Ilife V9E Robot Vacuum - Surprisingly Powerful

The ILife V9e Is a surprisingly powerful little vacuum at a very reasonable price. If you want to pay as little as possible for some of the best suction on the market, it is well worth your consideration.




Water tank



HEPA filter and washable dustbin



Navigation System

Full sets of smart sensors

Virtual no-go areas?


Empty bin


App features

Choose cleaning modes: auto, spot, edge, max, set a schedule, adjust suction, and see where it has cleaned

Bin size


Performance on Carpets

Great performance on carpet, but no auto boost

Battery Life



  • Very strong suction power, exceptionally good on carpets
  • Smaller footprint than many other robot vacuums, enabling it to get into more places
  • Good at finding its way back to the docking station when it is low on battery
  • Lack of a roller brush means that maintenance is considerably easier


  • Does not form a particularly accurate map for you to use to set area cleaning
  • Tends to be quite noisy compared to other robot vacuums
  • Tall, especially considering the small footprint, which may keep it from going under furniture as efficiently

Navigation System

While this robot doesn't have LIDAR, it can still create a map of the space. However, do not expect this map to be as accurate as one created with LIDAR. The Ilife V9e utilizes smart sensors to understand a space and find its way back to the docking station when necessary.

This robot can use its sensors to understand the space it is mapping, avoid obstacles, and cover the entire space. It does a very good job of covering every inch of your home and providing a very thorough clean.

This accuracy despite a lack of LIDAR is very notable since it means that this robot will cost you considerably less while still resulting in an excellent clean. The Ilife V9e knows when it is running low on battery and will automatically return to the docking station to recharge.

This robot will occasionally bump into things since it isn't able to map a space from a distance. Rubber padding around the vacuum protects it from bumps and also keeps your furniture and walls from being damaged.

App Control

It is very easy to connect your robot to the app. The app gives you lots of options for control, including setting a schedule to enable autonomous cleaning, adjusting the suction power, and seeing a map of where the vacuum has cleaned.

One very convenient feature of the Ilife V9e is the ability to adjust the suction power on a scale between 0 and 100. This allows you to tailor the suction to exactly what you need it to be rather than settling for a preset. This is also a very good feature since the noise level is notable on this vacuum. By adjusting the suction to the lowest functional level, you can dramatically reduce the sound.

There are five different cleaning modes for you to choose from, enabling you to provide a tailored clean to meet your specific needs.

  • Auto. Auto mode gives the vacuum autonomy to decide how best to clean your space. It uses its sensors to form a rudimentary map of the space and is quite effective at cleaning every area. However, occasionally, in very complex layouts, the vacuum can get confused in auto mode and fail to clean the entire area.
  • S-mode. If your home has a very complex layout or if you find that the vacuum is having a hard time mapping the space in auto mode, you may want to try S-Mode. In S-Mode, the vacuum follows the borders of the room and then systematically moves in an S shape to cover every inch of the floor.
  • Spot mode. Spot mode utilizes the full 4000 Pa of suction power, ideal for tough-to-pick-up messes.
  • Edge mode. The edges and corners of a room often tend to be the dirtiest, so Edge mode is a great feature for quickly running along the dirtiest parts of your home and getting them free of dust and debris.
  • Max mode. If you have a very dirty home, you will appreciate the ability to utilize Max mode. It runs at maximum efficiency to very thoroughly clean your space.


The Ilife V9e has some of the most powerful suction on the market, at 4,000 PA. It utilizes an intense cyclone system to suck up dirt and debris, enabling it to pick up heavier and more deeply buried debris than many other vacuums can.

This powerful suction means that this is one of the more effective vacuums for carpeting that you're likely to find, despite the fact that it doesn't automatically sense carpeting. Instead of a roller brush, a soft silicone rubber piece sucks up debris. This rubber piece is just as effective as the standard roller brush but is less likely to get hair or strings tangled up in it.

The Ilife V9e does a great job of removing both larger and smaller particles. A three-stage filter system with a HEPA filter can remove nearly all the small particles and allergens that it sucks up. A great filtration system combined with powerful suction means that this is one of the better robots for allergy sufferers that you are going to find.

There is plenty of room to put all of the dust and debris that this vacuum can pick up, thanks to the unusually large 700ml dustbin. Many people will find that they don't need to empty the dustbin after every cycle and that this vacuum can even go weeks between empties, which dramatically increases the level of autonomy at which this vacuum can operate.


The Ilife V9e does not offer a mopping function, but its powerful suction enables it to pick up the smallest debris, which may make it suitable for people who are looking for the kind of fine dust removal that normally mopping provides.

Noise Level

Unfortunately, the noise level is a trade-off with suction power in the Ilife V9e. This vacuum is noisier than many other robots on the market, thanks to its cyclone vacuuming function.

It requires a lot of power to effectively run the cyclone, which tends to be noisy. Since this vacuum is quite small, there isn't a lot of room for noise blocking devices like cotton padding, so you will probably notice the noise level, especially when you run it at full suction.



Empty the Dustbin

You won't have to empty the dustbin on the Ilife V9e very often, since it is unusually large, boasting a capacity of 700 mL. This is a surprisingly large bin, especially in a robot as small as this one.

When you do need to empty the dustbin, it is quite straightforward and easy to empty without being exposed to a lot of dust. Simply lift the top to access the dustbin. It is washable, enabling you to keep it quite clean.

Clean the Brushes

When it comes time to clean brushes on the Ilife V9e, you'll probably be very glad to find that the job isn't as intensive as it is on many other similar robots. Because this robot features a silicone mouthpiece instead of a brush, it does not tend to get debris tangled up in it as easily as most other vacuums. To clean it, you'll probably find that all you need to do is wipe down the silicone piece periodically, rather than having to untangle lots of hair from the brush.

On the other hand, there are two side brushes that tend to accumulate hair that wraps around them. These will need to be cleaned out periodically. An extra pair is included in case these brushes get extremely dirty or are damaged. This is convenient since it is quite easy for the brushes to be damaged if they get twisted up with debris such as cords.

Clean the Filter

The filter is washable, making it quite simple for you to clean it out periodically. You can tell when the filter needs to be changed by looking at the app. This vacuum has a three-way filtering mechanism including a HEPA filter.

You can't wash the HEPA filter like you can the rest of the filters, but it can be dusted off with the included brush. Replace it every 6 to 12 months, more often if you suffer from allergies or your vacuum tends to get very dirty during cleaning.

Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum

The entire body of the vacuum, particularly the belly, tends to get a bit dusty during use, so it's a good idea to wipe down the entire body periodically. Make sure to rotate the wheels and clean them thoroughly as well.


The Ilife V9e is a highly effective vacuum with superb suction power at a very reasonable price. If you are more worried about a good price and superior suction even on carpet than you are about excellent navigation with mapping, this is likely the best vacuum for you.