Ilife A10 Review- An Award Winner!

  The Ilife A10 gives you lots of bells and whistles without nearly as high a price tag as many competitive vacuums. It features some advantages like a specially-designed dustbin that keeps the filter cleaner, lots of control with the app and remote, and being particularly good at cleaning up pet hair on hard surfaces. However, it also has a couple of downsides worth consideration. Here's what you need to know about the Ilife A10.




Water tank



HEPA filter


2000 Pa

Navigation System

Smart laser and mapping

Virtual no-go areas?


Empty bin


App features

Clean custom areas, set to-go zone and no-go zone, designate carpet area, set auto boost, and schedule cleans

Bin size


Performance on Carpets

You can set carpet areas to increase suction. Works on low to medium carpets

Battery Life



  • Affordable vacuum with many of the bells and whistles of much more expensive options
  • Allows you to set very specific controls including room-specific cleaning, no-go zones and barriers, etc.
  • Excellent at cleaning up pet hair on hard surfaces
  • Unique dustbin designed to trap most dust and debris before it gets to the filter, so cleaning the filter is much more convenient than with most robot vacuums
  • Enables you to map out multiple floors and save the maps so if you have more than one story in your house you won't have to remap every time.


  • Only makes one pass as a standard, and tends to miss some debris during this pass
  • You can only make changes to the map while the vacuum is docked
  • Some control feature only available from the app, and some only available from the remote

Navigation System

A smart Lidar laser maps out your home and keeps this robot from bumping into anything. By meticulously mapping out your home, this robot cleans with a very efficient route. Despite how careful it is in its mapping, it is also very quick. It can create a map with very appropriate room divisions in just one run.

The Ilife A10 will automatically charge itself back up when it is running low on battery and then pick up its cleaning cycle wherever it last left off. This vacuum can navigate over obstacles as tall as 15 mm, enabling it to work well on medium-pile carpet, navigate across door sills, and more.

Multiple maps can be saved at the same time so that if you want to use this vacuum on different floors of your home it won't need to build a new map every time it is placed on a new floor

App Control

The app for this robot can enable you to create custom areas in case you aren't happy with how it has auto-mapped your home. You can set no-go zones and barriers to keep it from moving into areas you'd rather it not be. You can also tell it where to go when it starts cleaning so that you'll be sure you have the messiest areas cleaned first.

A very convenient feature is the ability to tell the robot where carpeting is so that it will clean more thoroughly in carpeted areas. You can also schedule cleans so that this robot will take care of vacuuming for you relatively autonomously. You can even tell the robot to vacuum different rooms at different times so that it works around your schedule.

Furthermore, you can set specific cleaning patterns for the vacuum to follow, including a specific path, edge cleaning, and spot cleaning. You can also tell the vacuum how much suction you want it to use. Unlike most robot vacuums which give you a choice of a handful of speeds, the Ilife A10 lets you pick the suction you want on a scale between 1% and 100%.

You can also set the speed of the side brushes on the same scale. This is a huge advantage since many people find that side brushes that are moving too quickly scatter debris rather than moving it towards the suction area.

If you would rather not utilize the app, a remote is also included that gives you control over this robot. However, you cannot map out an area or customize cleaning as well using the remote as you can using the app. Oddly, only the remote can set cleaning modes of edge and spot cleaning. There is no option to control these with the app.


A unique roller brush composed of bristles and rubber is very effective for both debris and dust pick up. The rubber roller does a great job of picking up hair and is even good at getting the hair into the dustbin, rather than leaving it tangled up in the brush. The bristle & rubber brush tends to get more hair tangled in it, but it can also be a lot more effective at picking up dust.

You can decide which brush you want to use for individual cleaning jobs or which meets the needs of your home better in general. Keep in mind that the entirely rubber brush is unlikely to be as effective for carpet.

The brush moves up and down to keep close contact with the floor so that it will effectively remove debris even on uneven floors. It has 2000 Pa of suction power, which is plenty to pick up large particles as well as dust and miscellaneous debris. It works very well on hard floors and also does well on carpets of low to medium pile.

Two side brushes are extremely effective at sweeping debris into the path of the vacuum to be sucked up. They can be adjusted to go at precisely the speed you want them to go on a scale from one percent to 100% so you can avoid having the brushes scatter debris.


There is no mopping function with this vacuum. However, its companion vacuum the Ilife Shinebot w400s offers both mopping and vacuuming functions, so consider this option instead if you want to mop.

Noise Level

The Ilife A10 has a fairly average noise level. At the lowest suction level, it is very quiet and at the highest, it is noticeably audible. For everyday cleaning, quieter, lower settings are typically sufficient.


Empty the Dustbin

The dustbin for the Ilife A10 has been specifically designed at the back to keep the filter from getting blocked, so you are very likely to find that you can empty the Dustbin easily without having to worry about blockages.

Clean the Brushes

The two types of brushes for this vacuum require slightly different cleaning, and you'll find that you need to do more or less to clean each of them depending on how you use the vacuum. Hair has a tendency to get tangled in the bristle brush, whereas the rubber brush does a good job of moving hair into the dustbin. Therefore, if you are using the bristle brush to clean up hair, you may need to spend some time detangling it.

Regardless of which brush you choose, the included cleaning tool does a good job of getting debris off of them with relatively little effort.

Clean the Filter

The Ilife A10 has a fairly elaborate filtration system that is designed to trap dust and allergens. After dirt is sucked into the main bin, it is filtered through a perforated structure and then into six cylinders before it finally gets to the filter.

This means that the filter may not get as dirty as with other vacuums, but it also means that you will have a bit more to clean. The plastic perforated structure can be removed to be wiped down thoroughly and the cylinders can be wiped down within the vacuum.

The filter is very easy to clean as well. Just tap it on the edge of your garbage can to remove the dust. Do not get it wet. You probably will only need to clean the filter every four or five uses, depending on how dirty your household tends to be, since so much of the dust and debris is captured before it gets to the actual filter.

Wipe Down the Body of the Vacuum

It's a good idea to wipe down the body of this vacuum and detangle hair from the wheels periodically. Pay special attention to wiping the lasers so that this vacuum will continue to be able to map your home efficiently. Make sure to spin the wheels and get debris from inside as well.


The Ilife A10 offers some great features for a very reasonable price. It can map your home effectively and quickly and gives you a lot of control over the robot’s functioning using the app and remote. It has a few quirks and may require a bit more babysitting than some other vacuums, but if you are looking for an affordable, feature-packed option, this one might be for you.