it a great option for homes with multiple floors.

When the battery runs low, this robot automatically returns to the docking station. Once charged, it automatically returns to where it was and continues cleaning. Combined with scheduling and a long time between needing to change the dustbin, this feature makes this robot highly autonomous.

This robot is very good at detecting staircases and preventing it from falling over them.

App Control

The app gives you a lot of control over the Lydsto R1. It lets you set no-go areas specifically for vacuuming, mopping, or both. The no-go spaces are highly customizable, enabling you to create a virtual wall or create rectangles.

You can also set schedules and even tell the robot which order you want the rooms to be cleaned in. This robot will automatically create a map of your space. You can then divide the map into whatever room divisions you like and tell the vacuum to clean them as you prefer.

Using the custom mode, you can set suction power, water volume, and an optional secondary cleaning for particular rooms. This is an extremely convenient feature since some rooms need different kinds of cleaning or more intensive cleaning than others.

This robot also allows you to control how much water is put out when in mopping mode, which allows you to put out more liquid for very dirty floors and stuck on messes or only a small amount to polish.

You can see a number of important pieces of information about how the robot is doing using the app. It lets you know the cleaning area, the time it took for the robot to clean the space, and how much battery is left at any given time. You can also see where the robot is at any given time.

While this robot is designed to be as autonomous as possible, if you want to manually control it, you can do so using the app.


This robot provides 2700Pa of suction power, which is plenty for average debris. It automatically increases suction when it senses carpet. The rubber roller combined with a brush at the intake valve is very effective for digging deep into carpets and removing even embedded debris.

Spring-operated wheels work very well on uneven surfaces, enabling this robot to clean effectively even on uneven floors and when going from one height to another.


The Lydsto R1 does a fairly good job of mopping, and is one of the few robots you're likely to find that can automatically sense carpets and turn off the mop before it gets to them. This makes it one of the most effective robots for homes in which mopping of hard floors and vacuuming of carpet is desired.

The mop is clipped on the bottom of the water tank. Just choose how much water you want with the app and you're ready to go. A washable mop cloth is included, as are 30 disposable mops. It is up to you which kind of mop you prefer.

Noise Level

The Lydsto R1 cuts a very good compromise between suction power and noise level. Even when it is in its highest suction power at 2700Pa, it remains fairly quiet. When it is at lower levels of suction as typically is required for standard hard floors, it is very quiet. In the standard mode, it is about 60 decibels.

One exception is when the onboard dustbin is being emptied into the docking station. This comes with some significant noise, but it's over quickly. If the noise of the onboard dustbin being emptied bothers you, you can set it to empty at a specified time that won't be as bothersome.

One thing to keep in mind is that this robot is equipped with a fairly powerful speaker from which it will communicate with you. If you're hoping for a very quiet operation, having the vacuum periodically yell at you when it gets lost or needs to have the docking station emptied can be a bit jarring.

If you find the speaker to be a bit loud, you can change the volume in the app. You can also set a do not disturb mode to keep the robot from cleaning during times when you don't want it to.


Empty the Dustbin

The Lydsto R1 can store three liters of dirt and debris in the docking station, which means that you can go several weeks between having to change the dustbin. You'll get an alert on the app when the bag is full so you won't have to worry about forgetting to change it.

Emptying the bag is very simple. Simply pull up on the cardboard tabs to pull out the bag. The handle slides up and automatically closes the dust bag to avoid spills.

Clean the Brushes

The Lydsto R1 has a side brush and a rubber roller combined with a brush on the main suction input. Long hairs and strings have a tendency to tangle around the roller, so you'll need to clean it out periodically.

Keep in mind that when lots of debris is stuck around the roller, the input may not work properly, rendering this vacuum ineffective. A cleaning tool is provided to cut through hairs to make cleaning the roller brush as easy as possible.

The side brush also tends to accumulate hair and debris. It can be completely removed for thorough cleaning with necessary.

Clean the Filter

The HEPA filter needs to be changed out periodically. The uncomplicated dustbin means that a fair amount of dust will end up making it to the filter, so the filter may need to be changed a bit more often than with other similarly priced robots that have more complex dustbins to keep debris from getting to the filter.

Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum

The underbelly of this robot gets dirty fairly easily during the suction and mopping process, like most robot vacuums. However, where this robot really needs some attention is on the top.

The top is glossy, rather than matte like most robot vacuums, so dust becomes visible on the glossy surface very quickly. This is especially true of the white model. If you want your robot to look its best, you'll want to wipe off the top fairly frequently.


The Lydsto R1 offers a lot of very high-end features at a reasonable price. It features superb navigation that does very well with complicated home layouts, auto empty at the docking station that lets you go weeks between needing to clean it, and auto-senses carpet to avoid mopping over them. If you want a great robot at superb value, this is a wonderful choice for you.