Ilife Shinebot W400S Robot Mop - A class of its own!

The Ilife Shinebot w400s is one of the most effective mopping vacuums you're likely to find, and certainly one of the best at this price range. It does a great job of getting even stuck-on dirt and mud off of your floors and will leave your floors cleaner than most other mopping vacuums can.

It does have some notable downsides, including the fact that it cannot vacuum without mopping and the significant cleaning it needs after every mopping cycle, but for many people who want powerful mopping function, this may be the ideal vacuum mop to choose.




Water tank

.85L clean water tank and .9L dirty water tank


Sponge filter



Navigation System

Space mapping

Virtual no-go areas?


Empty bin


App features

None, has a remote

Bin size

.9L dirty water tank

Performance on Carpets


Battery Life



  • Does a superb job of mopping, getting your floors cleaner than most of the competition
  • Vacuums while it mops, offering dual-purpose that may do a better job of picking up stuck-on dirt than vacuuming or mopping alone
  • Very affordable mopping robot that offers a lot of vacuuming and mopping capacity for a great price
  • Excellent at avoiding rugs without even getting them wet at the perimeters
  • Puts out water directly underneath the vacuum, so it won't spray out and get rugs or furniture damp
  • Does a good job of avoiding obstacles and getting itself out of tough spots without help


  • Considerably taller than the average robot vacuum, which means that it may not clean underneath furniture as efficiently
  • Needs to be placed on the dock to charge. It won't find its way back to the charging station on its own
  • Requires significant cleaning after every run, which can be frustrating if you are looking for a more autonomous cleaning system
  • Can't just vacuum without mopping, so it isn't effective for any floors that you don't want to get wet, including rugs

Navigation System

This mopping vacuum navigates smoothly around your home in one of the four different modes. It does not have advanced mapping features, so you won't be able to tell it to clean by area, set no-go zones, etc. However, if your goal is simply to get all of the floors in your home clean, you will probably be pretty happy with how well it navigates.

You also can't tell it when to start or where to go. You simply pick up the vacuum and set it where you want it to start mopping. While it can avoid large obstacles, rugs, and furniture, it doesn't do a very good job of avoiding wires and small debris, so be careful to clean these things up before you start a cycle.

The Ilife Shinebot w400s does an excellent job of avoiding rugs, which is very convenient since it continuously mops and does not offer a vacuum-only function. It will typically only bump into rugs a few times as it understands their location and learns how to avoid them.

The Ilife Shinebot w400s cannot automatically deploy or find its way back to the charging station, so you'll need to set it out when you're ready to mop and pick it back up again and put it on the charging station when it is finished.

Remote Control

You can’t connect the Ilife Shinebot w400s to an app or use voice control. Rather, it must be controlled using a remote. There are also control buttons directly on the robot.

You can choose from four different modes using the remote:

  1. Get a thorough, systematic clean with area mode
  2. Follow a set path without repetition using the path mode
  3. Achieve deep cleaning for tough stains with spot mode
  4. Follow the edges of your home where dirt tends to accumulate using edge mode

Other than choosing between these functions, you will need to manually move this vacuum mop to different places in your home in order to achieve cleaning. In general, it’s best to allow it to go where it wants to clean your home. Put physical barriers in place if there's anywhere you really don't want it to go.


The Ilife Shinebot w400s doesn't offer vacuuming alone without mopping, but it does continuously suck up dirty water as it mops, which means it can do double duty as both a vacuum and a mop. The exception is when it comes to rugs. This vacuum will avoid rugs and is not effective for keeping them clean at all.

However, when it comes to vacuuming, the Ilife Shinebot w400s does a great job of picking up dirt and debris, even dirt that has been stuck onto the floor, thanks to the continuous mopping function.


The Ilife Shinebot w400s offers superb mopping ability. It applies a good deal of pressure to thoroughly scrub your floors. Clean water is continuously distributed so you know your floors are always being cleaned with fresh water. Water is distributed straight down from the bottom of the robot, so there isn't any concern that it will spray out and get your furniture or rugs wet.

A microfiber squeegee thoroughly scrubs your floors, and a rubber scraper follows it to wipe up any remaining residue. This residue and dirty water is then sucked up into the vacuum.

The Ilife Shinebot w400s can perform this efficient cleaning surprisingly quickly, as much as twice as fast as some of the other leading mopping robots. You may notice that it leaves a bit more water on the floor than some other mopping robots, but the residual water typically dries within a couple of minutes.

A cleaning solution should not be used with the Ilife Shinebot w400s, but it does a surprisingly good job of cleaning with water alone. However, if you'd also like to disinfect or shine while it mops, you may be disappointed by the fact that it does not support the use of a cleaning solution.

Noise Level

The Ilife Shinebot w400s is very quiet, much quieter than most robot vacuums. You probably won't mind living around it while it does its job, as it's not loud enough to have to raise your voice to speak over or have to turn up the TV.


Maintenance for the Ilife Shinebot w400s is a bit more involved than with many other robot vacuums. It is recommended the waste water bin, the squeegee, and the filter are all cleaned after every use. You may be able to get away with going more than one use between cleans, but you take the risk that the mop will smear a mess across your floors.

Empty the Dustbin

Instead of a dustbin, the Ilife Shinebot w400s uses a dirty water tank where mess is sucked into. This tank can easily be removed from the robot and emptied. It is typically a good idea to rinse it out as well since there tends to be some residue remaining once it is empty.

Clean the Squeegee and Scraper

Rather than using brushes or mops like other robot vacuums, the Ilife Shinebot w400s has a magnetic squeegee that attaches to the body of the vacuum and scrubs the floors. It is quite easy to remove thanks to the magnetic attachment but requires more force than you may initially expect. Don't be afraid to pull a bit in order to get the squeegee off. The squeegee can easily be cleaned off with running water and left to air-dry.

A rubber scraper follows the squeegee to sweep up residue so that it can be sucked up into the vacuum. This scraper must also be wiped down and cleaned after each use.

After about three months, the squeegee should be replaced. A second squeegee is included in your initial purchase for your convenience.

Clean the Filter

The filter can easily be removed, cleaned off with running water, and left to air-dry. It is a considerably easier process than with many other vacuum filters, but it should be done every time you run the mop, which can be a bit irritating. The filter should be replaced every three months or so.

Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum

It's a good idea to periodically wipe down the body of this mopping vacuum. You'll be glad to find that it doesn't tend to get very dirty since the water is not prone to spraying or splattering. However, it will still get dusty and so it's a good idea to wipe it down, paying special attention to the sensors.


If you want a mopping vacuum that really does a good job of mopping, rather than just offering mopping as a cursory side benefit next to the vacuuming, this may be the ideal option for you. This vacuum does an incredibly good job of getting dirt and debris off of your floors, even if you think your floors are clean. Because it doesn't offer vacuum function alone, it isn't useful for rugs, but it does a superb job on hard flooring.