Are Mopping Robots As good As They Sound?

Are Mopping Robotic Vacuums As Good As They Sound?


If there’s any task that we all would love to get rid of, I think we’d all agree to make cleaning our homes someone else’s problem. Thankfully, robotic vacuums have gotten increasingly accessible and efficient at the job - and are becoming a mainstay of busy households across the world.

Not all vacuums are created equal, however. While a robotic vacuum alone can deal with dust and smaller debris, what about stains and stubborn grime that refuses to be sucked away?

This is where robotic mops come in.


What Is A Robotic Mop?

In simple terms, robotic mops are AI-powered machines that are capable of keeping your hard floors clean and spotless all by themselves. They can easily slide under furniture, understand the layout of a floor and avoid retracing their positions, and even dock themselves to charge.

Some more advanced models are even capable of detecting which surface they’re on, and adjusting their cleaning methods accordingly.


What’s the Difference Between Robotic Mops and Robotic Vacuums?

Primarily, a robotic vacuum operates on both carpeted and hard floors - this makes them more versatile. A robotic mop, on the other hand, can only work on hard floors, however, it is much more efficient and thorough at cleaning them. You’ll also find mop/vacuum hybrids, which can work on both surfaces and save you time and money.


How Do Robotic Mops Work?

The principle on which robotic mops work is pretty similar to that of robotic vacuums. However, instead of a high-pressure motor for suction, they use sponges and cleaning fluids to get the job done.

First, the mop scans your entire floor, and determines an accurate pathway to clean your floors, depending on the schedule that you’ve set.

Once ready, it’ll use a combination of cleaning fluid sprays, motorized scrubbers, and intelligent positioning to leave your floors spotless.

All you need to do is replace the cleaning fluid and scrubber sponge every now and then.


Why Get A Robotic Mop?

Like most home appliances, robotic mops are a great way to cut down on household work. Here’s some of the ways in which they can help make your life easier:


Hands-Free Operation

Unlike most other cleaning devices, a robotic mop is absolutely effortless when it comes to usage - all you have to do is set and calibrate it, and off it goes.

Other than topping off its cleaning fluid reservoir and replacing its scrubbers, you won’t find any reason to interrupt its work.

Many modern examples even come with smartphone apps and wifi connectivity, allowing you to remotely operate it even when away from home.


Spot Cleaning

Several robotic mops can be used to clean up specific messes, other than your everyday mopping duties. Simply send it over to whatever spot you need clean, and it’ll get the job done.


Intelligent Cleaning Modes

Even with hard floors, you’ll find quite a bit of variety in terms of cleaning fluids, scrubber settings, and brush materials. Tiled floors can handle just about anything, but what if you have hardwood floors?

Depending on your needs, your robotic mop can handle any kind of floor - reducing the scrubbing intensity and concentration of fluid for sensitive wooden floors, for example.


Low Sound Levels

While using a standard vacuum can be a tiresome, noisy affair, robotic variants are much quieter, and barely make a sound as they glide across your floors.


Easy Under-Furniture Cleaning

When was the last time you mopped underneath the sofa? If you can’t remember, chances are that you’ll benefit immensely from using a robotic mop.

They can easily attack hidden stains and spots, keeping your house from accumulating grime without your notice.


Robotic Mop Examples

There’s a truly huge variety of robotic mops out on the market today. Here’s a few excellent options to consider:


Tesvor X500 Pro

  • Advanced gyroscopic navigation
  • 1800 Pa suction
  • Dual vacuum-mop features


Dreame D9

  • Super-accurate 3.0 LDS Laser System to accurately map your rooms
  • 3000 Pa powerful suction
  • Dual vacuum-mop features
  • Can scan carpet and hard floor surfaces
  • Antibacterial mop cloth


Everybot Edge

  • Extra pressure through unique mop feet design
  • High-intensity QA testing
  • Double-motor scrubbers
  • Intelligent sensor array


Ilife W400S

  • Multiple mode settings for paths, specific areas, spot cleaning, and more
  • Separate clean and dirty water tanks
  • Convenient folding handlebar design
  • Drop sensor to check for stairs or other hazards



Remember - while robotic mops are excellent devices, they also can be costly - so make your choice wisely.

Whether you choose an affordable or fully-featured option, they’re excellent investments that will save you several hours a week of tiring work - freeing you up to enjoy life and chase your goals!